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You Don’t Need To Be Ashamed Of Feeling Everything So Deeply

You Don’t Need To Be Ashamed Of Feeling Everything So Deeply

It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault for thinking that your emotions are too strong, too raw or that you are expressing them ‘too much’. People have taught you that your emotions shouldn’t be out there. They have taught us all that we need to be ashamed of feeling everything so strongly but also it’s a problem if we don’t have feelings at all. You are a wonderful, emotional being who needs to accept herself just the way she is! I know it’s hard but let’s be realour emotions aren’t supposed to be rational and they aren’t supposed to please other people. Our emotions are there to express our own way of experiencing things. So don’t be ashamed.

Don’t be ashamed of those beautiful tears of yours. Those tears show that you feel empathy, they show that you are human. They will show that you have been hurt and just showing your tears requires more strength than holding them in. You have the right to cry. Don’t let anyone make you hold your sadness in too long, as it will be gathering up in a pile and when the pile falls, you will fall as well.

Don’t be ashamed of your loud laugh. You have such a wonderful way of being open about your happiness. You don’t have to care about the way people stare at you when you laugh so loudly, because those people don’t know joy and they don’t know how to accept happy people around them. This earth needs more people like you, people who are going to laugh out loud and not worry about the consequences. In my opinion, laughing is the most beautiful music someone can make and with that said, it makes us all musicians.

Don’t be ashamed of your anger. Anger isn’t a bad emotion. In fact, there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ emotions, there are just emotions. Anger is connected to your surroundings; if you’re frustrated by the way no one does what they’re supposed to, should you be smiling? I actually don’t think that that’s a good idea. Be angry! Let people know that their actions have offended you or made you unhappy. If they judge you for having emotions it’s their fault for now knowing how to express their own.

Don’t be ashamed of your shivers. Being frightened is beautiful, it means that you care about something very much and that you’re afraid to lose it. The shivers you feel when you approach someone for the first time, even though you’re scared, you like the feeling. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that you’re intimidated! They need to know how they make you feel in order for you to know if you can put your heart in their hands. The way they react will tell you so much about that person.

Don’t be ashamed of your always visible excitement. People used to tell me that I was excited about everything and that I was getting on their nerves. But look at it this way: those people probably don’t have anything to be excited about. Their lives are plain and boring and just because you have found something that excites you, you need to be ashamed of it? No, my darling. Set it free.

Don’t be ashamed of the amount of love you feel. You love everything and that’s why you’re doomed by the people who have only known hate. Over centuries, love has been a catalyst for poetry and everything beautiful, so why put rules on love? Love doesn’t know rules or class, or anything as stupid as that. Love loves. Let your love be free and never make the mistake of trying to hide the amount of love you feel for the world, for your special someone or even for your favorite dish. Love needs to be free in order to be real.

Let all your emotions be free, because if you keep them locked up too long it can damage you more than the damage they may cause the moment you release them. Be aware that people will judge you no matter what you do, so it doesn’t matter if you’re angry, sad, happy or excited. For them and their robotic minds, your emotions will look foreign. But it’s still their fault for letting something as awful and scary as that happen.