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Why Every Couple Should Play These Fun Games Together

Why Every Couple Should Play These Fun Games Together

Few things in the world can make your heart beat faster and awaken those butterflies in your stomach than spending time with your special one.

From the moment you two start dating, you know deep in your heart that nothing will ever be the same.
You know that everything will be ten times more meaningful and exciting!

Indeed, there are different types of excitement regarding dating, and every single one of them is equally powerful.

There is an excitement about receiving texts from them before seeing them in person, and there is also an excitement about everything you have in common.

After some time, that excitement reaches another level and turns into something even more meaningful – a romantic relationship.

You and your special are officially a couple, and you already know almost everything about each other.

You know each other’s likes, habits, dislikes, triggers, goals, and so on. Now, what about that excitement from the beginning of your romance?

After some time of being in a relationship, the level of the initial excitement can significantly decrease if partners don’t constantly work on finding new ways of bonding with each other.

That’s the key sentence every single couple should memorize. Keeping the spark alive in a relationship is one of the most important things and a prerequisite for a happy relationship!

Maintaining the spark in a relationship requires effort, dedication, and creativity.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. How many of you have found yourself being in a rut at one point in your relationship?

I’m talking about Netflix and chill being the only activity you ever do as a couple (including food, drinks, and other things that come with it).

Since I’m always being honest when it comes to these things (and others as well), I will raise my hand first.

Yes, I’m one of those people who used to be in a relationship where the pinnacle of our fun was eating, watching movies, and some more eating together.

And yes, I enjoyed it so much, well, until I didn’t. At one point, I realized that all we ever did as a couple was search for movies, which became a real issue given that we watched almost every single movie that exists.

I thought to myself: OMG, when did our relationship turn into this?

I mean, I got nothing against chill nights, but I was really sad about the fact that the initial level of excitement had somehow vanished into thin air.

I wanted for us to do something more meaningful and bond in other ways than just watching movies and being casual.

That is when I realized that we got too lazy. Yup. Neither of us was making an effort to make things more interesting and awaken the initial passion.

That is when I realized that maintaining the spark in a relationship requires effort, dedication, and creativity.

You can choose to spend every single day of your relationship doing one thing only or you can choose to wake up and start fighting for your relationship (or what’s left of it).

In case you’re wondering what happened to us, our relationship was bound to fail from the very beginning, and it was a little bit too late for implementing new ways of bonding with each other, but maybe it’s not too late for you!

Implementing fun activities in every aspect of your relationship is the key to establishing a happy relationship!

From drinking games to texting games, here are some ways in which you can maintain the spark in your relationship:

  • Texting and conversation

Let’s say that you text each other frequently and all you ever text your partner is something like: Hey, what’s up? How are you?

I’ll be straightforward with you: I hope you notice the level of boredom in these two questions. A relationship cannot survive on small talk

It requires more meaningful conversations so that the bond becomes stronger.

Besides that, every relationship requires fun both when it comes to texting and in person. So, how can you make texting more fun?

One of the easiest ways to make your texting endeavors more fun is by playing fun texting games with your partner like Never have I ever, I spy, Reversed writing (I really like that one).

Another way of spicing up texting conversations or eye-to-eye communication is by playing conversation games like the Pantomime game, Association, Two truths and a lie, etc.

  • Drinking games

Drinking alone can be boring. Drinking with your friends is fun, but drinking with your significant other is even MORE FUN. Why?

Because you can play those fun and daring drinking games for couples like Drunken artists, Striptease dice, or Naughty shots.

Playing drinking games for two with dice can be a lot of fun (trust me, I played it multiple times).

Best of all is the fact that you forget what you’re even playing because of so much alcohol and laughing, but I guess that’s the idea of these games for couples.

Through laughing, couples are bonding. Of course, you don’t have to play those drinking games every night in order to maintain a healthy relationship (pun intended).

Playing them over the weekend or even once a month can be really beneficial for both of you.

Also, if you’re not really into drinking at the moment, you can find a drinking alternative. You’ll still laugh out loud even if you play these games with juice, I can tell you that.

Now, you’re probably wondering: But, what about the bedroom fun? And, you’re right, we shall definitely not forget about that one aspect of your relationship.

  • Bedroom games

Like with everything else, it’s so easy to become repetitive when it comes to making love.

I don’t know when or how, but at one point, couples become so accustomed to each other and their routine that they no longer even try to make it more fun and, let’s say, different.

If you’re one of those couples who stopped trying to make your steamy sessions more exciting and passionate, now is the time to change that!

It’s time to bring those blindfolds and naughty girl/guy equipment to life, and play strangers and other hot games for more bedroom fun.

There are plenty of bedroom games suitable for every partner, and all you need to do is find the one that works for you.

Playing fun games with your partner has many benefits for you and your relationship!

If you’re still not convinced about the importance of implementing all these games into your relationship, here are some benefits of playing fun games with your partner:

Playing fun games with your partner brings you closer and strengthens your emotional bond

Competitive games have the power to strengthen your relationship because they have all the elements that are needed for a healthy relationship: laughter, fun, excitement, challenge.

If you compare watching a movie with playing a fun game with your partner, you will notice the difference.

Watching a movie is a passive activity whereas playing fun games requires both of you to be active participants.

The keyword here is the word ACTIVE. If you stop being active, it means that you stop making an effort, which is the biggest enemy of every relationship.

It decreases levels of stress and brings you lots of laughter

Playing games with your partner (be it drinking games or others) results in plenty of laughter. Needless to say that laughter is connected with alleviating stress, anxiety, and all the other mental burdens.

Basically, the more you play those games, the more relaxed and happy you’ll be.

It enhances your creativity

This is especially true for bedroom games. Anyone can lie on a bed and wait for their partner to do their magic and satisfy their needs and vice versa.

But, for a relationship to be productive and active, you need to be creative in every aspect of it, including in the bedroom.

The more games you are implementing into your relationship, the more creative you’ll become.

Actually, you’ll constantly be on the lookout for new things you could try with your partner, which is the essence of every powerful bond.

It lowers your blood pressure

This one is also connected with the state of feeling relaxed and laughing when playing fun games with your partner.

Your blood pressure will be thankful to you, so if you’re not planning on doing it to make the best of your relationship, then do it for your health.

Playing fun games with your partner boosts your happiness.

They say that we are creators of our own happiness, but when it comes to relationships, every partner is equally responsible for the happiness of the other as well as their own.

Playing fun games with your partner doesn’t only make you laugh or strengthen your relationship, but it also transforms your life. It makes you a happier person.

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” – William James

Choose to be an active participant in your relationship instead of a passive one. Always be on the lookout for new fun activities that could add value to your relationship (and make you laugh some more).