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7 Ways An Outgoing Introvert Loves Differently

7 Ways An Outgoing Introvert Loves Differently

An outgoing introvert is a special type of person. They are introverts and extroverts at the same time. They can seem shy and uptight if they don’t like the people around them but on the other hand, they can be the lives of the party if they do. Since they are so complex, it is obvious that they will show their love in complicated ways as well.

So, if you ever decide to date an outgoing introvert, this is how she will love you differently!

1. Her intuition is always right

This woman has a sixth sense for some things. It is enough for her to take a look at you only once and she already knows what kind of person you are. She can see that by the way you talk to people and by your body language.

If you want to hide your emotions in front of her, don’t even bother because she will scan you through and you won’t be able to hide anything. The good thing is that a woman like this will always embrace you on your worst days and besides being your lover, she can be your best friend.

2. Small talk is not what she wants

If you want to seduce a woman like this, you will have to try better than just small talk. She likes depth, so you will have to go an extra mile and make your conversation more interesting.

You need to understand that her outgoing part needs something more than just small talk and she will do anything to provoke you to tell her things you have never told anyone before. If you do that she will be able to open up to you without being scared that you will take her words against her.

3. She wants to go slowly with you

When she starts dating someone, she will take it slow. You need to be her friend first and make a decent foundation for something more than that. Only when she is able to trust you completely, can you try to ask her out and get your relationship to a whole new level.

Her introvert part doesn’t let her relax immediately, so she will be extra cautious when it comes to love. She will give herself all in just when she is sure that what she feels is the real thing.

4. She will commit easily


When she falls in love, she is sure about her feelings, so don’t expect she will lead you on. Love is a saintly thing for her and she doesn’t want anyone to feel bad because she is not sure about her feelings. Because of this, she will easily commit to the man she loves and she will want all with him. That is what makes her so special and easy to love.

5. She is straightforward

If she doesn’t like you, she will say it. The outgoing part of hers needs to come to the surface and she has to tell things that she likes or dislikes. So, if you do something that she doesn’t find acceptable, she will tell you to try again. And she won’t do that because she is mean, but because she thinks that you can do better.

Also, if she sees that your relationship is not good enough, she will tell you about, it so you can try to improve some things. That’s her— a woman with her heart on her sleeve, so it is up to you if you will take her with all her flaws or not.

6. You will never date a woman like her

She is a special kind of woman—so intelligent, cheerful, happy but on the other hand so shy, modest and sincere. In one word—she is a woman to love. She will make you the happiest man in the whole world if you do the same for her. She knows that love is a supreme feeling and she wants to enjoy every second of it.

7. When she says she loves you, trust her

If a woman like this spends her time with you and tries to be your best friend, you can bet that she is head over heels in love with you. Now, it is up to you if you want to cherish her and make her feel good in her own skin. Once she says she loves you, you can be sure that she will do everything in her power to keep your love safe. She knows that a real love is something that has to be treasured, and she will do even the impossible to do that.