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Give Up On The Man Who Makes You Feel Insecure

Give Up On The Man Who Makes You Feel Insecure

Even the prettiest woman can feel insecure if she loves the wrong man. What makes her beautiful is a man who can treat her right. That’s why you should give up on the man who makes you feel insecure.

There are 7.6 billion people in this world. Out of 7.6 billion people, 3.8 billion are men.

You’re telling me you’re going to settle for a man who makes you question your worth? You’re telling me you’re going to settle for a man who’s making you feel insecure? I hope you’re kidding.

A man you’re planning to spend your life with should embrace your flaws and not just love you despite them but because of them too.

He should be able to look beyond them, he should be able to take you whole with all your flaws, mistakes and imperfections, just like he’d take your good sides and all the perfect things about you. If he does the opposite then he isn’t the one for you.

You don’t need to accept love that isn’t good for you. You don’t need to accept a man who isn’t good for you. For whatever reason you think you do, think again.

You don’t. Nobody does. You’re allowed to give up on someone who makes you feel bad about yourself.

Give up on the man who compares you to others.

Because this man wants you to be someone you’re not. He’s probably setting up high expectations that you’re unable to reach. But the catch is you aren’t supposed to anyway.

Because you shouldn’t bend over backward to be someone who you’re not just to be liked. What you should know is you’re good just as you are.

Give up on the man whose opinion demolishes your self-worth.

Because this man wants you to forget how worthy you are. He’s probably aiming to tear down all the good thoughts you have about yourself so he can turn you into his puppet.

And trust me, nobody should ever have that power over you. So don’t give it to him.

Don’t spend a minute of your time with someone who makes you unworthy of anything or someone who’s just bringing up your flaws.

Because eventually he’ll convince you you’re nothing but your flaws. And once you believe him, you’ll fall into a hole that you’ll have a hard time escaping from.

Give up on the man who feeds your insecurities.

Because this man will just wait for you to show him what you don’t like about yourself so he can magnify your insecurities and make you feel inferior.

He’s probably making a list of things that are tormenting you and he’ll bring them up when you need it the least.

Slowly, he’ll make sure your insecurities crawl deep under your skin, just so he will have you as an easy target for all his manipulative games.

Give up on the man who makes you feel bad about yourself.

This man serves you no good. He’s probably someone who doesn’t feel good about himself either so he lets you and makes you feel bad about yourself too.

What you need is someone who’ll see you’re swimming in dirty waters and someone who’ll pull you out of it.

You need someone who’ll see all the cloudy thoughts running through your head and they’ll make them go away.

You deserve someone who won’t allow anyone, you included, to think anything bad of you.

Give up on the man who’s trying to change you.

This man is trying to fit you into his mold. But you were born differently so don’t allow him to make something out of you or into someone that you’re not. If he doesn’t like you for who you are, give up on him.

Part ways. Because you won’t have much in common nor can you have a bright future with a man who’s trying so desperately to change you.

The bottom line is this: you shouldn’t change to earn love. You’re worthy of love and of being loved just the way you are.

It’s okay to be imperfect but what’s not okay is allowing someone to constantly bring you down by bringing up your flaws.

Because there will be someone who’ll accept you whole, who’ll love your flaws as much as they love your good sides.

Someone will love you just the way you are and they will never ask you to change. Someone won’t stand to hear you talking bad about yourself.

Someone will help you build yourself up instead of tearing your self-confidence down. Someone will kiss your insecurities instead of magnifying them. Someone will make you love yourself by loving you the right way.

Someone will look at other women just to tell you how much more beautiful you are than them. That won’t be a man who makes you feel insecure. And that’s exactly why you need to give up on him.

  1. cloud7vii says:

    At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our own physical and mental well being. Insecurity is something that exists internally. No one can make you feel completely secure or insecure. The right or wrong partner can magnify these feelings but more often than not, feelings of insecurity come from your perception of yourself which you’ve developed through decades of life experience. A guy can stop you from saying bad about yourself, but he can’t stop you from thinking bad things about yourself.

  2. Jock Savage says:

    I would argue that a person (male OR female) who places such great stock in how *another* makes them feel insecure, should perhaps spend some quality time in solitude questioning WHY they constantly project onto any passing convenient scapegoat their OWN sense of self-worth. Look in the mirror [metaphor] and question your own values/expectations/self-righteousness/delusion/etc. and NOT those of others.

    PRO-TIP: Sincerity and sense of genuine self-worth are attractive to others and rewarded accordingly.