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He Was Confused And She Got Tired Of Waiting

He Was Confused And She Got Tired Of Waiting

She got tired of waiting for him to find out what he wants. She was there by his side in a complete shadow for far too long. It’s time to step out.

She deserves someone who will hold her so tight and never let her go. She deserves someone who will answer her text in a second because she is more important than anything else.

Someone who will brag to his friends about her and not hide her for whatever reason there is, for his indecisiveness.

She deserves someone who is aware that she is a one-time catch and there is no one there better for him than her. A man who knows he will regret it if he lets her go.  

She hates casual relationships because apparently, she has been stuck in one. She hates being kept in the dark because the man she likes can’t make up his mind whether to be her boyfriend or stay friends with her.

She doesn’t deserve to be used just because he isunsure of what he wants. She deserves to be treated like a human being because her feelings get hurt, too. She deserves someone who is aware that she has a heart and that it bleeds, too.

She has the feeling she is only a ‘just in case’ girl, a backup plan he has if everything else fails. She doesn’t want to come second. She doesn’t want to be there just in case.

She deserves to be on the top of the list and he is not putting her there.

You either want her or you don’t because that ‘almost’ you’re pulling is torture.  

She deserves someone who will want her and love her even when she’s at her worst. When she is annoyed and angry, when she’s depressed and doesn’t want to get up from bed. She needs someone who will be by her side when she is a complete wreck.

It’s easy to love when everything is fine, but if you love when everything is falling apart, that’s real and that lasts.

She deserves someone who will make her heart pop out and her eyes light up when she sees him. She deserves someone who will make her feel funny feelings in her gut, something that she has never felt before.

She wasn’t supposed to end up in a loveless relationship. She wasn’t supposed to live in pain and being screamed at.

You had your good days, but on your bad days, she wished she was never born. She wished for it all to be over as soon as possible.

She was supposed to be loved even with her little quirks and weird things she does. After all, everyone has that side of themselves. She deserved to be loved as much as she loves.

She deserves someone who will never second-guess his decision about dating her. Someone who won’t wake up one morning gutted because he made a mistake. She deserves someone who is sure about her and will love her for as long as he breathes.

She doesn’t deserve to be with someone who will kiss her and not be present. She doesn’t deserve someone who is going to be with her, but when she needs him, he will be nowhere to be found. She doesn’t deserve the feeling of being alone although she is not.

She doesn’t deserve to get her heart broken by a man who couldn’t decide what he wanted.

She doesn’t deserve a love that leads to a dead-end street. She deserves someone who will love her with ease. She deserves someone who’s been waiting for her his whole life.