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10 Things Only People Who Bottle Up Their Emotions Will Understand

10 Things Only People Who Bottle Up Their Emotions Will Understand

There are a lot of people nowadays who are suppressing their emotions to keep themselves from being hurt.

They can even develop a defense mechanism to deal with potential pain or they just move on when bad things happen and solve those problems in their heads.

So, I want to ask you something: “Do you know what kind of a person you are? Are you bottling up your emotions or are you reacting immediately?”

If you are not quite sure about that, check these signs and find out!

Your inner voice is always screaming

– Even if there are things that hurt you in the past, you will never admit that. Admitting it would mean that you are not strong enough to live in a world like this.

In a world where people want to see you down and when nobody is happy because of your success.

That’s why you are always screaming inside because of the bad things that are currently happening but nobody knows about them except you. Please be careful with accumulating bad emotions inside you because they might explode.

You are empathetic

– You have developed that sense to suffer for all those who surround you. You think that what happened to them might also happen to you and you really feel their pain.

Sometimes you can’t just listen to sad stories anymore, so you tend to change the topic or you put your headphones on and try to calm down.

This is a proven sign that you are bottling up your emotions, so make sure that you take care of yourself as much as you take care of others.

When people hurt you, you just smile

– This is your defense mechanism that helped you get out of the trouble many times. When someone says something bad about you, you just put the most cheerful smile on your face while your whole world is falling apart.

This is not good in the long term and you should really consider letting them know how you feel.

Your emotions are intense

– You are experiencing a roller coaster of emotions all the time because even the slightest thing can touch you emotionally.

You are just trying to have a resting bitch face so people around you wouldn’t understand that you are suffering.

I know that you are proud, but letting go of your emotions from time to time can really help you shake the stress away.

You hate crying



– For you, crying is something that will make you exposed and people would see that they succeeded in hurting you.

Of course, you don’t want that, so you are doing almost the impossible to hide your emotions in front of them.

If they see the tears in your eyes, you will probably say that you are experiencing problems with your contact lenses or something similar.

You hide your anxiety

– It is a well-known fact that anxious people will never share that emotion with anyone.

They think it is something they should be ashamed of, so they feel much better with bottling up their emotions.

Suggestion: Be careful about the amount of emotions that you are bottling inside of you because they will ruin your life when you least expect it.

You are easily triggered

– You are like a cat, reacting to everything around you. Sometimes you guilt people for things they did earlier, but you haven’t thought about it until now.

Just for the record, people around you can actually see that no matter how much you are trying to hide it. So, ask yourself if it’s really worth it!

You just want to be alone

– You are like a hurt wolf—just want to be alone to wait until your wounds heal.

This is one of the most obvious signs that you are suppressing your emotions and sometimes you will end up sad because you didn’t ask for help in time.

Just remember that not all people are the same and some of them just want to be our friends and help us—if we let them!

You can’t be truly happy anymore

– It is not so easy to be happy for others while your world is falling apart, right?

When you feel this way, you are just trying to keep all the bad emotions for yourself while there is the most cheerful smile on your face.

But if someone who knows you well just takes a deep look into your eyes, they will realize that you are suffering. Eyes cannot keep any secrets because your soul reflects in them!

You pretend to be heartless

– When your friend says something that bothers you, you will never admit that.

You don’t want to hurt her by telling you how you feel because you think you are not good enough to have a better friend. That is the story of your life and you can’t cut it out!


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