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You Are A Fool For Letting Her Slip Away

You Are A Fool For Letting Her Slip Away

She loved you for who you are, not for who she expected you to be.

She never wanted to change you. Even though you were far from perfect, you were perfection in her eyes.

She liked the way you behaved, moved, looked, smiled, cared—the way you were from the inside and out. She appreciated that you are hardworking and dedicated. She accepted all the good and all the bad in you.

She accepted you and admired you. Even though her rose-colored glasses fell down a long time ago. She saw your flaws and loved them too. She loved you unconditionally.

She was there for you when nobody else was. She was your biggest supporter. When you didn’t believe in yourself, she did.  When you were down, she was your faithful cheerleader.

When you made her sad, she would forgive you with the first sign that you might be sorry. Even though she never heard the actual words.

She understood. You loved the fact she could understand you without too many words.

You knew you could count on her, no matter what. No matter what she was doing with her life, you came first. She would leave everything and come running to you.

She drew the line when she saw that you are not able to do same for her.



She was underappreciated. She was missing all the love and support she gave you. She needed them back from you now.

She could no longer be the one who understands. She couldn’t be strong for both of you. She couldn’t love for both of you. I’m not saying you didn’t love her. I am just saying it wasn’t enough.

You forgot how to talk to her. You forgot how to listen. She was there ready to listen and comfort you. When she needed the same from you, you shut her down. You were not even close when she needed you to help her carry her burden. You forgot she had done the same for you countless times.

It was easy to take, take, take and not give anything back

You became aware of everything when it was already too late. Guys like you usually do. You didn’t appreciate her when you had her—you only learned that lesson when you lost her.

I feel sorry for you because you are never going to get her back. She got so tired of waiting for you to come to your senses, for you to see her worth.

You made her feel unimportant. She realized she might be, at least for you. She realized that she is the most important person to herself. You made her realize that the only person anybody can essentially rely on is themselves.

You were the lucky one—you could’ve relied on her too. She was someone you come across only once in a lifetime. You could’ve been so happy. Only if you have realized it on time.

You had a great thing with her and you let it slip away right through your fingers.

You are such a fool for that.  

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