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Don’t Put Her Second If She Always Puts You First

Don’t Put Her Second If She Always Puts You First

Let’s face it, you are a guy, and like many others you are not really the one seeing her point of view. If you think I am wrong, you can just stop reading this, but I advise you not to.

You will find a lot of interesting things in this particular article, so let’s start.

How many men hate going shopping with her, doing chores around the house, or helping her choose the perfect dress?

The real and disappointing answer is too many. There are some men excluded and you might be one of them, but if you aren’t, I shall tell you a few things about women.

Women are beautiful, strong, and independent beings, yet very fragile. Even though they are presented this way, it doesn’t mean they are there to do your work for you.

Women are more than capable of doing everything you’re capable of doing, but put simply, it’s kind of a gents way for you to help them out. And if you help them out, they will appreciate it—trust me.

Dude, let’s face it, when the days come, it’s really tough for both of you to deal with the mood swings, but you are not the one in pain. Help her out, make her dinner, buy some sweets, cuddle her.

She would do the same if you were ill, and we all know how guys get when they’re ill. Do your part of the chores and do hers as well when she needs you to. And don’t ever let her do things alone.

Never let her feel alone. Never make her feel like she has nobody by her side.

One day, she could be your wife and the mother of your children. And you can’t expect a healthy marriage if she feels alone when she’s with you.

How can you be there, even if you are not? How can she feel she has a place in your life even when you’re away from her? It’s easy; before you go away, she needs to know that she is your special one.

Instead of just saying it, prove it. Show her that you’re always there with her.

If you are going somewhere, there is no better way to show your affection than with a strong and long hug or a really gentle kiss on her cheek. Any gentle touch says more than words could.

She will feel loved, safe and, most importantly, not alone. And with you going away for work or on a trip, she will be left with a feeling that you carry her in your heart no matter where you go.

She will then not disturb you with jealousy, she will not call you a thousand times during the night or give you any temper tantrums. She will know she is the only one in your life.

Think about where you stand in her life. She always puts you first, so don’t gamble with that.

Now that you are a hundred percent a winner for being at the top of her priority list, there is no need to test your luck with trying to connect with another girl.

But there is the need to treat her the same way, there is the need to put her first because she deserves it.

Put her first . Not second. Wanna hear a story about a boy putting a girl in first place?

Even better, do you want to live that story? There are happy endings besides in fairy tales.

You could be her Prince Charming. Call her sometimes just to hear her voice, to see how her day is going and how she’s feeling. Surprise her as much and as often as you can, she doesn’t need much to be happy anyway.

Get her a flower, write her a small love letter, buy her food, get a bottle of wine just for the two of you. And when you are with her, gaze upon her eyes, watch her lips move, enjoy the little things.

Listen to her even if she’s talking about the same thing for the hundredth time, or even if she’s being silly. By giving your attention, you’re showing your affection.

Never, but never, let her struggle on her own. If you can’t help her, at least be by her side. Support her and my friend, that’s the way to a happy ending.

Put her first and everything else will fall into place.