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Energy Protection Techniques – Non-Spiritual

Energy Protection Techniques – Non-Spiritual

We live in a world that is largely unaware of the energetic impact of thoughts and words. It is important to become more aware and in control of your own energy by looking at what steps to take to protect yourself from the negative energy of others. I am suggesting some simple ways to create a soft protective energy field around you. You have a lot of power that is within you. Do not fear that others can hurt you with their energy. Just be aware of the things and people that you let into your life.

The following techniques are only guidelines. I suggest that if you disagree or feel uncomfortable with anything, find an alternative truth that is acceptable to you. It is not necessary to use all of these techniques, but experiment to find a combination that suits you and your lifestyle.

Technique 1: Grounding

Grounding is essential in your everyday life. Whatever your religious beliefs are, this simple technique can make a huge difference in your life. Any time you feel unfocused or disoriented, it is a good idea to ground yourself. It keeps you connected to the earth energies. Grounding is like a tree planted deep into the earth, keeping it balanced and connected so that the first real storm cannot topple it. This technique gathers together all of your energies—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It calms your thoughts and brings about inner harmony and balance.

The Benefits of Being Grounded

  • When we are grounded we are relaxed, mentally and emotionally. In an ungrounded state, we might experience nervousness, restlessness, stress, emotional irritability, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • When we are grounded we are relaxed, physically. In an ungrounded state, we might experience headaches, temperature extremes (e.g. cold or hot skin), muscle spasms and trembling, excessive perspiration, difficulties in breathing or digestion, stinging sensations, or abnormal heart rhythms.
  • When we are grounded we are alert. In an ungrounded state, we might experience dreaminess and a continual semi-trance condition.
  • When we are grounded we can concentrate. In an ungrounded state, we might experience ‘spaciness’, and an inability to focus our attention.
  • When we are grounded we feel a secure connection to the physical world. In an ungrounded state, we might experience sensory distortions, e.g. muffled hearing, a numb sense of touch, and a dream-like sense of vision.
  • When we are grounded we sense a comfortable connection to other people. In an ungrounded state, we might experience paranoia, hypersensitivity to the presence of other people, an ‘energy drain’ when we are in public, and a generally dysfunctional personality.

Visualization Method of Grounding

This is a simple visualization to get you grounded.
Sit comfortably in a straight-backed chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands separated and resting on your lap. Keep your hands and feet apart to allow your energy to flow freely.

  • Sit with your spine as straight as you can.
  • Now focus your attention on your breath, gently inhaling and exhaling for the next several seconds.
  • Feel your body beginning to relax and now close your eyes.
  • Visualize tiny roots coming from the soles of your feet.
  • Feel the roots growing and growing, going all the way down into Mother Earth.
  • Feel the roots taking hold deep into the earth and connecting you securely to the center of the earth.
  • Now feel your entire body connected with the grounding of Mother Earth energies.
  • Feel the balance and peace within your inner self.
  • When you are ready, open your eyes… It is that simple…

Technique 2: Non-Reaction

Do not argue with negative people because this adds fuel to the fire. When anyone gets cranky, avoid attempting to convince them that their attitude needs an adjustment. Any opposition to them ends up in an argument. The situation usually gets worse before it gets better. You are better off remaining silent and letting the negativity pass.

When someone gets very angry with you and you do not show a reaction to their emotion, have you noticed they get angrier? The anger directed toward you bounces back to the individual, creating more of an imbalance around their energy field. What you can do to protect your own energy in a situation such as this is to stay calm and remain detached and you will not be affected by their anger. You must be the one to think clearly and respond without attachment to their emotional outburst. When you react to someone’s anger, you become vulnerable to his or her negative thought forms, allowing attachment to your aura. Remaining in a neutral and positive state is extremely important. Visualize, imagine, and silently chant “Peace,” “Love and light,” or “Peace is with you.” Concentrate on your heart. Bless the person with love and the intention that their negative energy becomes calm, loving, peaceful, and understanding. You will feel better doing this because your own energy will not be depleted.

Technique 3: Protection through Loving

Most often, those who are negative are searching for love and attention. It may be difficult to love a negative person but it is our challenge to rise above that behavior and love that injured or fearful individual hiding deep inside. Listen to what the person is telling you. Acknowledge his or her feelings by saying, “It sounds like you are very upset. Can I help you with this?” Show a genuine concern for their unhappiness. Offer a hug. If you are rejected, do not take it personally. A negative person often has difficulty receiving love from others and being able to love themselves. Just remember, this is not about you… it is about their behavior.

‘Love’ is a positive and creative force that repels negativity. It empowers you. The power of love will block any attacking energy and push it away. Negative energy cannot attach itself when you do not welcome unhealthy attitudes or negative vibrations. Always feel and think loving thoughts. You can use the phrase ‘Love and light’ to those you meet. The more often you put this positive phrase out into the atmosphere, the more it takes hold and changes the negative into positive loving thoughts.

Technique 4: Build Conscious Awareness

How can you protect yourself from individuals who may be unfavorable or troublesome to you physically and/or spiritually? The answer is by being consciously aware. Being consciously aware enables you to strengthen your energies, enhance your abilities, and prevent problems from developing.
Most of us live in a kind of trance. We are usually running on automatic. In our overcrowded, overstressed, over-stimulated lives, we are scarcely able to be aware of what we are doing today, much less recall what we did yesterday. Therein lies the problem. If we are not attentive, we are not conscious but hypnotized.

Remember, every challenge we face helps to create the necessary changes and movement forward. Change helps us to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Growth is not always easy, but it can chisel away at those unwanted conditions. Look deep within yourself for the answers. Be aware of your lifestyle, your behavior, your motivation, and which aspects move you to the lifestyle you have chosen.

Technique 5: Energy Follows Thought

Where you put your thoughts is where your energy goes. Your thoughts manifest what you experience. If a person believes he or she will catch the flu every winter, as winter approaches the mind tells the body, “You will catch the flu this winter.” Guess what? That individual catches the flu and is the first one to say, “I told you I would get sick with the flu.” This thought and intention leaves the individual open and susceptible to catch the flu.

The simple task of observing and acknowledging which thoughts, words, emotions and actions one is choosing, is not only life-enhancing, it creates a life of integrity. The mind is a non-stop manufacturing device. You supply the raw material and your mind produces it. It produces a negative or positive thought… every moment… non-stop. You create your own self-fulfilling predictions, so be sure to control where you send your thoughts and your energy.

Technique 6: Keep Your Surroundings Free from Negativity

Stay positive and eliminate preconceived ideas. First, gently breathe and know, trust and feel that you are always protected. Remember to not allow anyone to take your personal power away from your being. Do not allow unwholesome energies into your aura. Saying positive affirmations aloud or silently such as, “I am open to the best and closed to the undesirable” will work to protect your aura from unwanted energies.

Technique 7: The Power of the Imagination is Beyond Measure

Whatever you can imagine and believe in, you can bring into being. Believe in yourself. Know at the deepest level of your being that nothing can touch you. This is one of the strongest protections. You are what you believe and feel.

By Barbara E. Savin
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