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This Is Why She Finally Walked Away

This Is Why She Finally Walked Away

She gave you all kinds of signs that she couldn’t take it anymore. But you didn’t see them.

You were too busy with being utterly selfish. You were too busy thinking about yourself and you completely neglected her in the process.

Her heart was screaming out your name but you couldn’t hear her. That’s why she walked away.

If you had paid attention to her, if you had treated her as your priority for a change, she would have stayed. But, no.

You chose to keep breaking her heart. You decided you were more important than she was.

She walked away because you always had time for your shit and never for her. If she needed you to help her with something, you were always too busy. In time, she stopped asking.

You didn’t even notice.

She walked away because you weren’t the one who would keep her safe. She couldn’t rely on you. She couldn’t trust you.

She walked away because you distanced yourself from her. Instead of being there for her, you were becoming a stranger. As time passed, you were more of a stranger than a lover.

She couldn’t recognize you anymore. You weren’t the person she thought you were.

She walked away because she was sick of being lonely. She was sick of choking on her own tears all by herself in the darkest corner of the room.

She walked away because she was no longer happy. That feeling became something she forgot. You made her forget.

She walked away because you didn’t challenge her. You didn’t make her want for more.

You ruined her. You made her worse instead of better.

She walked away because she realized that love wasn’t a one-way street. She walked away because you didn’t look at her the way you used to.

You didn’t hold her hand as tight as before. You didn’t kiss her as much as before.

She walked away because you gave her courage to do so. You did nothing. You put zero effort into making things work. You made her decision so much easier.

She just wanted you to stay with her, to be there for her as she was for you. She just wanted you to love her as she loved you.

She didn’t think she had asked for much. She saw that this wasn’t love. She walked away.

She walked away because she stopped respecting herself. You didn’t respect her and she got used to that treatment so much that she started to believe she wasn’t worth the respect.

She walked away from you because she realized she needed to love herself first. That she was the one who was worth all the attention, love and respect she could get.

She is worthy of a man better than you.

  1. Dupe says:

    Walking away is a very tough decision to make but trust me on this,its really necessary to walk.