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Why Falling In Love With The Wrong Person Is Something You Need To Do At Least Once

Why Falling In Love With The Wrong Person Is Something You Need To Do At Least Once

When a bad relationship ends, we are so drained and so exhausted that we don’t want to know anything about love. We swear by everything that is holy we will never fall in love again. A bad relationship was a lesson learned but we don’t want to hear it at the time. So, we build walls around our hearts so high that no one could climb them.

We look at broken relationships like they’re the end of the world as we know it. They’re bad. Ugly. It hurts. It’s all but pretty. They leave us in mess and feeling like a walking disaster.

We forget about the meaning of time in our lives. Time is the most significant cure for everything. Time makes us see things from another perspective. When we distance ourselves from the negativity that wrong people caused, we are able to see why a
broken heart might be the best thing that happened to us.

Firstly, we learned our lessons. We might not be willing to realize it but we did. We never learn anything in life when everything is rainbows and sunshine. We learn from rains and storms. We learn from our mistakes. We learn where we went wrong so we don’t make the same mistakes next time.

Of course, there will always be mistakes that we will make three, four, five times just to make sure they are really mistakes. That’s also something we shouldn’t regret. We behaved as we felt at the time and we stayed true to our hearts.

Sometimes it takes us longer to realize that we are in something bad. Sometimes we are too close to see that somebody is wrong for us.

The biggest lesson we learned here that is that sometimes we can’t trust our hearts to make decisions—we have to take our brain with us, too. Because the heart can mislead. It makes us look at things through rose-colored glasses. It makes us forgive when things can’t be forgiven. It makes us forget the unforgettable.

But when we distance ourselves from the wrong person, only then we can see where we went wrong. That’s when we can see clearly. That’s when everything starts making sense.

We should never regret it. All the tears, sweat and blood we spilled all the time we failed were worth it. We tried. The wrong guy was there to make us realize what love is not.
Love isn’t what you had with him. Love isn’t one-sided. Love is hard work but not constant sacrifice. Love isn’t supposed to hurt—love should be kind. Love isn’t what somebody says, it is what somebody does.

With the wrong person, the timing will always be wrong. It will always be too soon for certain things. He won’t ever be ready. He won’t be ready to give his all. He won’t be ready to commit. When he comes to his senses, it will be too late for you. It will always be too late for him to change. Because you will be someone else without him.

Don’t let one bad relationship close your heart. Take down those walls you built because of the wrong guy. Don’t let him keep you away from the right one. Don’t let him influence your life.

Keep in mind that a bad relationship was bound to happen. There is something rewarding in learning about yourself through the pain that the wrong person caused. Be grateful that it happened because you learned. Be thankful you got rid of him in time.

You had to be with the wrong guy so you can recognize the right one when he comes along. You had to be with the wrong guy not to have doubts when the right one comes your way.