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Hey, Asshole, Stop Showing Up In Her Life When It’s Convenient

Hey, Asshole, Stop Showing Up In Her Life When It’s Convenient

For years, this girl has been trying to get over you for real.

She’s been doing everything in her power to continue living her life, as if you were never a part of it, and to make you nothing more than a part of her distant past.

Nevertheless, this is something she has never succeeded in doing.

Some might even call her crazy for it—after all, she’s been hooked on one guy who obviously didn’t love her back for years.

However, what they don’t know is how you’ve been acting all those years. What nobody knows is that you’ve always been the one who didn’t allow this girl to get over you.

I don’t know if you have some special radar for this girl but the truth is that you always reappear in her life at the exact moment when she’s ready to let you go, as if you feel that you are about to lose her for good.

You disappear for months and as soon as she gets used to your absence and as soon as she finally makes a decision about letting you go, you reappear.

Not only that—you also drag her into this never-ending circle of her feelings toward you. On to an emotional roller coaster she can’t seem to get off, as much as she tries to.

The moment this girl starts feeling good about herself, the moment she gets over the fact that you’ll never be the man she needs you to be and the moment she is finally starting to unlove you is the moment you show up in her world, just to mess it up a bit more.

The moment her heart starts to heal, you show up just to break it once more.

I don’t know why you are doing all of this; maybe you are scared of losing her love, the only thing you are certain about in your life, or you just enjoy playing games but either way, I am begging you—stop.

You’ve done more than enough to this girl and reappearing in her life whenever you feel like it just to upset her and to make her doubt her decision of letting you go is just making things worse.

The truth is that you don’t love her and never did. You just love being loved by her, you love the idea of someone as special as her taking care of you and you love knowing that you have someone who will never back out on you.

Or maybe you love this control you obviously have over this girl?

Maybe you have the need to prove to yourself that you can have her any time you want because it is the only way to fix your crushed ego?

Maybe you go to her when everyone else abandons you, just to escape the harsh reality that nobody besides her honestly cares for you?

Either way, the point is the same—you are a selfish asshole who is stringing this girl along.

A jerk who thinks of her as nothing more than convenient and a douchebag who is taking advantage of this girl’s soft heart.

However, this is not something you’ll have the opportunity of doing for as long as you please because one of these days, she’ll have had enough.

One of these days, the door you are about to knock on will be forever closed and the number you’ll dial will be out of reach.

One of these days, you’ll have absolutely no control over this girl whatsoever. She’ll cut you off, as if you were never a part of her life and she’ll never let you back in.

She’ll stop justifying your shitty moves and making excuses for your toxic behavior. She’ll stop giving you endless second chances and she’ll kick you out of her system for good.

No, she won’t do it to prove her strength against you or to make you chase her more. She’ll do it to break free from this on and off relationship that’s been eating her alive for ages.

When that happens, you’ll see that you are the only one to blame. The moment this girl abandons you will be the moment in which you’ll finally see what you had and what you lost. And you’ll be sorry.

Hey, Asshole, Stop Showing Up In Her Life When It's Convenient