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If He Does These 6 Things, He’s A Love Bomber

If He Does These 6 Things, He’s A Love Bomber

For all of those who have no idea what love bombing is and where it comes from, love bombing is actually as old as love itself.

From the moment love was born, so was love bombing.

From the moment someone ‘decided’ to love another person, someone else also came up with the concept of love bombing—the moment when manipulation was born.

That is basically what love bombing is.

What do love bombers do?

man giving a big heart to woman

They won’t stop until they have you. They will chase you, plan big, romantic surprises, and make gestures you won’t be able to resist.

They will make your every wish come true and make sure you feel like the most important person in their world.

After they win you over and you believe you are a target of a love bomber, you stand no chance in fighting their charm; they will kind of forget that you exist.

Right after they lure you into a relationship and break down your defensive walls, they will show their true colors.

Heads-up—it’s their manipulative and controlling behavior.

What is love bombing?

romantic couple cuddling

As the phrase itself suggests, love bombing is a tactic which manipulators use to keep you under their control—they use love as a bomb to keep you manipulated.

Their favorite targets are people who have been hurt in the past, people who have been betrayed by what they thought was love, people who are left broken and insecure.

It’s easy to make them victims of love bombing because they are the ones easiest to control.

Hearing how much someone loves you each day can get very addictive, especially if you lacked respect and love in the past.

When you get it, you easily get hooked. It’s like a drug. When you get one hit, you need to get another.

The main goal of love bombing

woman hugging a smiling man
The ultimate goal for every love bomber is to overwhelm his victim with affection at the beginning of their relationship, so they don’t change their mind about him later on when he shows his real face.

He wants to keep his victim’s hopes alive that he is going to change back to his old self—a sweet and compassionate man ready to turn the world upside down for the person he loves.

Men like this deliberately deceive their victims to tolerate their toxic behavior in the more advanced phases of their relationship.

Signs you’re with a love bomber and not a real and honest man

He will form a strong bond right from the start

happy couple in love cuddling outdoor

He will tell you everything about himself before you even get home from the first date. He will let you in on all aspects of his life. Isn’t this kind of alarming?

He will emphasize how important you are to him and that he feels an unbreakable connection between the two of you, like you’ve known each other your whole lives.

He will assure you he has told you things about himself he has never told anyone else before.

Logically, you will feel safe around him and since he has told you everything about himself, you are going to return the favor and open up to him as well.

Well, that’s the first big mistake you made. You just gave him enough material to use against you in the future.

He’ll drop the L-bomb way too soon

happy couple sitting on the car

I know, no one has the right to decide when the right time to say, “I love you,” to someone is.

Love should be about that particular feeling you experience in that particular moment; love should be something special.

On the other hand, everyone knows love takes time to develop and it’s almost impossible to fall in love that soon.

Even if you think you are in love right at the beginning, you are wrong. That is just attraction and infatuation.

In order to really love someone, you have to get to know them first; everything else is just temporary.

He’ll tell you exactly what you want to hear

young couple looking at each other

I’m telling you, a person like that has to have a special skill to be able to do that, plus no conscience whatsoever.

He has an appropriate line for every possible scenario and not with the goal of making you happy but to manipulate you and control you in the future.

Now you’re wondering, what if he really wants to make you happy? Think again. Does he really want that or does he just want things done his way?

He wants you to meet his parents right away

couple on dinner with her parents

Does this seem logical to you? Is it normal for two people who just started dating to meet each other’s family and go to family dinners?

I know for a fact that you can consider yourself lucky if he even mentions your name after the first date.

Usually, when two people start dating, they take things slow and they don’t want to scare the hell out of the person they are dating with mentionings of marrying or having kids.

Those topics are off the table for quite some time.

He seems too good to be true

man kissing a woman in head

My advice to you is to always go with your gut because your gut is not usually wrong. That little inner voice screaming on the inside—LISTEN TO IT!

If you feel like your whole situation seems like a script from a movie, take a step back and slow things down.

Put him under surveillance and really dig into finding out what his real intentions are.

Normal people admit their flaws, they are not ashamed of them, while love bombers, on the other hand, do everything in their power to hide them.

He makes you feel super special

couple in love looking at each other

You’re being bombed by compliments on an everyday basis? Isn’t that nice? NO, it’s not! It’s false and it’s not normal.

It’s one thing to say something nice to someone every now and then but bombing them with compliments draws a cloud of suspicion on the whole thing.

It looks like the person is trying too hard, like they are dying to convince you of something.

If his habits, like his constant complimenting, annoy everyone else, they are probably not normal or cute.

Now that you know what people who love bomb do, be careful and don’t let their dirty, manipulative tricks deceive you.

If He Does These 6 Things, He's A Love Bomber