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One Day, You’ll Be The Person He’s Been Waiting For

One Day, You’ll Be The Person He’s Been Waiting For

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as someone special. Maybe you don’t think you have an important role to play in this life.

Having in mind that most of us only think about our life and what to do with it, have you ever asked yourself, what if you become someone’s treasure?

What if you’re the prize someone has been looking for, their dream come true?

Someday, you are indeed going to be that someone special he’s been waiting for. You’re going to be the light at the end of his tunnel, the salvation he’s been praying for.

Someday you’re going to be a soft, comforting tune on a dark and cold night. Someday… you’re going to be his everything. 

You are the person who is destined to bring back his faith in love.

You are the woman who has the power to patch up his wounds and heal his scars. You are the reason he will learn how to love again.

People like him hide underneath their sorrow. People like him have been hurt and now they are too careful. When you show up in his life, he won’t need to be careful anymore, he won’t have any reason to hide. 

Unlike the love he has known so far, your love would seem simple and easy. 

Can you imagine that? Yourself, as pure perfection is someone else’s eyes? That man in love with you will give everything he’s got just to keep you.

He will watch your every move and tend to your every wish. He will be your Prince Charming, as you will be his Cinderella. 

Someday, you will be the reason he started smiling again. You will be the one thing he needed to realize that life is not gray and sad—not with you by his side.

You will make all the pain go away once and for all. 

One day, you will become the most important person in someone’s life. You will be the turning point that changed everything for the better—his life perspective, his thinking, his attitudes and his behavior.

You will be the person he will talk about constantly. You will be the start of every good and positive story he has to tell. 

You will be the locksmith of his heart, with just a single existing key. 

I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be the starring role in a life which slowly turns into a fairy tale, to be the savior in the darkness, the bringer of good luck.

Are you even aware of the happiness and joy you’re going to give to someone? To yourself?

In comparison with the love he has known so far, yours will be an easy ride. It will be almost effortless even though you know that love always needs hard work.

But can you imagine what he has been through if you seem so easy to have, cherish and protect? Can you imagine how painful his life must have been so far?

One day, you will be in someone’s prayers. First, he will pray to find you and when he does, he will pray to keep you and thank God he’s worthy of having you.

You are going to make his world a prettier place to live in. You’re going to make him wonder what he has done to deserve you. You’re going to be the reason life feels good. 

The most important thing you’re going to understand is why everyone left. You’ll finally get the answer as to why no one was ever good enough for you. 

It was impossible to keep another guy because he was never yours to keep. You were destined to meet someone else, someone who has been waiting for you. 

One day, you will be the person someone found. You will be the person who ended your search and knew it was the best decision you could ever make.