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Don’t Let Her Wait Just Because You Know She Will

Don’t Let Her Wait Just Because You Know She Will

Yes, she will wait.

She will wait because she sees something in you, although she doesn’t trust you. Don’t think that she cannot live without you.

You’re not her universe. You’re just a small fragment in the universe of her love. But that small fragment somehow succeeded to change her.

You became a part of her.

Yes, she will wait because she loves you.

But don’t think that she needs you. She will wait because she wants you in her life even though you don’t deserve her.

But she will wait because she’s not afraid of loving you. You broke her heart a thousand times but she’s still standing on her own two feet because her love is so strong for you that even your selfishness could not destroy it.

Please, don’t let her wait just because you know she will.

Show her your gentle side. Show her how much you appreciate her and she will flourish into a beautiful flower.

But don’t forget to water it because it will wither. Also, don’t forget to show your amazement and appreciation of such a beautiful and delicate flower.

If you do this, you will make her the happiest flower in the whole world. Her love for you will blossom.

Don’t let her wait. Show her how much you appreciate her time.

Her time is valuable. Please, treat her like your priority and always find time for her.

Remember that you can always find time for someone who truly loves you. If you don’t, someone else will.

Don’t let that someone replace you. Don’t let him steal her love from you.

Make her smile.

If you make her smile, in return she will give you the brightest smile of hers, even though she’s hurt. When she’s hurt, she shows the most beautiful smile in the world.

It’s a smile reflecting love, sorrow, sadness and appreciation all at the same time.

Tell her how stubborn and beautiful she is and her smile will last forever.

Don’t hurt her anymore. Heal her wounds.

She’s gone through a lot with you. Open your eyes and see those wounds and scars that were all made by you.

Heal her with your presence and protect her. Make her feel safe in your arms and don’t let anyone come near her.

Hide her in the place where she feels the safest—hide her in your heart. Don’t let her feel confused about your feelings.

Tell her that you’re here and you’re not going anywhere. Tell her that she’s safe with you.

Give her a kiss on her forehead.

Show her respect for everything she’s done for you. Don’t let her feel like she’s just another girl in your life who will wait for you forever.

No. She will not. If you don’t make her feel like she deserves it, she will find someone else worth loving.

Don’t take her for granted.

Whatever you do, don’t take her for granted. Appreciate her love for you because she deserves it. If you don’t show appreciation, she will not show you her love. She will not wait for you so that you can take her for granted.

Apologize to her for all of the sleepless nights.

Apologize to her for making her nights the biggest nightmares. Apologize to her for not answering her calls when she was worried about you or when she needed you most.

If you don’t apologize, she will not call you. If you let her wait a second longer, she will destroy every single piece of her love for you.

Make her feel special.

Embrace her spirit and fall in love with her quirks. Make her feel special because she truly is.

She has nourished her love for you even when her heart was falling apart. She was smiling for you even when her heart was crying.

Don’t let her wait just because you know she will.

Because this time, she won’t.