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700+ Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty & Non-Dirty List

700+ Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty & Non-Dirty List

You are planning a friendly get-together, but you don’t know how to make this evening special? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We present to you an in-depth analysis of the never have I ever questions dirty and non-dirty game.

I’m sure you’ve already heard about this social game. Basically, you and your friends answer tricky and embarrassing questions about your life. But whoever has done the thing described in the question has to do a certain task or a dare.

Although you’ve probably played this game before when you were a teenager, let me refresh your memory of how fun and crazy it is to play never have I ever. A disclaimer, though: this version is not for kids!

Never have I ever questions are divided into two parts:

• PART 1: for when you want to get dirty & flirty.

• PART 2: a non-dirty version for children, teenagers, and adults.

Now that we’ve figured that out, let’s prepare for a game night to remember!

How To Play Never Have I Ever Questions?

friends having fun times

Never have I ever is a perfect game to play if you want to get to know someone better . You can play it with your friends and people you’ve never met before. You can also play it with your best friend, family member, or significant other – nothing says I love you more than admitting an embarrassing thing you’ve done.

If by any chance you’ve never heard of this game before, you should know it’s pretty much the same as playing dirty would you rather questions that you’ll also find at the end of the first part as a bonus (wink).

Only, this one is much cleaner and sex-free. You should check it out if you’re up for spicing things up a bit. It’s highly recommended to try this with your boyfriend or your girlfriend.

But, let’s get back to never have I ever questions…

You probably think you know everything about someone you’re close with. You think it’s impossible to find out something you didn’t already know, but what if that isn’t the case? What if you come up with tricky and hard questions that will show them in a completely different light?

The rules of the game are very simple. You and the people you’re playing with form a circle. Choose a person who will ask the first never have I ever question. The questions don’t have to be tricky at the beginning. You can start with something easy until everyone relaxes a bit.

So, the first player asks, for example: never have I ever been on a blind date. People you’re playing with will divide into groups of those who have done that or haven’t done that.

This is how the game works, but there are different ways of playing it. There are different ways of keeping score depending on what kind of never have I ever questions you’re playing.

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5 Ways To Play Never Have I Ever Questions

  • Keeping score (Classic)
  • “Ten Fingers”
  • Drinking game (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic version)
  • Gross food game
  • Stripping game

Keeping score (Classic)

friends in nature

This version of the game is the simplest one. The group playing the game gathers in a circle.

One person asks a question, for instance: never have I ever cut my own hair – make sure you really say something you’ve never done.

Players who have done the thing you mentioned get one point each.

Traditionally, players who have answered yes tell a short story about the event at stake. Usually, it’s something funny or dangerous, but the point of the game is to hear an interesting or funny story.

“Ten Fingers”

man showing his hand

This variation of the game is almost the same as keeping score, only you do it with your fingers.

Everyone starts with holding up ten fingers – if you’ve done any of the statements you have to put one finger down.

When you’re out of fingers, you’ve lost.

Drinking game

friends drinking coctails

Now, this is when things get interesting.

The game works in the same way as the classic one, just instead of giving points, players drink.

You can even stir things up a bit and try body shots, but only after you get a bit tipsy.

It also usually starts with “easy” questions, but as the alcohol takes effect, the questions become more interesting and more provocative.

The first player says: never have I ever … – the players who respond positively take a sip of whatever you’re drinking.

The catch is that there is no catch. This version of the game has no winner. There are only those who drink more and those who drink less.

If it happens that a person who asks a question is the only one who has never done the thing they are asking, then that person has to have a drink.

Also, if there are only one to three people who have to drink, it’s customary they tell their stories.

You’ll know it’s time to stop the game when the players are shamelessly asking embarrassing questions, or you’re all too drunk to continue.

Drinking game (virgin version)

two smiling girls drinking water at the table

This one is reserved for kids. It’s clear as day; instead of using alcohol, use something non-alcoholic.

The rest of the rules are the same and, on the plus side, playing this game will make your kids super happy.

Gross food game

woman eating mexican food

Well, instead of drinking, you have to eat something gross.

I guess this variation isn’t quite for the ones who can’t handle smells and yucky stuff. Have you ever even tried playing it this way?

I’m seriously warning you, it’s for those with strong stomachs.

Bring out the food before you start playing the game, so the players know what they are dealing with.

Furthermore, after the first player asks a question, you cannot move on until everyone eats the gross food laid out in front of you.

Stripping game

woman playing striptease with man

You will definitely not play this with a family member, but rather with your significant other or someone you’re trying to hook up with. This is when things get hot and very interesting!

All of a sudden those innocent questions turn into never have I ever questions dirty edition and the game changes its course drastically. Don’t be surprised if you wake up in a stranger’s bed the morning after a one night stand. (wink)

The rules are the same, only instead of drinking, keeping score, or eating gross food, you’re taking off an item of your clothing – one at a time. When you’re left completely naked, you’ve lost.

You thought party games are history, but look at how many versions of “fun” there are!

In the past, you’ve played this game, but you’ve done it “the regular way,” in which you answered clean never have I ever questions such as: never have I ever cheated on a test, traveled by plane, or taken part in a talent show.

There were no surprises, no dirty questions. Those were basically never have I ever questions for kids.

two sillly little boys

But now you are older and the rules have changed. Now you’re ready for never have I ever questions 18+.

This time, we’ll spice things up a little bit and make this game more interesting and different.

This time, we’ll put the focus on your sexual habits, ultimate sexual fantasies, and wildest experiences in bed, which you wouldn’t normally be comfortable talking about.

The only condition for this game to be a true success is for every player to be really honest about answering all the questions, no matter how kinky they might get.

So, here you have the best never have I ever questions, which will without a doubt put a twist on your night and make it a memorable one.

What Are Some Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions?

a romantic couple flirting with dinner and wine

If you want to pick up someone you like, don’t hesitate to take things to a dirty level and discover the magic of never have I ever questions sexually challenging such as Never have I ever done it in the sea.

For those who are a bit shy, but still want a piece of the action, I suggest playing the alcohol version of the game. People under the influence tend to be more relaxed and usually do things they would never dare to do sober.

Never have I ever…

1. Given a lap dance.

2. Received a lap dance.

3. Took pictures in my underwear.

4. Never have I ever taken a sexy selfie.

5. Tried skinny dipping.

6. Had a one night stand.

7. Kiss and told.

8. Kissed someone of the opposite sex.

9. Accidentally sent an inappropriate text message to my mom that was intended for my girlfriend/boyfriend.

10. Sent someone a naughty pic.

11. Had sex in public.

12. Kissed my best friend.

13. Rainbow kissed.

14. Never have I ever sunbathed partially or totally nude.

15. Slept nude.

naked blonde sleeps in bed

16. Made out with a stranger.

17. Left my house without underwear.

18. Accidentally sent an inappropriate email to my boss.

19. Had a friend with benefits.

20. Never have I ever done the walk of shame.

21. Made love with someone from university.

22. Done it in the sea.

23. Had sex in a sleeping bag.

24. Lied about myself to get laid.

25. Made out with someone in a hot tub.

26. Had sex with someone 10 years older than me.

27. Worn someone else’s underwear.

28. Kissed a stranger.

29. Watched porn.

30. Been in handcuffs and not because of breaking the law.

passionate lovers have sex

31. Shaved my partner’s pubic hair.

32. Eaten food off of someone’s naked body.

33. Played strip poker.

34. Been a friend with benefits.

35. Had sex with someone 5 years younger than me.

36.Flashed someone.

37. Been caught having sex.

38. Watched a friend (do it).

39. Never have I ever done body shots.

40. Gone commando.

41. Been playful with whipped cream.

42. Asked someone to send nudes.

43. Had a threesome.

44. Had sex with someone the same day as meeting them.

the couple has sex

45. Done it while a family member was in the same room.

46. Been locked outside naked.

47. Worn clothes to hide a hickey.

48. Winked or whistled at someone.

49. Slept with someone from my workplace.

50. Role played.

51. Been caught looking at something naughty.

52. Dated two people at the same time.

53. Touched myself to a Youtube video.

54. Been approached by a hooker.

55. Looked at naughty pictures.

56. Said the wrong name during sex.

57. Sexted the wrong person.

58. Had to use lubrication.

59. Had sex in a pool.

60. Seen someone else naked in person.

sexy woman posing in the living room

61. Fantasized about someone in this room.

62. Had a one night stand unprotected.

63. Made out with someone of the same sex.

64. Questioned my sexuality.

65. Never have I ever had to fake an orgasm.

66. Gotten poison ivy from having sex in nature.

67. Been to an adult store.

68. Had sex in a bathroom stall.

69. Flirted with a teacher.

70. Kissed someone without knowing their name.

What Are Some Dirty Questions To Ask Your Friends?

a group of cheerful friends have fun at home with alcohol

Have your friends ever paid to have sex with someone or peeked at someone in the shower? Have they ever worn lingerie or attended a swingers party? If you want to get your daily dose of juicy details and find out some interesting facts about your friends’ lives, then these are the questions you’re looking for!

You simply can’t play the game without using these never have I ever questions dirty.

Never have I ever…

1. Never have I ever squirted.

2. Had phone sex.

3. Passed second base.

4. Had more than 10 sexual partners.

5. Been to a nude beach.

6. Slipped my number to a waiter.

7. Flashed a bartender for a free drink.

8. Done it on my period.

9. Fooled around with someone on the beach.

10. Peeked at someone in the shower.

the couple has sex in the shower

11. Used sex toys.

12. Played Dirty Truth or Dare.

13. Had a sexy dream about a celebrity.

14. Licked food off someone.

15. Paid someone for sex.

16. Had a bedroom injury.

17. Had sex with someone in this room.

18. Taken a shower selfie.

19. Sunbathed topless.

20. Done it on a kitchen counter.

21. Had sex on a pool table.

22. Had a full-body massage.

23. Given oral sex in a public place.

24. Received oral sex in a public place.

25. Been shy in the bedroom.

26. Been with someone 10 inches or longer.

27. Sucked on a toe.

28. Made any naughty videos.

29. Showered with the same sex.

30. Gone in public without a bra.

31. Made out with someone in public.

the couple kissing in a public place

32. Adjusted my buttons based on who’s in the room.

33. Slept with someone within an hour of meeting them.

34. Had sex standing up.

35. Peeked at someone else while they were changing.

36. Made out with someone on a pool table.

37. Fooled around in a car and accidentally honked the horn.

38. Been to strip club.

39. Owned a Kama Sutra book.

40. Performed a striptease for someone.

41. Done it with someone more than twice my age.

the older man whispers something in the brunette's ear

42. Made out while I was drunk/high.

43. Tried a flavored condom.

44. Worn lingerie.

45. Been choked.

46. Had sex in a tent.

47. Had sex on a first date.

48. Had sex in a jacuzzi.

49. Purchased a pleasuring toy.

50. Attended a swingers party.

many feet under a blanket in bed

51. Ran into someone you know at an adult store.

52. Had a dirty crush on somebody in this circle.

53. Been too tired to have sex.

54. Passed out from suffocation during erotic play.

55. Had nude photos posted online.

56. Used a sock.

57. Been involved in an orgy.

58. Played with a partner’s body more than my own.

59. Worked in a brothel.

60. Fell asleep during sex.

61. Been with a friend’s ex.

Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty List For Couples

happy couple lying in bed and talking

If you’re bored and you have nothing better to do on a Friday night, play this game and you’d be surprised how little you know about each other. This never have I ever questions dirty list for couples will definitely bring you closer together and make things flirty. Are you ready to surprise your partner with this fun game ?

Never have I ever…

1. Been on a dating website.

2. Wanted to be with anyone else.

3. Been turned down.

4. Regretted marrying you.

5. Dated more than one person at once.

6. Lied to you about how you look.

7. Gone speed dating.

8. Complained about you to my coworkers.

9. Hooked up with someone I met online.

10. Called you “the ball and chain.”

11. Said I love you to someone.

outside at sunset in nature a couple stands and talks

12. Cleared my phone or computer history.

13. Said I love you without meaning it.

14. Dreamt of anyone but you.

15. Dated someone for more than a year.

16. Flirted with someone else while we’ve been together.

17. Brought someone home to meet the parents.

18. Wished you would do something in the bedroom that you don’t.

19. Had a rebound.

20. Checked you out without you knowing it.

21. Lied about being single because I wasn’t interested in the person.

22. Smelled your clothing when you’re wearing them.

23. Used Tinder to meet a date.

brunette via tinder app on mobile looks at profile of man

24. Been drunk without you.

25. Slept with someone I wasn’t attracted to.

26. Wanted you to tie me up.

27. Peeked at someone else while they were changing.

28. Wanted to change something about you.

29. Googled sex positions to spice things up .

30. Thought we should have a baby (or another one).

31. Thought about someone else in the bedroom.

32. Stared at a picture of you while going solo.

33. Given you a sexy nickname.

34. Daydreamed about our wedding night.

35. Never have I ever wanted to take you on a second honeymoon.

BONUS QUESTIONS: What Would You Rather Questions Dirty

two girls sit on the sofa and talk

Do you want to try the dirty version of would you rather? I bet you do! This is a perfect opportunity to find out who is the kinkiest of your friends! Enjoy the ultimate list of dirty would you rather questions.

Would you rather

1. Do it in a public place or in your parents’ house?

2. Be on top or bottom?

3. Have kinky or romantic sex?

4. Pay or be paid for sex?

5. Spit or swallow?

6. Be blindfolded or handcuffed during sex?

7. Receive a lap dance or give it?

8. Be with one person for the rest of your life or with a new partner every year?

9. Do it on the bed or against the wall?

10. Do it with or without protection?

11. Suck at sex or foreplay?

12. Have it with the lights on or off?

13. Do it in extreme heat or extreme cold?

14. Watch erotica or read it?

15. Mistakenly send nudes to your mother or your boss?

16. Be slapped on the butt or have your hair pulled?

17. Be with someone who gives perfect oral but fakes their orgasm or someone who is terrible at oral but truly orgasms?

18. Have all your sexual wishes granted or grant everyone’s sexual wishes?

19. Do it in on the couch or in the shower for the whole year?

20. Date a poor cool kid or a rich playboy?

21. Date someone of the opposite sex or the same sex as you?

22. Do it more in the evening or in the morning?

23. Have a premature climax or never climax at all?

24. Have sex that lasts for 3 hours or 3 minutes?

25. Be in a dominant or submissive position?

26. Do it on the kitchen counter or in the shower?

27. Have an attractive partner who doesn’t love you or an average partner who truly loves you?

28. Shower every day or cuddle every day?

29. Cheat or bring someone in bed?

30. Do a cliche romantic thing or try some new kinky ideas?

31. Play never have I ever card game or truth or dare questions ?

Funny never have I ever questions

group of friends eating together

Never have I ever game is perfect to laugh your head off, especially when the questions are designed entirely for that purpose.

Have you ever got a phone call that turned out to actually be a prank call? Well, while playing the game, you’ll get the chance to tell everyone about it so you can laugh together. Here is the list of funny questions to ask!

Never have I ever…

1. Watched the Ghostbusters remake.

2. Eaten food that fell on the floor.

3. Wanted to be one of the Kardashians.

4. Made dumb faces at myself in the bathroom mirror.

5. Dressed as the opposite sex.

6. Tried to see how many marshmallows can fit into my mouth.

7. Watched Spongebob Squarepants.

8. Stayed up for more than 24 hours.

9. Cried during a Pixar movie. (Darn you, Bing Bong!)

10. Had a crush, or man crush, on Ron Swanson.

young skinny woman standing alone

11. Dropped my phone in the toilet.

12. “Cleaned up” by piling everything into a closet.

13. Sung karaoke.

14. Chugged a beer in less than 10 seconds.

15. Watched the “Gangnam Style” music video.

16. Had a crush on someone from “Full House.”

17. Dyed my hair and had it turn out terribly.

18. Watched an episode of “Gilmore Girls”.

19. Pretended to know a stranger.

20. Sang a Justin Bieber song in the shower.

attractive woman having a shower

21. Worn sleepwear as if it were outerwear.

22. Said “excuse me” when there was no one around.

23. Never have I ever been kicked out of a bar.

24. Scared myself in a mirror.

25. Missed a high five.

26. Gotten a tattoo I regret.

27. Heard someone else doing it.

28. Sang any song in the shower.

29. Sang terrible karaoke while drunk.

30. Blamed farts on an animal.

young woman laughing

31. Secretly wished I were a wizard at Hogwarts.

32. Ruined someone else’s vacation.

33. Slept in regular clothing.

34. Stalked someone I just met on social media.

35. Had a nightmare about zombies chasing me.

36. Jumped from a roof.

37. Danced in an elevator.

38. Pretended to laugh at a joke I didn’t get.

39. Been scared of clowns.

40. Taken part in a talent show.

man on the stage in talent show

41. Thought a cartoon character was hot.

42. Faked being sick so I could play video games.

43. Thrown up on a roller coaster.

44. Liked Star Wars more than Star Trek.

45. Tried out to be an extra in a movie.

46. Dyed my hair a crazy color.

47. Scored over 100 while bowling.

48. Used an Instant Pot.

49. Had someone slap me across the face.

50. Played Candy Crush.

woman playing video game on the machine

51. Won a game of Scrabble.

52. Never have I ever watched Game Of Thrones.

53. Thrown something into a TV or computer screen.

54. Made a duck face when taking a selfie.

55. Set my or someone else’s hair on fire on purpose.

56. Looked out the car’s passenger seat window and imagined it was a scene from a music video.

57. Actually laughed out loud when typing “LOL.”

58. Had a bad fall because I was walking and texting.

59. Reread an email immediately after sending it.

60. Daydreamed about being on a talk show and what I’d talk about.

woman talking on microphone

61. Been in an embarrassing video that was uploaded to YouTube.

62. Googled my own name to see what comes up.

63. Pretended I was running from zombies while on a run.

64. Fallen down in public because I was drunk.

65. Sat in the shower.

66. Tried something I saw on Pinterest.

67. Wet my pants in public.

68. Ugly cried for no reason.

69. Made a prank phone call.

70. Went to the wrong house when I was drunk.

drunk man laying on the grass

71. Grabbed the wrong person ’s hand.

72. Screamed during a scary movie.

73. Posted something on social media while drunk.

74. Had a hangover so bad I wanted someone to shoot me.

75. Lied to my parents about being hung over.

76. Spent a night in the “drunk tank.”

77. Woken up drunk the next day.

78. Gotten drunk to make someone look better.

79. Drank so much I didn’t remember the entire night.

80. Had soda come out my nose.

Never Have I Ever Questions For Kids

father playing with kids

You can make your night a memorable one by including your kids in an innocent version of never have I ever game.

You can use anything your kid is into – try Disney characters, their favorite songs, school-related things, anything that pops into your mind. Your kid is going to be thrilled and it will be a fun evening for the whole family.

Never have I ever…

1. Cheated on a test.

2. Been called to the Principal’s office.

3. Cried watching Homeward Bound.

4. Broken a bone in my body.

5. Licked a frozen pole.

6. Copied from someone else’s paper.

7. Had gum in my hair.

8. Stolen food from someone’s lunch tray.

9. Taken a horrible picture on picture day.

10. Participated in a school musical.

woman playing piano

11. Never have I ever been a bully.

12. Taken something from my sibling without them knowing.

13. Wanted to be a superhero.

14. Cried because I didn’t get the gift I wanted.

15. Been scared of the dark.

16. Done something just because my parents told me not to.

17. Had trouble sleeping after watching a scary movie.

18. Lost my house key.

19. Stayed up all night.

20. Seen a cassette tape.

old casette tape

21. Been to a sleepover.

22. Failed a class.

23. Had a birthday party.

24. Told on a friend.

25. Cried at school.

26. Drank an entire case of coke by myself in one day.

27. Sang on a stage.

28. Faked having to use the bathroom to get out of a boring class.

29. Performed in a talent show.

30. Gotten in trouble for texting in class.

woman typing on the mobile

31. Killed ants with a magnifying glass.

32. Eaten an entire pint of ice cream by myself in one sitting.

33. Never have I ever dropped Mentos into Coke or Pepsi.

34. Been bungee jumping.

35. Eaten something on a dare.

36. Been nature camping in a tent.

37. Used the excuse “my dog ate my homework.”

38. Made a snow angel.

39. Sucked my thumb.

40. Jumped into the water from a boat.

friends jumping into water

41. Believed my toys had feelings.

42. Drank milk right from the carton.

43. Watched Blue’s Clues.

44. Dipped my finger into the peanut butter jar then put it back on the shelf.

45. Been terrified of a theme park ride.

46. Forged my parent’s signature.

47. Been to a haunted house.

48. Cheated on a board game.

49. Dressed up as a zombie for Halloween.

50. Played a prank on a teacher.

teacher talking to student

51. Done an Easter Egg Hunt.

52. Had a crush on a teacher.

53. Built a fort with blankets.

54. Jumped off a diving board.

55. Fallen off a bike.

56. Taken a trip on a train.

57. Played video games all day.

58. Stolen money from a sibling’s piggy bank.

59. Wished I had bunk beds.

60. Found money and put it in my pocket without finding the owner.

man holding bunch of money

61. ever have I ever played Pokemon.

62. Gone to summer camp.

63. Been on a family road trip.

64. Eaten my boogers.

65. Named a stuffed animal.

66. Told a secret I was supposed to keep.

67. Used training wheels.

68. Looked through my teacher’s desk.

69. Eaten only candy for dinner.

70. Told my mom I was going to a “PG” movie but snuck into the “R” movie instead.

people watching movie at cinema

71. Stayed in character all day.

72. “Ding, dong, ditched.”

73. Lied about being related to someone on TV.

74. Prank-called a restaurant.

75. Written notes on the desk to use during a test.

76. Climbed a tree.

77. Tried to sign a permission slip for my parents.

78. Blamed a friend for something I did.

79. Stolen a friend’s story and pretend it happened to me.

80. Fallen up the stairs in public.

attractive woman standing on the stairs

81. Thrown something out of the school bus window.

82. Fed my dinner to the dog when mom wasn’t looking.

83. Lied about staying after school and went somewhere else.

84. Sold my lunch to a classmate.

85. Hopped seats on the school bus.

86. Touched a horse.

87. Been afraid of ghosts.

88. Had food poisoning.

89. Helped build a campfire.

90. Read my sibling’s diary.

attractive blond woman reading

91. Put a worm on a hook.

92. Swallowed my gum.

93. Swam in the ocean.

94. Practiced kissing on a mirror.

95. Picked flowers from a neighbor’s garden.

96. Been kissed.

97. Made up an excuse to the teacher for not doing my homework.

98. Accidentally said a bad word in front of my parents.

99. Held a baby.

100. Gotten into bed with my parents after a bad dream.

family having fun on the bed

101. Gone to school all day with my shirt inside out and didn’t know it.

102. Gotten a present I didn’t like.

103. Used my sleeve to wipe my snot.

104. Gotten my hair cut without asking mom first.

105. Gotten into a fight on the school bus.

106. Gotten in trouble for talking in class.

107. Went to Disney World.

108. Called my teacher mom.

109. Gotten in trouble for being with someone I wasn’t supposed to be with.

110. Walked through the neighborhood in my socks.

young woman in deep thoughts

111. Fallen in public.

112. Gone to school without brushing my teeth.

113. Been to a haunted house.

114. Broken something of my mom’s and not told her.

115. Fallen asleep in school.

116. Pretended not to see the dog poop in the house so I wouldn’t have to clean it up.

117. Made a homemade pizza.

118. Waited until it was almost time for mom to come home before doing my chores.

119. Cried when the doctor gave me a shot.

120. Had a conversation with an animal.

woman sitting with her dog

121. Cried to get what I want.

122. Stayed up all night playing a video game.

123. Spilled my drink in a restaurant.

124. Stayed up all night doing a school project at the last minute.

125. Changed a baby’s dirty diaper.

126. Taken something from a parent without them knowing and then I lost it.

127. Driven a car.

128. Saved all my lunch money to buy something.

129. Been grounded.

130. Eaten the dog’s treats.

woman eating the cake

131. Stayed all night in a hospital.

132. Gone swimming in the bathtub.

133. Been afraid to tell my parents something.

134. Gotten hit with a baseball.

135. Tried to run away from home.

136. Drawn on myself.

137. Picked food off the floor and ate it.

138. Been in a tree house.

139. Slept all night in the backyard.

140. Played miniature golf.

Never Have I Ever Questions For Teenagers

650+ Good And Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions To Play

It’s hard to engage in a teenager’s life. Nothing you say or do can excite them, but these never have I ever questions dirty will stir things up a bit and get them to react! We’ve hit the core, trust me!

Never have I ever…

1. Disliked the opinion of others.

2. Said a bad word.

3. Accidentally spelled my own name wrong.

4. Cried in public.

5. Been on Facebook.

6. Skipped class.

7. Spoken to my crush.

8. Eaten alligator.

9. Had a boyfriend or girlfriend.

10. Shaved my legs.

11. Finished a Sudoku puzzle.

12. Watched an R-rated movie.

13. Lied to a friend to avoid a greater evil.

14. Been out of state.

15. Stolen money from my father’s wallet.

16. Practiced kissing on my hand.

17. Taken alcohol without the consent of my parents.

18. Played Spin the Bottle.

19. Faked fever to skip school.

mother measuring the temperature to girl

20. Met someone famous.

21. Bet on something.

22. Flown in a plane.

23. Worn a costume to school.

24. Played poker.

25. Put candy on pizza.

26. Chatted with a stranger online.

27. Never have I ever had surgery.

28. Been behind the wheel of a car.

29. Hidden some important information from the person who should know.

30. Seen a picture of someone naked.

31. Given money to a homeless person.

32. Had a smartphone.

33. Seen a dirty magazine.

34. Stayed up all night.

35. Never have I ever played dirty would you rather questions.

36. Worn a padded bra.

37. Seen Titanic.

38. Broken a bone playing sports.

39. Misplaced a valuable possession of mine.

lonely woman sitting by the lake

40. Been jealous of my friends.

41. Traveled by plane.

42. Cried in the school bathroom.

43. Tried to repeat an action scene in the house.

44. Wished I was the opposite sex.

45. Gotten a fake ID taken away from me by the police.

46. Sangin the shower.

47. Embarrassed myself in front of my crush.

48. Lied about my age.

49. Tried to look like a celebrity.

50. Drunk Surge.

51. Asked a friend to let my crush know I liked them.

52. Been late to class.

53. Been to a school dance.

54. Lied in this game.

55. Did something super embarrassing in class.

56. Secretly eaten baby food.

57. Tried to sit next to my crush in class.

58. Recorded video of myself singing in my room.

59. Been French-kissed.

young couple having a french kiss

60. Escaped from class.

61. Used Snapchat.

62. Wanted to be reborn as a dog.

63. Recorded video of pulling a prank on someone.

64. Been intoxicated while driving.

65. Wanted to try out for a TV talent show.

66. Laughed so hard that I peed in my pants.

67. Spent time in detention.

68. Pretended to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

69. Dated someone in college.

70. Failed a driving test.

71. Been to a real concert.

72. Bought a designer pair of shoes.

73. Never have I ever snuck out of the house.

74. Fall in love with anyone online.

75. Liked a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend.

76. Really liked a song by Justin Bieber.

77. Forgotten about a friend’s birthday.

78. Pretended to be a college student.

79. Kissed someone under the bleachers.

couple kissing in sunlight

80. Put ice cubes in my milk and cereal.

81. Dumped someone.

82. Watched children’s cartoons I’m too old for.

83. Forgotten about a test and studied the period before.

84. Kissed someone on the bus.

85. Salted watermelon.

86. Asked someone out.

87. Never have I ever given my phone number to someone I’ve never met before.

88. Fell in love at first sight.

89. Googled something so I’d know how to spell it.

90. Read a single Harry Potter book.

91. Wished to be a superhero.

92. Stuck gum under a desk.

93. Tried to start a band.

94. Eaten a full frozen pizza by myself.

95. Learned how to play a musical instrument.

96. Tried a banana and mayonnaise sandwich.

97. Flown in a helicopter.

98. Used a fake ID to buy alcohol.

Never have I ever questions for adults

friends sitting by the lake together

This is where we take the game to a different, more serious level. You’d be surprised how long it will take you to answer each of these questions, so think carefully and take your time.

Never have I ever…

1. Sat in the back of a police car.

2. Farted in front of someone I liked.

3. Gotten physically hit.

4. Been called to the boss’ office.

5. Forgotten the punchline of a joke.

6. Gone scuba diving.

7. Been in a fist fight.

8. Swapped ABC gum with someone.

9. Sang a song out loud and messed up the lyrics.

10. Called the police.

police officers standing outside

11. Accidentally sent an inappropriate text message to my mom that was intended for my girlfriend/boyfriend.

12. Walked in on someone in the bathroom.

13. Been in an ambulance.

14. Made money illegally.

15. Had someone walk in on me in the bathroom.

16. Felt the presence of “paranormal activity.”

17. Faked an illness to stay home from work.

18. Tried to pass a silent fart, but it came out loud instead.

19. Been in a car accident.

20. Facebook-stalked an ex.

woman typing on laptop

21. Wet the bed after childhood.

22. Wished I could trade lives with someone.

23. Looked through my girlfriend/boyfriend’s phone without their knowledge.

24. Attempted martial arts moves while by myself.

25. Been to jail.

26. Jumped from an airplane.

27. Never have I ever got a speeding ticket.

28. Drove over a curb.

29. Faced my biggest fear.

30. Texted while driving.

woman driving in the car

31. Mistaken a man for a woman or vice versa.

32. Been cheated on.

33. Woken up in a strange place.

34. Picked a wedgie in public.

35. Been in the hospital for a serious illness.

36. Forgotten where I parked my car.

37. Called the wrong person, but pretended I meant to call them.

38. Gotten stitches.

39. Accidentally sent an inappropriate email to my boss.

40. Gone into the wrong restroom.

sign for restroom

41. Gotten fired.

42. Purposely given someone the wrong phone number.

43. Broken a piece of furniture by sitting on it.

44. Taken the morning after pill.

45. Shaved my head bald.

46. Arrived somewhere late and had everyone stared at me.

47. Fainted in public.

48. Paid late fees on an overdue bill.

49. Had food stuck in my teeth all day.

50. Seen a dead body.

scared woman sitting in the bedroom

51. Fallen asleep in church.

52. Bought a children’s toy for myself, as an adult.

53. Drove drunk.

54. Knowingly run a red light.

55. Recorded video of myself singing or dancing.

56. Lied for a friend.

57. Written a book.

58. Greeted someone I thought was someone else.

59. Wrote someone a letter I never planned to send.

60. Taken something from work.

woman working on laptop

61. Screamed because of a bug.

62. Cried drunk tears at a bar.

63. Driven through an ice storm.

64. Played on my phone, trying to look like I’m doing something important.

65. Gone to bed angry.

66. Used someone else’s toothbrush.

67. Practiced public speaking in the mirror.

68. Punched someone in the face.

69. Clogged someone else’s toilet.

70. Stared at myself naked in the mirror.

beautiful young woman without clothes

71. Accused a partner of cheating.

72. Made up an excuse to leave a boring party early.

73. Smiled at someone when you realize you weren’t listening to what they were saying.

74. Had a near-death experience.

75. Lied about having an emergency to leave a bad date early.

76. Tried to impress a crush by seeming knowledgeable about things they liked.

77. Had a pregnancy scare.

78. Stuffed my pockets with food from a buffet to take home with me.

79. Refreshed over and over to see if I have any new messages.

80. Blocked someone on social media.

happy woman typing on laptop

81. Been blocked by someone on social media.

82. Taken store-bought food to a party as my side dish but passed it off as my own.

83. Pretended to text while secretly taking a million selfies.

84. Threw something when I was angry and broke it.

85. Visited the White House.

86. Been obsessed with One Direction.

87. Hated a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend.

88. Pretended not to be home when someone rang my doorbell.

89. Imagined my life as a sitcom and who would play me.

90. Had an STD scare.

scared woman standing alone

91. Picked up a hitchhiker.

92. Posted a drunk status on social media.

93. Made someone cry.

94. Replied to a text pretending to be someone else.

95. Been bullied.

96. Used someone’s child to pick up a date.

97. Liked someone who didn’t like me back.

98. Gotten so mad that I threw something through a wall.

99. Broken the law.

100. Gotten my license taken away by the police.

101. Used a lame pickup line.

102. Lied on a dating app.

What Are Good Questions For Never Have I Ever?

friends having a drink and talk

Some of the best questions for never have I ever include embarrassing situations such as lying in a job interview, dangerous situations like accidentally starting a fire or scary situations like seeing a ghost.

Below you’ll find a wide array of the right questions for every possible occasion.


Never have I ever…

1. Regifted a gift card.

2. Had a crush on someone else’s spouse.

3. Been slapped across the face.

4. Eaten a whole pizza by myself.

5. Flown in a helicopter.

6. Played matchmaker.

7. Crashed a car.

8. Cried while watching Titanic.

9. Been on stage in front of a crowd.

10. Been a parent.

father reading to his baby

11. Cried for absolutely no reason.

12. Cried at a Pixar movie.

13. Lied in a job interview.

14. Bought a gift from a discount store and put it in a different package to make it look expensive.

15. Been in the back of a police car.

16. Smuggled food or candy into a movie theater.

17. Agreed with something Donald Trump said.

18. Gotten any artificial body enhancements.

19. Had a panic attack.

20. Thought about what type of dog I would be.

golden retriever standing on the grass

21. Told a lie about something I really didn’t do.

22. Been to the emergency room.

23. Lost sunglasses that I was already wearing.

24. Waited tables for a living.

25. Accidentally started a fire.

26. Locked my keys in my car.

27. Ruined a surprise party.

28. Been depressed.

29. Thrown up from drinking.

30. Not tipped at a restaurant.

friends in restaurant having a beer

31. Seen a ghost.

32. Had a wardrobe malfunction.

33. Tried to look at the sun.

34. Borrowed something I ended up keeping.

35. Thrown up on a rollercoaster.

36. Never have I ever made a wish at a fountain.

37. Broken something in a store and then walked away from it.

38. Walked around with toilet paper stuck to my shoe.

39. Accidentally swallowed a bug.

40. Gone skiing.

man skiing on the snow

41. Fallen into a pool.

42. Cut someone in line.

43. Stood in line for hours to buy concert tickets.

44. Run out of gas on the highway.

45. Been inside a library.

46. Stood in line for hours to buy something on sale.

47. Had my bikini knocked off by a wave in the ocean.

48. Lied about my age.

49. Dated someone but ended up with their sibling instead.

50. Gotten really drunk on a first date.

drunk man laying in the car

51. Fired a gun.

52. Tried to break into someone’s password protected email.

53. Walked in on my parents when they were doing it.

54. Seen an elephant in real life.

55. Damaged someone’s car out of anger.

56. Accidentally butt-dialed someone.

57. Bought clothing online.

58. Borrowed something from a neighbor just to be nosey.

59. Burst out laughing at a really inappropriate time.

60. Had someone draw a caricature of me.

young woman standing in picture gallery

61. Been married.

62. Called someone the wrong name.

63. Owned an Xbox.

64. Gotten a piercing other than my ears.

65. Gotten to the checkout counter and realized I didn’t have my wallet.

66. Spent hours watching funny videos on Youtube.

67. Walked out of a restaurant without paying.

68. Messed up when making a speech in front of a lot of people.

69. Thought a movie was better than the book.

70. Not gotten my deposit back on a rental.

young woman looking at street

71. Had a foreign object stuck in me.

72. Never have I ever voted.

73. Heated something up in the microwave and then forgot it was in there.

74. Walked straight into a door.

75. Owned a watch.

76. Burned a holiday dinner.

77. Been embarrassed about something I did when I was drunk.

78. Ridden a skateboard.

79. Gone to a birthday party and not taken a gift.

80. Fallen while wearing heels.

woman wearing heels

81. Never have I ever seen snow.

82. Worked out at a public gym.

83. Laughed so hard, water shot out of my nose.

84. Sat on a public toilet.

85. Adopted a child.

86. Worn someone else’s underwear.

87. Had an allergic reaction to something I ate.

88. Tried to flee the cops.

89. Played a joke on someone by putting pepper in the salt shaker.

90. Snuck into a club.

woman with glasses standing by the lights

91. Stolen flowers from a grave.

92. Stolen money from someone.

93. Gone to church with a hangover.

94. Crashed a wedding.

95. Had a crush on my boss.

96. Dated someone who was underage.

97. Been involved in road rage.

98. Bought something stolen.

99. Cheated on my diet.

100. Drank before turning 21.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you enjoyed these ultimate never have I ever questions dirty and non-dirty lists. These questions will not only help you learn something new about your friends, partner, and other close people but you will also laugh out loud like there’s no tomorrow. Have fun!


700+ Never Have I Ever Questions Dirty & Non-Dirty List

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