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To The Girl Who Has Been Too Strong For Too Long

To The Girl Who Has Been Too Strong For Too Long

You are one of a kind. And this world should feel proud to have someone like you.

You are the rock who anybody can rely or lean on but more importantly, you can always count on yourself.

Because you are a warrior. One of a kind.

The little secret is you’ve been through the worst and you’re still there. You’re still standing.

You’ve been brave so many times.

Because that was your only option in life. You stood up to everything that scared you and you’ve confronted it.

But you are scared now.

Because you don’t want to stay alone. Because you don’t want to be your own rock forever. You need another person to be to you what you are to others.

Not because they are an essential thing for your life, but because it would be much easier and much nicer to walk through life with somebody who understands you.

Probably nobody ever told you this, but you are allowed to cry. It doesn’t mean you are weak and it’s not a sign of your weakness, it’s proof you’ve been strong for too long.

You had everyone’s back.

No matter who came knocking at your door, he’d find comfort in you. No matter how many people needed you, you’ve always found a way to meet their needs and to be there for them.

You are that very best friend of all best friends and they knew they could count on you.

You are the strongest girl in your family, and you are not the one to comfort but the one people come when they need somebody strong.

But when you needed people they weren’t there.

Because they don’t know when you need them. Unlike you, they can’t notice little signs and the thing with strong people is they’re never asked if they are OK.

They’re never offered any kind of help because they’ve proven one too many times to people that they are strong enough to do it on their own.

You are not looking for a knight.

You aren’t looking for anyone to save you. You are not looking for anyone to solve your problems and you’re not expecting anything from others because you know better.

You are looking for your own sword.

You’re looking for the tools to fight your own battles. You are always trying to grow to be able to take care of yourself and you don’t even have the slightest idea how people admire you.

The thing is that life never went easy on you.

You were not the one that got anything easily. You never got anything without a fight.

You always had to prove your worth and you had to shark for everything you wanted to have in life because that was the only way you could have the things you wanted.

Because of this, you were often perceived as cold-hearted and what not.

But you always keep going.

Whenever life threw a curveball at you, you’ve always managed to hit it hard and score a homerun.

You get tired as well.

You get tired of being strong all the time. You get tired of people always expecting something of you and you get tired of people constantly just taking and taking things from you—your love, time, and whatever else they need.

And yet you get up every morning.

You get up with a smile. You get up braver every morning ready to beat the hell out of that day.

It’s your way to say to life: “I am ready. Whatever you have for me, bring it on!”

You look challenge dead in the eye and you give it a wink.

You have trouble finding men worthy of you.

Because you don’t play with boys. You don’t need just anybody because that’s not how things work for you.

You need a strong man that will handle you.

So, you find the worth you are looking for in yourself.

Even if it would be cool to have a man that can meet your needs, just you is good enough. You are more than good enough and you are worthy on your own.

You are one of those girls who were not born half but whole so when you’re seen alone, nobody dares to ask, “Where is your other half?”.

Even when life hits you hard , when life throws sticks and stones at you, when you fall down to the point that you can’t go lower, when every other person would give up on life and everything else… you stand firm and you make others wonder how come you’re still smiling.

You do the thing called ‘what I want’ and you build a firm foundation with the bricks thrown at you.

It’s OK if you fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that when you get back up, you rise as the whole damn fire.