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Energy Protection Techniques – Spiritual

Energy Protection Techniques – Spiritual

Energy protection is like invisible armor protecting your personal energy. Always listen and trust your inner guidance. If it feels right, then do it. Doing some of these techniques may take some time as you develop the skill. As you feel your connection to the spiritual protection getting stronger, you will become more aware if an unwanted energy attaches to you. You will be able to clear it and then put yourself in a protective light. Know that your external guidance comes from the outside. It is a form of external communication from another person or entity. If it feels heavy or unwanted, protect yourself. All you need to do is pay attention and feel, then take the action necessary. Remember, it is the INTENTION of protecting your energy field that protects you. Again, when using any form of energy protection or clearing, always send the negative energy down to Mother Earth with love, light and healing. We want the negative energy to heal.

Technique 1: Closing your Aura

The intention is to protect your energy and make your aura dense and compact. Closing the aura is a conscious form of energy protection and effectively prevents individuals from draining and penetrating your energy. To close your aura, cross your legs and put your hands together on your lap or the lower abdominal area. There is no need to visualize anything, just use your intention to close the aura. This technique is effective when you are around people at a business meeting, a party, in an airport, etc. When you are no longer in a place of energy depletion (in a safe space), set the intention to open your aura to receive and give love and light to yourself and to others.

Technique 2: Asking and Visualizing

When feeling negative energies around you, simply close your eyes, ask the energy to leave and visualize sending it with love and light to Mother Earth. Continue sending it to Mother Earth with love and light until you feel your aura is clear. Remember: positive intention creates positive reality.

Technique 3: Sweeping and Brushing

The intention of sweeping or brushing is to remove all negative energies that may have become attached to your aura. This technique is quick to use and works very well for those in contact with many people throughout the day. Place your hands about ten inches above your head and move them together in a downward sweeping motion. Begin to sweep/brush the aura around your head and shoulders in long, downward sweeping movements. Work in sections and cleanse the right side of your entire body down to your feet, and then begin on the left side of your entire body down to your feet. Then, begin the sweeping/brushing movement on the entire front of your body, asking the unwanted energies to leave your aura. Visualize the same sweeping motion down your back. Repeat the sweeping motion a few times until you feel the surrounding energy is lighter. Always send the negative energy to Mother Earth with love and light to be recycled.
Even though you are not touching the physical body, sweeping heals and balances the aura and directly affects your physical health. The more you use this technique, the more you will notice you are not being affected by other people’s energies. You will feel vibrant and energized.

Technique 4: Breathing in Life Force Energy

The intention is to replenish the life force energy that has been depleted by any type of energy drainers.

Find a quiet place and close your eyes. Begin to focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling very slowly for the next several moments. Visualize your breath as the sun’s rays. With every breath in, visualize the sun’s brilliant golden white light filling in all the areas (that were emptied by the energy drainer) with positive life force energy and with every breath out, release the negative energy from that person. Keep inhaling and exhaling until you have your energy back. Feel the injured parts of your life force being healed and transformed as they are re-energized. If you are still with this individual causing the problem, excuse yourself and do your breathing.

Technique 5: Cocooning

The intention is that negative energy does not penetrate this cocoon but that love spreads out to all those you meet or any situation you encounter. Imagine a protective (encircling) cocoon of white and golden light beginning from under your feet, going up around your legs, thighs, hips, waist, stomach, chest, heart, throat, face, and up over your head and around the entire back of your body. Go up and down your body many times. Visualize multiple layers. You can cocoon yourself prior to going to work, traveling, prior to having guests come in your home or going out for a night on the town, etc.

Technique 6: Imaginary Wall

This technique is helpful if you share a living space with other people. Build an imaginary wall, from the floor to the ceiling, between you and the other person. On the other hand, if you are sleeping with a negative individual, build an imaginary wall in the center of the bed to the ceiling. You can build the wall with lead, cement, lots of love, or anything you feel comfortable visualizing. Gently breathe, and feel the warmth of your breath helping to make the wall real. Then, paint the wall with love, white light, understanding, peace, patience and kindness, etc. Those vibrations that you painted will bounce off the wall and onto your living space and to the other people you are sharing your living space with. Give it a few days; you will see a difference in their attitudes.

Please note: The usage of God in the following prayers does not represent any religion. Rather, it represents the concept of the divine, creator, or source energy. It is a good idea for you to make up your own prayers or affirmations, so that you feel comfortable with them. I provide these only as examples.

Technique 7: The White Light Bubble Technique

This is a simple technique and the intention is to energetically protect your being. This can be done anywhere, any time of the day and as many times as you feel necessary. It is a simple and effective way to keep God (the Divine) close to you. This technique will not only protect you against negative thoughts or energies, it will constantly uplift your spirit.

Here is how to surround your aura with a White Light Bubble:
Say a prayer of protection such as,

“The Light of God Surrounds Me, the Love of God Enfolds Me, the Power of God Protects Me,
the Presence of God Watches over Me. Wherever I Am, God Is Always with Me. Amen.” (Author – James Dillet Freeman – 1941)

As you are saying this or your own prayer, visualize a light sprinkle of the purest, cleansing rays of white and golden light pouring onto your head and covering your entire being, engulfing you in a bubble or a very close and tight outline. Visualize this light creating an impenetrable barrier. You can also visualize multiple layers.

IMPORTANT! The Bubble/Outline technique keeps “out” negative energies, unwanted influences, clears your energy field, but it does not restrict the good energies of love from entering or leaving. You can use this technique a few times per day. The best time to outline your body is the first thing in the morning. While in the shower, visualize yourself under a cleansing and gentle waterfall of silver and golden white cleansing light. Let this light pour over you, through you and out into your surrounding field (aura), asking God to remove any negative energies that may have attached to your aura. Become aware of any heavy energy in your body and observe to see if there is a pattern. Then, send those energies down the drain with love and light so they may heal. If you are sitting on a bus or train, on the way to work, or you are feeling stressed during the day, visualize the calming white and golden light pouring over you. Use the technique in the evening before retiring to bed too.

It sounds too simple to be true, but it does work. Practicing this technique on a regular basis will improve the way you feel.

Technique 8: Prayers of Protection

Anytime you feel negative energy, use this protection prayer,

“All power is of God. What is not of God has no power to do anything to me.”

This prayer is powerful for keeping away negative intrusion or entities. For additional energy protection, write down this prayer (or whatever prayer feels right for you) on a piece of paper. Handwritten prayers can be put under the four corners of your mattress. The prayers will keep you safe during sleep time. If you need to clear the energies in your home or office, place the prayers in every corner of the room with the intention of clearing the energies. You can place the prayers in your desk drawers, in your bag, car, wherever you feel the need to clear. Always hand-write them because there is power in your writing. Do not make copies and place them where needed…yes it is a lot of writing but you will feel the difference in energy in the areas you place them.

REMINDER: When using any form of protection, do not send the unwanted or negative energy back to the sender. Send it to Mother Earth with love and light. We want the unwanted or negative energy to heal and be recycled into positive energy.

By Barbara E. Savin
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