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This Is For Every Girl Who Is Scared To Move On

This Is For Every Girl Who Is Scared To Move On

Sometimes, your reasoning keeps telling you that you’ve given everything you could to a guy who clearly doesn’t deserve you. You know that this man has treated you poorly and that he will never change, despite all of your hopes and efforts.

You are well aware that there is nothing else you can do for him and for your relationship.

He never loved you the way he should have and he was never the man he should have been.

While you tried fixing him, you ended up breaking yourself. And while you were always there for him, he was never by your side to help you put yourself back together. So you know that walking away is your only reasonable option.

But despite all of this, there is something preventing you from moving on and never looking back. Every time you want to let everything go, you find your heart and mind struggling.

You keep hoping that things will change, that this guy will finally see your true worth and that all of your pain will pay off.

Your conscience doesn’t allow you to walk away, despite everything he did to you.

You are certain that he needs you and you feel bad leaving him all alone to fight with his demons.

And you don’t know why, but deep down you are also scared of moving on with your life.

You are even ashamed of feeling this way, because your reasoning keeps telling you it’s the only thing you should do.

Let’s get one thing straight—moving on is terrifying and it is never simple. Despite the fact that the situation you are in overwhelms you, at least it is something familiar.

You may not understand why moving on is scary when you are clearly not satisfied with your life at the moment but you are scared because you are familiar with the things you are holding on to and moving on brings you uncertainty.

With time, you got used to the pain that this guy had been causing you and it became a part of who you were. With time, it became the only thing that defined you.

You are afraid of moving on because it is a step into the unknown, a step out of your comfort zone. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being scared and you shouldn’t let anyone else tell you differently.

The hardest part about moving on is letting go. You are not just letting go of the person you’ve loved for so long, you are also letting go of all of the past the two of you had and all the future you hoped you would have.

You are finally letting go of all of your plans, dreams and hopes connected to him.

When you really move on, you forget about all of the things that could have happened and realize they would have happened if they were destined to be.

When you move on, you are finally leaving this person in the past, where he really belongs.

When you move on, you are finally realizing it’s about time to free yourself from someone you’ve been stuck with for so long.

And I am here to tell you that you can do it, despite all of your fears. I am here to tell you that people will come and go from your life.

The ones who don’t stay by your side are simply not worthy of you. And it’s time for you to accept that.

I am here to tell you that great things and amazing people await you, despite all of your fears.

I know you are scared that your heart won’t be open to love again once it has been broken. But, trust me—it will heal. You will heal.

Remember, we attract what we are ready for. Once you move on and allow yourself to be ready for great things and for people who deserve you, they will come along.

And that is when everything will finally make sense. That is when you’ll realize that everything that has been happening to you was for a reason. All of the pain you’ve been through will be worth it.

Everything that you are going through will become a valuable lesson to you.

And that is when you’ll understand that moving on from your past was the best decision you have ever made.

So be scared. But also find the strength in yourself to overcome that fear and to finally push away the past and to move on.