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How To Ask A Guy To Hang Out: 8 Tips (+50 Examples)

How To Ask A Guy To Hang Out: 8 Tips (+50 Examples)

Even though I firmly believe that women are the more courageous sex, the truth is, most of us are still terrified to make the first move when we like someone. Even if we gather the courage to do so, we still don’t know how to ask a guy to hang out.

We’re afraid that we might sound desperate or that our invitation may scare and drive him away.

So, we decide to do nothing or sit still and wait for the other person to make the big first move, which is, by the way, the worst thing we can do.

The good news is that you don’t need a dating coach or relationship coaching service to help you out because, with just a few good tips, you’ll be ready to ask your guy friend or the guy you met on a dating app out. Of course, these tips are provided for you right here below.

How To Ask A Guy To Hang Out: 8 Tips

Inviting a guy you’ve been crushing on forever on a first date is a big deal for you, especially if it’s the first time you’re making the first move with a man. Frankly, it’s always a huge deal for us all.

That’s why I’ve left you this tiny guide here, so you do it perfectly and get a positive reaction/answer from the other person.

1. Do it when you feel ready

Just because you like him and want to go out on a date with him doesn’t mean you must invite him out ASAP. You need to take that step when you feel completely ready for it.

You need to gather the strength first and be honest with yourself. Accept that there are a few ways it may end and that you may not like the answer you get from the other person.

2. Don’t make it a romantic date right away

If you immediately say that you’re inviting him on a romantic date, it may make you sound a bit desperate, which could make him run away. You need to simply ask him to hang out without being too obvious about the romantic feelings you’ve caught for him.

However, you shouldn’t emphasize that it’ll only be a friendly date because he might use you as his wingwoman on that date. That will hurt you for sure, and that’s why you need to be careful about the way you invite him out. Of course, this is only if you like him romantically.

3. Ask around about his interests

If you have any mutual friends, you should ask around about your crush’s whereabouts and hangouts. Try to find out what his interests are and what he likes to do in his free time.

That’s how you’ll be able to invite him on a date he won’t be able to reject. For example, if he likes basketball or live music, you can track his favorite artist, band, or basketball team and buy two tickets for the game or event.

Then you simply tell him you have a spare ticket for that game or event and ask him to join you. He’ll be delighted and won’t have any other choice but to accept your offer.

4. Include a specific time

You should nail down your invitation with a specific time for two reasons.

First of all, it would be easier for him to answer immediately because he can check his plans for that day/time. And more importantly, you won’t make yourself too available or flexible, which is highly important when it comes to dating.

You should never make it too obvious to a man that you’re always there for him or that he can have you whenever he wants. That is a huge turnoff for almost every man, and it definitely won’t lead you anywhere but to a broken heart.

5. You can mention that your mutual friends are invited too

If you think he may reject your invitation because he’s too shy to be alone with you still, you can also invite some of your mutual friends and mention to him that they’re invited too.

That way, you’ll get him to accept your offer even if he isn’t into you, and you’ll get a chance to win him over at that hangout. The more hangouts you can get him to come to, the closer you’ll be to your final goal: to win him over once and for all.

6. Do it in person

Why not? Sure, it’s a lot easier to do it over text, but doing it in person will show your man that you’re brave enough to do it face-to-face even though you may be rejected, and it’ll also show him that you really care about him.

The fact is, we all don’t handle rejection very well, but forget about this tip if you’re an emotionally unstable or shy girl. You may start crying after he rejects you, and your tears are by far the last thing you need to show a man who rejects you.

7. Pressuring him and emotional blackmail are a huge NO

Your only task is to invite him out in a normal and polite way. Don’t pressure him into immediately answering you because, trust me, it won’t end well.

Also, don’t ever say things like “it’ll break my heart if you don’t accept my invitation” or “please say yes because otherwise, you’ll make me sad!” This is emotional blackmail, and it’s one of the things men hate the most.

8. Don’t despair if he doesn’t agree immediately

Your man may immediately accept your invitation, but he may also reject it or leave you waiting for an answer. You need to be prepared that the last two options are also on the table for as long as he doesn’t give you a real answer.

If you get one of them, you shouldn’t despair because it doesn’t have to mean that your story ends there. Maybe he’ll reach out to you after a while and accept your invitation after all.

Even if that doesn’t happen, it still doesn’t mean that the world has ended. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, and one of them will be more than happy to go out on a date with you.

How Do You Ask A Guy To Hang Out Over Text? 50 Examples

For all of you who always choose the practical over theory, I’ve compiled this list of the best text examples to ask a guy out. With these texts and the tips above, you most definitely won’t sound desperate, and your crush will have no choice but to accept your invitation.

1. I’m going to the mall. Wanna come with me?

2. I was going to go to the art exhibit that’s in town right now. Wanna come with me?

3. Do you want to go ice skating after school on Friday? I heard the skating rink downtown is amazing!

4. What days are you usually free? Want to hang out sometime?

5. Do you want to go get a coffee sometime?

6. Want to meet up for a study session in the library after work?

7. We should get together sometime!

8. Want to chill out at my place after work sometime soon?

9. What are you doing tonight? Do you want to go grab a beer?

10. Would you like to come bowling with me this Saturday?

11. I’m going to go see (some band) when they come to town in three weeks. Live music is always fun, and tickets are cheap. Want to come with me?

12. Want to go for a bike ride along the river after work?

13. Dude, we have to hang out someday.

14. It’s so nice outside I’ve decided to go for a walk. Want to join me?

15. Going skiing with my friends this weekend. Do you want to join us? We have an extra seat.

16. We should get together outside of class/work soon.

17. My phone’s been acting weird all day. I gotta go to the mall to see if they can fix it. Want to keep me company?

18. What are you doing this Sunday morning? Want to work out together?

19. I haven’t been to the movies in forever! Let’s go someday.

20. This is pretty last minute, but I’m in your area tonight with some of my friends. Would you care to grab some drinks with us?

21. Want to come over for a picnic and bonfire on the beach? I invited a few people, so it should be fun!

22. Do you want to grab something to eat for dinner this Friday?

23. Wanted to treat you to dinner. How does tonight sound?

24. Want to come over and play video games? A few of my friends will be joining us as well, so it will be a lot of fun.

25. What are you up to this weekend? Got any plans? I was thinking about going to the premiere of that new movie, would you like to go with me?

26. Am I horrible if I say my desk is the most boring place in the world? I’m going for a coffee break in about 15 minutes. You should come along.

27. Do you want to go to the beach this weekend?

28. There’s a concert next Monday at 7. Do you want to come with me?

29. Want to go out for ice cream? There is this new place close to our school that I want to try.

30. So, tell me: how does dinner at my place sound? FYI, I’m a good cook.

31. Hey, do you want to check out that new restaurant with me on Friday?

32. Do you want to meet up for brunch on Sunday?

33. Do you want to join Ashley and me for a couple of drinks after work?

34. Since it appears you may not be asking me out anytime soon, can I ask you out instead? (Only for the bravest women among you 😁)

35. Hey, I’ve got this work party I have to go to, do you wanna be my wingman for it?

36. What are you doing this weekend? Do you want to go hiking?

37. Hey, I’m having some friends over to watch the Olympics this weekend. Feel free to join us!

38. I am going surfing this Friday. Do you want to come along?

39. This calls for drinks! Let’s meet up somewhere Friday night to celebrate.

40. There’s a free yoga class at the park this Saturday that I’m going to. You should come with me!

41. Do you want to come over for a bit and help me study?

42. Hey! A bunch of us are going to grab some pizza and drinks this Friday night. You wanna come?

43. We’ve been having some good weather lately. Good enough for a picnic. Want to meet up in the park on Sunday?

44. I’m going to the park with my new puppy, want to join me?

45. I’d kill for a coffee right now. Do you want to hit that new coffee shop with me?

46. I’m having a party on Saturday. Do you want to come?

47. Oh, by the way, I’m going to the museum in the city this weekend. Feel free to join.

48. I am having a BBQ this weekend. Do you want to come over?

49. Hey, feel free to say no, but I’m going to an ‘80s night at this bar tonight if you wanna join!

50. Want to meet up for some pizza and games?

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In The End

Now you know how to ask a guy to hang out, and you’re also equipped with the best text examples to do so. Gather the courage and finally make the first move.

Trust me, you’ll regret it if you don’t. Even if you get rejected, it may hurt in the beginning, but later on, you’ll realize that you’ve done the right thing by inviting them out. At least you know it’s not up to you.

Otherwise, if you don’t invite him out, you’ll stay curious forever about what could have happened if you were only brave enough to ask him out.

Good luck, even though I’m pretty sure you don’t even need it because you’ll sweep your man off his feet instantly. He’ll fall for your bravery and the fact you had the guts to make the first move. However, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. 🤞