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In The End, The Only Thing I Regret Is Loving You More Than I Loved Myself

In The End, The Only Thing I Regret Is Loving You More Than I Loved Myself

I don’t regret meeting you, I regret letting you consume me.

How can I regret meeting someone who made me feel like I’m flying? How could I regret ever meeting you, when you were the one who shaped me?

It wasn’t your love that did that, to be honest. It was the way you consumed me. I let you consume my energy, my emotions, and my love.

I let your toxic love poison mine because I believed that the man I fell in love with will come back. I believed that my love is stronger than yours. But it never was.

I don’t regret choosing you, I regret choosing you over myself.

When I love, I don’t hold back any of it. If I love you, I love the way you smile, I love the way you breathe, I love the way that vein pops up on your forehead when you’re angry.

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I love how wrinkles appear around your eyes when you laugh from the heart. And I love the fact that I get to choose you every single day. But I chose you over myself.

I chose your wellbeing to come before mine. I chose to fight your demons before mine. I chose to save you, only to destroy myself.

I don’t regret making you my priority, I regret believing you’ll do the same.

Silly me, right? I believed that if I show you that I care enough, you’ll care about me too. I thought that if I love you hard enough, that my love will somehow heal you.

I regret hoping that you’ll change because it broke my heart every single time you would turn away.

It would break my heart every single night that I fell asleep alone. It broke my heart every morning I would spend alone in our kitchen, knowing you didn’t care enough about me to come home, knowing that I’m not your priority—I’m just one of the choices you never made.

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I don’t regret that I let you in, I regret letting you destroy me .

I will never regret letting you in, because for a while, what we had was amazing and special.

For a while, I was the happiest woman alive.

For a while, I actually had the reason to believe that you love me, that you will let me in the way I let you. I just regret that I let your words pierce through my heart.

I let your comments destroy my confidence. I let your behavior break me on a daily basis because you only cared about yourself.

I regret that I knew what you were doing to me, but I still hoped you will stop. I still hoped that I could change that, if I just try a little harder.

But fixing other people should never come with the price of my own sanity.

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I don’t regret loving you, I regret trusting you with my heart .

Maybe, if I walked away sooner, I wouldn’t be broken. Maybe if I decided to put myself first, to choose myself over you sooner, I wouldn’t be destroyed. But I stayed, I hoped and I loved.

I trusted you with my heart, only to see you drop it. I trusted you with my life, only to see you destroy it. I trusted you with us, only to see you walk away.

I don’t regret giving you everything I had, because I gained much more.

I gave you my heart, my body, and my mind. I gave you my sanity. And you threw them all away.

You destroyed my mind, poisoned my heart and bruised my soul. But I’m now stronger than you will ever be.

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I love myself in ways you never could. I own my story and I respect my scars. I know what I am.

I know how amazing and tough I am. I know that those bruises will heal, I know that poison can be sucked out.

I know that I can rebuild myself, no matter how hard you try to destroy me. Because, finally, I know my worth.

Finally, I can say that I regret nothing, because everything I did after you, was for me. Everything that I am now is what I always wanted to be.

In The End, The Only Thing I Regret Is Loving You More Than I Loved Myself