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Don’t Let The Person Who Didn’t Love You Keep You From The One Who Will

Don’t Let The Person Who Didn’t Love You Keep You From The One Who Will

I don’t think that I’m the one who needs to remind you about the way he treated you. You know it already and you think about it every day.

He left emotional wounds on you and they are constantly reminding you how hurt you are. The pain gets unbearable, but still you are willing to swallow it and try to change your past. You’re trying to change what happened.

It’s not like you can really change it, remember. You are just affecting your future.

You see that guy? The guy who’s looking at you like you’re the best thing in the world? Well, that guy is worth your fight. Not someone who didn’t know how to keep you from leaving.

Actually, he never tried to make you stay in the first place. If he did, he would have caused you so much pain. Maybe even more pain than you have already gone through.

Don’t you think that everything he did was on purpose? He couldn’t have accidentally cheated on you. It can’t be an accident. He lied to you, he betrayed you.

The only reason why he’s sorry is because he got caught. He wouldn’t apologize otherwise. He would have kept you as an option, someone to go back to after he would spend the night somewhere else. Do you really want to go through that ever again?

Don’t forget that love is never deceitful and nothing toxic will ever come from genuine love.

When you think back at everything, wasn’t losing yourself harder than losing him?

And today, you are stuck in this constant thought of not being good enough for him, not seeing that you are even more than enough for someone else.

By letting go of your past, you are making space for love to come into your life, you are accepting the change and you are growing out of it.

Let go of the man who doesn’t know how to make you feel loved and make room for someone who dedicates his life to making you happy. There are men like this out there, just waiting for someone wonderful like you are.

Your broken pieces won’t affect him, because he will do his best to make you believe in love again and make you see that it doesn’t need to hurt you.

This new man will show you the ways of loving and caring you only saw in movies. He will show you peace and you will stop driving yourself crazy about something that happened before.

He will never let you cry. Because that will hurt him, too.

So, cheer up, my dear, you’re going to be loved and you will feel magnificent!

I know I make letting go sound so easy, when we are all struggling to do so. But, when we realise that letting go is liberating and allowing us to move on, we tend to make it simple.

Toxic people are making us think that we can’t live without them when they, sure as hell, can move on and find another victim.

Don’t be the victim anymore! They will miss your magnificence the moment you decide to fall in love again. But don’t turn back to your past, because your future will be shining in bright colors just waiting for you to make the first step towards it.

In the end, the only way to meet your Prince Charming is to let go of your past relationship—you don’t have room for the both of them in your heart. Chose the one who will be there for you and who will unapologetically love you.

Maybe he won’t complete you, but he will accept you completely!