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The 8 Most Common Things Men Say When They Don’t Give A Damn About You

The 8 Most Common Things Men Say When They Don’t Give A Damn About You

When a man doesn’t give a damn about you, he will behave differently. He will not lift a finger to make things work or to make you happy.

In addition, he will say things that are very hurtful and condescending.

His statements will display his indifference and lack of interest in you or your life.

Here are some of the most common things men say when they don’t give a damn about you:

“It’s your fault, not mine.”

He will try to turn the tables and make everything seem like it’s your fault. He will spin the story around to suit him.

He will twist your words and make you believe that you are doing something wrong.

He got so good at playing the victim that he doesn’t even put any extra effort into it. He is just too self-absorbed to admit that you are right.

“That was never the problem—you just overthink everything.”

He wants your problems and your concerns to seem small, so he wants to manipulate you into thinking that you are exaggerating.

If you know that something is worth getting upset over, you shouldn’t ignore it just because he said it’s not a big deal and that you are blowing things out of proportion or that you are obsessively analyzing or overthinking things.

“Do whatever you want!”

“Do whatever you want” is his comment to almost anything you want to do.

You are already aware that you can do whatever you want, so him saying it is redundant and condescending.

He no longer wants to be an active participant in your life or give you his insight into things. By saying this, he is displaying his indifference.

“If you don’t like it, find somebody else.”

He doesn’t want to solve things. He wants you to sit silently and put up with his bad behavior or leave.

If a man cares for you, he will reconsider his actions and do his best to find common ground with you.

He would never push you away or say something like this.

“I don’t have to explain myself.”

In cases where a woman is overly jealous for no apparent reason and acts more like a detective than his partner, this statement isn’t offensive.

However, in almost all other cases, it’s a major red flag. Why wouldn’t you explain your actions to a person you care about?

Isn’t your relationship something that is worthy of your words? If he doesn’t want to make things clear and be open and honest with you, he clearly doesn’t give a damn about you.

“Your friends are idiots.”

Or any similar expression is something to be upset about. If he respects you, he should respect your friends too.

He might like or dislike them but he should never talk trash about them.

They are an important part of your life and he should treat them as such.

“I don’t care if you are seeing somebody else.”

This statement is pretty straightforward and hurtful. Of course, you don’t want some overly jealous boyfriend but he shouldn’t be indifferent to you dating other people or having sex with them.

If he says something like this, he most definitely doesn’t give a damn about you—don’t doubt it for a second.

“I can’t deal with you right now.”

He is basically saying he has no time for you or for whatever is bothering you.

He is saying it’s not his concern and he doesn’t want to waste time dealing with it.

You are only worth his time when everything in your life is perfect and you have no problems.

Relationships are about taking the good and the bad.

If he backs off from a conversation when things are going downhill in your life, or when you are hurt or upset, he doesn’t care enough and he is the one not worthy of your time.