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10 Times You’ll Realize You Dodged A Bullet (Relationship-Wise)

10 Times You’ll Realize You Dodged A Bullet (Relationship-Wise)

Sometimes, a break-up is a blessing in disguise. Once it’s over, you are broken and in so much pain that you don’t see the upsides of it all.

There is the other side of the break-up. The side in which you have an epiphany and realize that you dodged a bullet the moment the relationship ended.

Time gives you answers as to why it didn’t work out and these are the moments in which you will realize it was best it didn’t.

When he texts you and wants to ‘hang out’ even though he has a girlfriend

If you get a text like this, you will be glad you are no longer together because he is clearly the scum of the earth.

Basically, he is going behind his girlfriend’s back and betraying her by contacting you.

He would probably be doing the same to you if you had stayed together.

When he does to another woman the same thing that he has done to you

Of course, you won’t be happy about somebody else’s misery.

But you will become aware that he will never change, even if you gave him a million chances to try and make things right.

You will feel relieved that it is all behind you and that it all ended. You will just be grateful that it is all over.

When he cheats on the woman he cheated on you with

Similar to the previous point but this time you don’t feel sorry for anybody involved.

You are just becoming aware that karma is working its bitchy charms.

You won’t be able to help the instant joy that will consume you but it also won’t matter much to you at this point because this is just one more confirmation that you are better off without him.

When you notice that your friends are actually relieved that your relationship ended

Trust your friends, at least those you know have your best interests at heart.

There is a good reason why you noticed relief on their faces and why you heard, “You deserve better than him,” so many times.

Don’t think for a second that they are not happy about your sorrow, they are just happy because they see the bigger picture.

They didn’t have emotions as strong as yours for that man and they saw him for who he really was.

Once you realize that he never knew how to appreciate you

You will wake up one day and everything will make sense.

You will realize that he took you and everything you ever did for him for granted.

There is more to life and love than being at somebody’s beck and call, especially if that somebody gives nothing back.

Once you notice that your finances are improving

If you were with someone who loved to spend a lot and he loved to spend your money more than his own, your wallet will appreciate it.

You will realize that you were dating a leech who didn’t just emotionally suck you dry but financially as well.

If he shows signs of violent behavior

Anyone who shows signs of aggressive behavior doesn’t deserve a place in your life.

No matter whether he was aggressive toward you before or after the relationship ended, not being with him is the best place to be.

Never justify this kind of abusive behavior and never second-guess your decision for leaving an individual who behaves this way.

When you realize you can finally breathe easy

If you’ve been with somebody who was emotionally abusive, jealous or controlling, you will start to feel like a huge burden has been lifted out of your chest.

These kinds of relationships can suffocate you, ruin your self-esteem, emotionally drain you and make you feel trapped.

So you definitely dodged a bullet the moment this relationship ended.

When you realize you are way happier without him

Sometimes, holding on to someone who is all wrong for you does more damage than letting go ever would.

Once you heal from a break-up and form the life you are proud of without him, you won’t be able to grasp what you were holding on to so tightly in the first place.

There are no more emotional roller coasters, tears, unanswered texts or broken promises.

Now you have calmness within, the joy of making yourself happy and no one to mess with your head or heart.

When he wants you back but it’s already too late

Exes have a lousy habit of coming back when it’s already too late.

So he will probably realize your worth and what he had and lost once you are happily in love with someone else or in love with your life without him.