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This Is What Happens When A Good Girl Gets Played

This Is What Happens When A Good Girl Gets Played

She’s generous and kind and caring and always there for those who need her. Even though she has a lot going on in her life, she’s manages to be there for the people whom she loves no matter what.

She never gives up on people and no matter what happens or how low someone falls, she’ll be there, still, like the light at the end of the tunnel.

She’s special, you know? She’s one of those who love wholeheartedly. When she falls in love, she falls with her body, mind, and soul. She gives herself completely to the person she loves.

Even though she’s aware of the little imperfections and flaws, she always chooses to see the good in people and love them just the way they are.

Being the way she is, being a good girl, is something that comes naturally to her.

It’s in her blood and it’s something very hard to get rid of. It’s not like she ever planned. But people often take it for granted.

They use her kindness as if it will never get worn out. They call her in their lives when they need her, and they leave her alone when they no longer have any use of her—until the next time.

It didn’t happen only once. People keep taking and taking without ever giving anything in return to her. And she doesn’t mind because she’s selfless. And because she’s used to it.

She can bare a lot of things. But some of those people, break pieces of her heart little by little.

She can’t bear having someone play with her heart. She can’t bear being someone’s last resort.

She isn’t used to being let down by people she loves. She isn’t used to hearing promises someone has no intentions to keep.

There are people who aren’t good to her no matter how much she gives to them.

There are people who only use her and play with her and her feelings. And she can’t draw the line between them—, actually she’s unable to do so because of the way she is.

So they continue playing with her. They continue stretching her to the breaking point. And once they’ve played her, everyone is at a loss.

When a good girl gets played, her feelings get played too.

Whatever she felt becomes so strange to her. Whatever or whoever she had in her heart becomes too painful to keep in and she starts erasing everything from it.

She starts shutting her feelings down because to feel anything means to feel everything including the pain. She just shuts it down.

Her trust breaks.

This idea that people will be good to her because she means them no harm starts leaving her slowly.

This idea that there is good in everyone starts fading away.

And when she decides to welcome someone new, to give that someone her trust, she can’t.

Her goodness gets stolen from her.

It’s not like she wanted to lose it. It’s not like she had problems being the way she is. But obviously someone else did.

Someone else didn’t care how she feels or what happens to and with her.

They played her to the point of making her lose all the good she had in her.

She changes.

Everything in her shifts. She realizes she can’t always be the one who ends up pulling the shorter end of the stick.

She can’t always be the one giving and not getting anything in return.

She can’t always be the one getting broken, and used and played in a relationship just because she’s a good person.

She starts building walls around herself.

After everything that happens to her, she gets a bit unsure to whom can she trust.

She doesn’t know whom she can let in her life and she’s scared to make the same mistakes she did before.

That’s why she starts pushing everyone away. That’s why she lifts her walls high and never lets anyone in.

She becomes unapproachable.

Because of all the pain she’s going through, she doesn’t think straight. She hates herself for being so naive and for allowing people to use her as it pleases them.

In all this mess happening, she becomes hard to talk to.

Her kind words are replaced with sarcastic comments and she just doesn’t listen. Even those who try to approach her with their hearts in their hands can’t come close to her.

Everyone loses her.

Even those who were good to her lose her because she doesn’t know who’s good and who’s bad.

She believed everyone was good and it cost her a lot.

So in order to get away from those bad ones, she sacrifices also those who actually care for her.

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She starts being her own hero.

Before she always rushed to help others. She was always there to save those in need and now when she crossed them out of her life, she has no one to save.

It’s not like she could save anyone when she’s feels broken, too. She needs to save herself first.

All the goodness she gave others she starts saving for herself.

Instead of giving it to those who’d just use it and take it for granted, she decides to be good to herself. She decides to do things for herself, to do things that make her happy and things that will help her grow.

Little by little she starts learning how to be good for herself.

She learns some lessons the hard way.

Even though she didn’t sign up for these life classes, even though she didn’t want to know, life showed her how life can be hard sometimes and how not all people are good.

Perhaps she was taught the hard way, but at least the lessons she learned will be well remembered.

She learns that pleasing everyone will do her no good.

Being good did make her happy, but pleasing everyone else at the end only drains her both physically and emotionally.

Because people never stop taking and she never knows when to stop giving. She finally learns that pleasing everyone gives her no time to please herself.

She learns that she has to stand up for herself.

Those people won’t be as good for her as she is for them.

That sometimes she needs to take care of herself before she takes care of others.

She learns that it’s okay to have an opinion that doesn’t agree with everyone else’s and that it’s okay to say it out loud.

She learns that not everyone is good.

Just because she wouldn’t play with other people’s feelings, it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t play with hers.

Just because she’d never hurt anyone deliberately, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t hurt her.

Not everyone is good and it took her a while to accept it.


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