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Here’s To Being Single And The Magic Of New Beginnings

Here’s To Being Single And The Magic Of New Beginnings

Hey, you! 

I know you’re scared as hell right now.

In fact, you tremble and fear consumes you to the point where you have trouble breathing.

You’re afraid of having to leave your comfort zone, having to start over, and living your life alone.

After all, you spent so much time next to someone,  beside a man you could count on, with someone on the other side of the bed.

And now, all of a sudden, everything is gone.

You lost the one you thought was your other half,  were convinced would hold your hand through all of your problems, and believed would love you forever.

You didn’t just lose a boyfriend or a husband, you also lost your best friend, closest family member, confidant, adviser, and partner in crime.

You lost the person you could trust your life with – your rock, safe haven, anchor – the man who was the wind to your wings for so long.

So, it is perfectly normal for you to be afraid.

It is perfectly natural for you to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing and you have to learn to live again.

I’m not here to tell you that you’re weak for having all those emotions.

I’m not planning on telling you that your worries and fears are silly, nor am I here to judge you for feeling the way you do.

Instead, I’m here to support you and tell you that you can do it (yes, I know you probably heard this empty phrase a million times, but you really can).

Here to reassure you that you will overcome this – you will make it.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone.

Numerous women have gone through these exact struggles.

And guess what: each of them survived.

Each of them came out of this situation as a winner, stronger and more powerful than ever.

Each one rose from the ashes and managed to rebuild herself.

So, here is to all of those women who can serve as an example to us.

Here is to you and to your new beginning.

Here is to finally becoming the woman you are destined to be.

For making yourself happy and putting yourself first.

Here’s to all the smiles that’ll replace those tears falling down your cheeks now.

To all the optimism that’ll replace the negative thoughts and all the happiness that’ll replace the sadness.

To the relief that’ll come instead of anger and resentment and to the freedom that’ll take the place of your chains.

Here’s to the fact that you got rid of your toxic relationship.

To you refusing to settle for less and to finally realising how much you deserve.

To your incredible strength to leave everything behind and step out into the unknown.

To being smart and wise enough to do what was right for you, despite the desires of your heart.

To your courage to take a leap into your future, without ever looking back.

To your bravery in turning a new page and burning the entire book you’ve already written.

Here is to starting over.

To all the new friendships that await you.

To all the things you always wanted to do and try out but never had the chance to.

To all the loves that will come to your life when you least expect them.

And most of all, to the man who will be the right one.

Here’s to all the mistakes and all the lessons you learned from them.

All the scars that serve as a reminder of everything you’ve been through.

All the pain that shaped you into becoming this new, improved version of yourself.

To not allowing your pain to define or crush you.

To all the battles you won and all the hurdles you managed to overcome.

Here’s to choosing yourself over everyone else and loving yourself, without expecting someone else to do it for you.

Here is to the magic of being you!