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Guard Your Love For Someone Like This

Guard Your Love For Someone Like This

Maybe you don’t know him yet. Maybe he is hiding somewhere just around the corner waiting for you. But, the timing is still not right.

Or maybe you met him already. Maybe there was a moment in your life when destiny played a joke on the two of you and let you touch or see each other for a split second.

Maybe he is the guy you bumped into in a crowded square. Maybe he is the guy you shared eye contact with while waiting in a line in the supermarket. Who knows?

Don’t waste your love on men who are not the real deal. Don’t give your heart to someone who doesn’t deserve it. In that case, it’s better off being alone. You know, he knows he’s coming your way and it won’t take long for you to finally meet.

I know you know it, too. You just have to be patient. Please, be patient.

Guard your love for…

Someone who completes you.

I know it’s a cliché, but I don’t care because it’s true. He is your other half. He is the thing you’ve been missing your whole life. He is the one who will help you become the best version of yourself—a better person. He will make your best values come to the surface.

Someone who makes you feel safe.

In his arms, you will feel safe. You will know that everything is good and that no one and nothing can touch you. You will forget about everything that troubles you because he will give you endless love and comfort. Just the sound and vibration of his heartbeats when you press your head against his chest will make you feel secure. He will make everything that bothers you simply go away.


Someone who you can trust.

You will never keep things from him. It would never cross your mind. Not even the most embarrassing things prevent you from telling him what is on your heart. You will be completely honest with him because you know you can. And that’s the best feeling in the world.

Someone who shares the same values as you.

He is a kind-hearted person like you. You are similar—that’s why you were meant to be because you get each other. In his vocabulary, there are no empty, meaningless words which serve just to deceive you. He keeps his word and his promises. He believes in the good in people and he always gives second chances to everyone, as you do.

Someone who will choose you every time.

He sets his priorities clearly. He will never be hot and cold. You will know exactly where you’re standing with him. He will choose you to be his top priority. He will choose you over anything every single time. There is nothing more precious to him than you. It wouldn’t even cross his mind to put you at the bottom of his list. Every time you need him, he will drop everything to run to you, to help you or comfort you if you need it. He’s not lame—he loves you.


Someone who has a clear vision of the future.

And that future includes you. He left you space to dream your own dreams and to add them to his. That is your future together—a beautiful combination of your dreams. He has set up his goals and plans and every one of them involves you.

Someone who is honest.

He will never lie to you. He will never try to get away with something. If he fucks something up, he will come clean because he knows that the two of you are strong enough to straighten things out. He will tell you things you might not like at the moment, but just because he knows you will benefit from them later.

Someone who loves you for who you are.

Guard your heart for someone who accepts you for who you really are. He is the kind of a man who knows that perfection doesn’t exist. He knows you have positive and negative virtues. He knows you have flaws. He has them, too. He has accepted his flaws and he has accepted yours. He will always focus on your positive side rather than your negative one, and he will try to bring the positive out more.

Someone who will be the proudest man alive.

He will never make you wait for anything. He will never allow anyone or himself to make you sad. Even if you do get sad, he will be there for you. He will be your shoulder to cry on. He will be the one who will provoke a smile on your face when smiling is the last thing you want to do. He will be the man who will hold your hand proudly wherever he goes. He will be the man who will shout your name out to the world. He will be the man who will help you achieve everything you want. He will be the man who will show you off.

Wait for him. You’ll know it’s him because he is the one who will never let you go.