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The Honest Truth Is I Am Done Chasing You

The Honest Truth Is I Am Done Chasing You

I am done. And this time I mean it. I know we went through this a million times. I would say, “I am done, I am leaving,” and I would stay.

But this time I am really done. I am exhausted of giving my best to someone who doesn’t give anything back.

I feel like I am alone in all of this. I don’t want to be with somebody and all alone at the same time. It’s the worst feeling ever. Having you close and not knowing if you are mine or not, I think that’s the worst way of missing somebody.

I am done. Waiting for you all dressed up and ready to leave my house. And then you cancel our plans at the last moment.

Something came up. Something always comes up. Obviously, something more important than me.

I am done feeling like I am not important. That everything else is more important than me. Like I am the last one on your list of priorities.

You act like I am not good enough, not smart enough, not interesting enough to spend time with, and if I stay I might start to believe you.

I am done playing games, especially those in which I am just a toy nobody wants. I am not stupid. I see every time you tell me lies but I let it be. I was hoping you would change on your own.

That you would value me as I value you. That you would see my worth.

I am done investing in somebody who doesn’t invest in me. Someone I gave all my love and understanding and time.

Someone who never has the time for me, who even finds it difficult to text me back. I am done with you answering them when you have nothing better to do.

I am done begging you to spend some time with me. I am done finding love in your poor actions.

I am done finding love in the words that have no meaning. I am done finding love where it doesn’t exist.

Maybe this is all my fault. I should’ve let you go a long time ago. But I hoped something would change. I waited for a miracle.

I am done waiting for miracles when it comes to you. Without even noticing, bit by bit, you drained me of all the love I had for you.

I am done loving you. Now it’s time to love ‘me’. And give somebody else the chance to love me the way I deserve.

I am done and I want for somebody else to be my miracle. Somebody simple and honest.

Someone who will reciprocate my love in ways you never knew. Someone completely opposite to you.

I will be the first on his list of priorities. I will have his love, time and understanding without even asking for it. It will come naturally and freely.

I am done because I finally realize if you have to chase somebody’s love, time and affection, they are worthless.