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If You Do These 5 Things, You’re Extremely Clingy

If You Do These 5 Things, You’re Extremely Clingy

There is a fine line between genuinely caring for someone and being way too clingy. Many of us do not know where to draw the line and thus, we tend to screw up our relationships—despite the fact we only wanted the best to happen.

The most destructive thing for a relationship is clingy behavior. It is not surprising that most people get lost in their affection toward someone because we are all needy in a way.

We all need to love and to be loved—it’s just sometimes we over-exaggerate. Maybe it’s is out of fear we are going to lose the person we love, so we hold on tight to him or her not letting them breathe—that’s where the problem arises.

Lay back a little and let your relationship follow its natural flow. If it was meant to be, be sure you will never lose the person you love. You can only lose him or her if you force them to run away from you through your clinginess.

In order to prevent this from happening, read some of the things you might be doing which present you as a clingy person.

1. You are always calling and texting your partner

This is the first and most important sign you’re being clingy. You can’t resist calling your partner and texting him or her every second. Lay off and leave them alone. Everyone needs their own personal space.

If you’re scared they might cheat on you, believe me, the fact you’re calling and texting them to check up on them won’t stop them from doing it if they really want to.

2. You are by your partner’s side 24/7

Although it needs a bit more physical work, this one is similar to the first one. Leave your partner alone. He or she needs to lead their own life. They need to hang out with their friends and they need to see their family.

Keep in mind they had a life before they met you. Respect that fact, otherwise, things won’t end up well.

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3. You go berserk when your partner doesn’t call you back

Your heart drops and you’re hiding your puffy face from others when your partner doesn’t call you back. You are fretting about unnecessary things. You’re anxious because he or she didn’t respond to your text. Please, stop doing this to yourself.

Instead of automatically thinking about the worst-case scenarios (cheating in this case or something even worse), calm down and see things from a different perspective. Maybe he is too busy to answer you back or he didn’t see your call right away and maybe he is on his way to see you and he is near, so he won’t answer you because he will see you in a minute. There are so many different explanations for this—there’s no need to go all crazy.

4. You are too available to your partner

No one likes that. It leaves an impression that you are dependent—you can’t function without your partner. Believe me, no one likes to have that kind of person by their side.

If you are too available to your partner, you are showing him or her that you don’t respect your own life and your own time. How can you expect your partner to respect you?

5. You never give your partner a chance to miss you

Because you are available to your partner all the time, it can happen that he or she gets bored with you. You have to let them go and let them breathe. Otherwise, they will find someone else that will do that.

It’s is up to you whether you are going to make your partner miss you and make him or her realize how much they like you or you are going to act like this and screw up things forever.

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