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An Open Letter To The Guy Who Gave Up On Me

An Open Letter To The Guy Who Gave Up On Me

The hopeless feeling you left me was undeniable. I put my all into you, to receive nothing in return.

I hoped one day that you would return. But another part of me knows you gave up on me for more reasons than one. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I hope one day you find the happiness you couldn’t find in me.

After noticing those fluctuations in your actions, I knew what we had was over.

I wasn’t your main priority anymore

I thought what you were going through was just a phase. You spent less time reaching out to me. You didn’t make plans to see me anymore.

The calls came in less and less. I just wanted to believe that maybe the charismatic and persistent person you used to be would return.

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You lost interest in me

I tried to earn you back but I knew I wasn’t the issue. The interest you had for me was gone. I began to realize that the more I pushed myself onto you, the more you ran.

Your mind was on another agenda. You had your own goals, aspirations, and realities that couldn’t be fulfilled with me as a lifelong partner.

I tried my best to get you to love me again. I wasn’t able to satisfy your needs. My love will now be given to somebody who desires me as much as I desire them.

You had others

You don’t have to lie to me. I knew the whole time. I knew that you weren’t just focused on me. I saw the way you acted when I accused you of having others. I was never enough for you.

That is why you had to find other versions of me. To achieve a sense of admiration I couldn’t provide for you. I gave you everything. The others that you had on the side just made you feel more empty. I could’ve given you everything that you asked for.

You weren’t ready to settle down

I was always too mature for my own good. My expectations grew as I got older. This left me more and more unsatisfied. I tried to talk to you about our future plans together.

The truth was, you just weren’t ready to settle down. Instead, you led me on to believe one day you would be. I believed you. Now, I am left feeling more alone and more discouraged than ever.

Now, we live our lives on completely different spectrums. Different cities. Different lifestyles. A part of me wishes that it didn’t have to be this way. My heart yearns for you to return. I hope you are content in any direction life decides to gravitate you to.

You gave up on me.

And I hope that one day you seek a person who fulfills you in a way that I couldn’t. I wish the best for you and your endeavors.
by Isabella Piper