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This Is How Phubbing Ruins Your Relationship (It’s Not If, But When)

This Is How Phubbing Ruins Your Relationship (It’s Not If, But When)

What is your way of relaxing after a hard day at work? Is it snuggling in front of the fireplace with your loved one, or do you like to drink your favorite beverage while phubbing?

Unfortunately, in these modern times, there are more and more people who are choosing the latter option.

Phubbing has become a real problem, and it’s one of the most common causes of weakening the emotional closeness between people.

All of those virtual things aren’t and should never be more important than the real world. All those people you communicate with online should never be more important than your loved one, not even those you communicate with on a daily basis.

I know it’s nice to escape sometimes from our slightly boring and often cruel everyday lives in that ideal, virtual world.

However, paying more attention to your mobile and constantly choosing that little glass box over the person you love will leave such huge consequences on your relationship. Sometimes, it may even damage it beyond repair.

You’ll grow apart

couple in modern phase of mutual disinterest sitting on the park bench phubbing

If you allow your smartphone to take attention away from your partner, it will emotionally disconnect you from them.

If you choose to share exciting news with your Facebook audience instead of your partner, that means you’re choosing your virtual life over them.

You won’t be spending quality time together anymore, and it will lead to you eventually growing apart.

Your emotional bond will weaken

young couple at the cafe with the man busy with his smartphone and the woman peeping and not talking

If your partner is talking to you about their day or their work and they’re getting half of your attention while you’re scrolling on your phone, they will feel like you aren’t listening to them at all or that you don’t care about the things that are important to them.

Eventually, they’ll also stop communicating with you. And honestly, there is no healthy relationship without good communication. The bond between you will weaken, and you’ll become completely emotionally disconnected.

Trust issues will arise

hispanic couple arguing near a wall papered wall

It’ll definitely cause trust issues. Your partner will start questioning if there is someone else in your life and if that person is the reason you pay more attention to your phone than to them.

Honestly, everyone would find it a little bit suspicious. When you truly love someone, you’ll never allow them to feel neglected, especially not over something so unimportant as that glass box.

You’ll both feel lonely

couple separated in sofa busy with their gadget inside living room

Even if you spend every day together, even if you live with each other, paying more attention to your smartphone than your partner will make you both feel lonely in your relationship.

That distance between you will grow with every passing day and that will be the beginning of a toxic relationship. Unfortunately, it may even make your partner seek comfort in another person.

They’ll get bored of you

bored woman sitting beside an indifferent person busy with his tablet while inside a cafe

Well, let’s admit it, there’s nothing worse than talking to a person who is just pretending to listen to you while they’re actually giving all their attention to their phone.

Now picture being in a relationship with that kind of person. They can really frustrate you, and indeed, their behavior can bore you to death.

Your intimate life will also suffer

young couple surfing the net while lying down in bed back to back

It’ll also leave dire consequences on your intimate life. At first, your partner was happy and satisfied because your bedroom was the only place where they could steal your attention away from your phone.

But in the end, that will also change. At first, you’ll be only growing apart emotionally, but later a physical distance will also appear between you.

It will become the leading cause of all of your quarrels

woman snooping on her boyfriend busy with his phone while sitting a little far from each other in the sofa

Your partner will feel neglected and even rejected all the time. They won’t be able to accept the fact you’re giving more attention to your phone than you are to them, and it will make them doubt your fidelity.

They’ll start snooping through your phone, and they’ll follow every step you take. Then you won’t be okay with their behavior, and there it is, each day more and more disagreements and problems will arise.

Negative emotions will be running high

couple arguing over phone while drinking beer in their livingroom

I know this may sound a little bit funny, but your partner will actually be jealous of your phone. They’ll also feel angry, hurt, and upset.

I mean, who wouldn’t? After all, they’re being replaced with a simple glass box.

The bottom line: It will ruin your relationship sooner or later

sad young man in regret in the window of a dark room

If you don’t realize your problem in time, your relationship may not be salvageable. Your behavior may make your partner leave you once and for all.

No one likes to feel neglected, especially not by someone we honestly love and care for. Don’t allow your smartphone to ruin the closeness between you and your loved one.

Before you start working on fixing and saving your relationship, you must first admit and come to terms with the fact that you have a problem.

Also, get ready because it might be a bumpy ride, but if you truly love your partner, you’ll know that keeping them by your side is worth everything.