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How To Tell If A Shy Girl Likes You: 22 Undeniable Signs

How To Tell If A Shy Girl Likes You: 22 Undeniable Signs

One of the toughest questions every guy asked himself at least once is How to tell if a shy girl likes you?

You’re perfectly aware that she is not similar to all those other women you had a chance to meet and that you can’t look for typical signs she is into you.

I bet you know exactly what I’m talking about. There’s this wonderful girl that you are trying to impress. She’s cute, elegant, but shy.

Before I say anything else, don’t talk to her before you’ve read THIS – it’ll make all the difference.

Her shyness attracts you even more because she’s never the center of attention, she keeps herself low-key and you find her interesting because of how mysterious she is. She’s not showing any obvious signs and that’s why you have no idea how to tell if a shy girl likes you or is just being friendly.

Well, I’ve got you covered. Here is a hack into her mind and a way to read through all of her signals.

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How To Know If A Shy Girl Likes You?

Well, I am shy myself and I can tell you that the signs we find to be obvious are nothing but usual behavior to you.

We send so many signals to the men we like, but they simply don’t get across the way we think they will.

The signals we send you can make you even more confused than you were before, but we simply don’t know what else to do.

Sometimes it’s not even that hard to understand us, but you’re always surrounded by loud and confident girls and that makes us seem like a mystery.

But we’re not. We make it clear that we like you through our body language and those little signs that everyone simply ignores.

I will never make the first move and I won’t ever tell you directly that I like you, but I will do my best to let you know that I’m interested in you.

Here are all the great signs of attraction coming from a shy girl:

She smiles around you

When a woman smiles, it’s more attractive and she knows that. Also, looking at you makes her happy.

So the next time you go up to her and try to start a conversation and she smiles, know that she’s interested in you – a lot.

Whenever you’re in a group and when you talk, she’ll look at you with a smile on her face—she won’t even know that she’s doing it.

It makes her happy to see you and it’s not a mystery that women smile when they see something they like.

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She laughs at your jokes

Even if it’s just a giggle, laughing at every joke you make, no matter how cheesy it is, is a clear sign that a woman likes you.

For a shy girl who holds so much inside her, when you tell a joke, it’s the perfect time for her to let it out—even if it’s just in the way of a giggle.

She wants to make sure you know that she appreciates you and that she finds you interesting.

You catch her looking at you

Whenever you like someone, you try to look at them as often as possible.

You simply love to remember every move, every time they smile, or every time they look at you.

But with a shy girl, it’s a bit different because she’ll look at you every time she thinks that you’re not looking.

If your eyes do meet, she will, most probably, look away, trying to avoid your stare and she’ll look at the ground. When you’re wondering how to tell if a girl likes you, you might see this as a red flag that she isn’t interested in the next level.

But when it comes to a shy girl, this is a telltale sign of attraction.

To be honest, this is the right moment to approach her. She’ll be a bit lost, but it’ll be cute—especially because this way you’ll know for sure.

She blushes a lot

Whenever you go to talk to her, she blushes. Sometimes it’s not even that obvious, it just looks like she has rosy cheeks naturally. How do you know that she’s really blushing?

Look at her when she doesn’t know you’re around and pay close attention to her cheeks.

Are they rosy now? If not, then come up to her and see what happens. If she blushes, you know what’s up.

She touches you ‘accidentally’

This is probably just a small brush of the hand when she walks by you.

She simply isn’t secure enough to come up to you and hug you or take your hand.

That’s why it’s easier for her to touch you ‘accidentally’. She wants to touch you and know how your skin feels.

When you’re talking in a group and she makes a move with her hand, touches you, and apologizes, it’s cute and she’ll think that you don’t know what’s happening – but you’re ready now.

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She doesn’t talk to you that much

You see her talking to every other guy but somehow she avoids talking to you.

Don’t be insulted—it’s just that she’s too afraid she might say something wrong in front of you, so she thinks that it’s better to not say anything at all.

Don’t take it personally but rather go up to her and start a conversation yourself. She stays away from you because she doesn’t know what to say, so make it easier for the both of you and go up to her.

She plays with her hair a lot

Playing with her hair or clothes is a clear indicator that she’s nervous.

If you notice that she’s going through her hair with her fingers or that she’s adjusting her clothes, she’s trying to make herself look prettier and make sure that everything is in its place.

Also, she might just look down at herself to see how she looks and to make sure that everything is OK. My friend, she likes you a lot.

She starts dressing nicer

Well, she always looked gorgeous, but for the last few days, she dresses nicer and her clothes seem to compliment her body more and more each day.

If you have noticed that she really does wear something that makes her look even more wonderful than she was before just right after you actually started to talk to her, then it’s a clear sign she likes you.

You run into her very often

It’s not creepy, let me just tell you this. She just wants to be around you very often.

If you start seeing her in places where you go almost every day, but you haven’t seen her there before, then it’s a clear sign she likes you.

She’ll go to all the places you mentioned and she’ll go everywhere where she might bump into you.

She likes your posts

Every time you post something, she likes it. I mean, people like everything today on Facebook and other social media, but just watch if she likes every post you make.

Every song you share, every new profile picture, every new status you make (even if it’s about something stupid). If she likes all your posts, she obviously likes you, too.

She starts to hang out with your friends

Somehow she becomes part of your group of friends. She might even become very close with them.

She doesn’t talk much and she doesn’t call them too often, but she’s somehow always there.

Why does she do this? Obviously, she wants to be around you more and she wants to become close to you and your friends, so she can know what you love to do and how you behave with people.

Her friends giggle when you walk by

When you walk by her and her friends, you can hear them giggling. It might be uncomfortable, but it’s a clear sign she likes you.

She won’t tell everyone that she’s interested in you. The only people with whom she would talk about it are her close friends because she knows that they won’t tell you anything and embarrass her.

But giggling while thinking that you don’t know why is acceptable

She might start to wear makeup

To you, it might be completely unnecessary, but to her, it’s something very important because it helps to boost her confidence.

Makeup makes every woman look more fierce and she uses it to her own advantage. Of course, not every shy girl will do it.

Some always wear makeup. Others feel confident enough to walk around without it.

It depends on the girl. But if she didn’t wear it until you came into her life, then there’s a good chance it’s because she likes you.

She asks to help you

If you’re wondering how to tell if a shy girl likes you, pay close attention if she’ll go out of her way to help you. It’s probably something small like your homework or to pick you up if you don’t have a car.

But those things are very meaningful. Women are known to pay attention to the little things while men don’t pay attention to them at all. We love to be useful to you because that makes us feel special.

You chose us and it’s the biggest sign of appreciation you can give us.

But don’t be fooled, we know the line between being helpful and being taken advantage of.

Texting doesn’t stop

Because of the fact that she’s too shy to talk to you face-to-face, she turns to texting.

You can’t see her blushing or screaming into the pillow when you text back, so it’s much easier for her to show you that she’s interested.

Pay attention if the texts intensify and then just stop because she’s trying to see if you’ll start a conversation when she stops texting.

She likes you very much and she doesn’t want to be a burden, so show her you’re interested, too, and text her first.

Suddenly she’s much more interested in your passions

When you tell her about your favorite bands, she comes up to you the next day telling you that she listened to every album and she saw all of their concerts on Youtube.

Well, isn’t it obvious? Let me guess—you told her that you like football and the next day you saw her at a game.

I don’t think that there’s anything left to say. She likes you—she likes you a lot.

She teases you

This happens when she gets comfortable around you. She starts to tease you.

You know when you were kids and you liked a girl so much that you teased her?

Well, it might seem very childish, but she simply doesn’t know how to communicate better, so she turns to teasing.

She doesn’t want to insult you, of course, but she might get carried away. Don’t get mad and instead, just tease her back.

She gives you little compliments

When you get a chance to ask a woman about flirting, she will most probably tell you that women love to compliment men in a subtle way.

Why? Well, it’s because we know that you love to be complimented and also it makes you see that we notice the little things.

The shy girl you like will never compliment something obvious, like your muscles, but rather tell you how she likes the spark in your eyes when you smile. It’s something small but still something meaningful.

Leaning towards you

This is a subtle sign that she does involuntarily. When we like someone, we lean towards them and we do our best to make some kind of physical contact.

Not just women but men, too. That’s why it’s very important to look at her body language while she’s talking to you.

Are you sitting on opposite sides of the table? Is she leaning in towards you? If she is, there is a high chance that she likes you.

Feet pointing at you

This is again trusting the science of body language. There are people who have devoted their lives to learning how to read the body language of others. They have found out that we lean our feet towards people we like.

If you are sitting at a table with a group of people and even if she is looking away from you, you can look at her feet and see if they’re pointing towards you.

Strong connection

She doesn’t talk much so when she does speak with you, it’s probably about some deep topic that you wouldn’t have talked about with anyone else.

Shy people hate small-talk—they want to make every word count. That’s why when you come to talk to her, be prepared to have your mind blown to new horizons.

Believe me, if she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t bother talking to you. Just look how she acts around men that bother her.

She’s closed up. She avoids eye contact and she doesn’t even want to talk after saying, ‘Hi!’ But with you, it’s kind of different, isn’t it?

She avoids flirting

How to tell if a girl likes you? Well, the first thing you check is her flirting. If she uses every chance to flirt with you- there is no doubt that she is ready for the next level.

But how to tell if a shy girl likes you? Well, she’ll avoid flirting at any cost. Confusing, I know.

It’s cute but bothersome, right? You keep on flirting with her but she clams up and there’s no way she can relax.

It looks like she doesn’t like it. But, if she didn’t like your flirting, she would probably say some sarcastic comment to make sure you know your place.

Because of the fact that she’s into you, she simply doesn’t know what to say back without making it sound awkward.

How Does A Shy Girl Show Interest?

Every dating coach will tell you that the two things you should pay the most attention to when it comes to this girl are her body language and her texting game. Instead of telling you how crazy she is about you, this girl fidgets, gets tongue twisted, or starts sweating uncontrollably when you’re around.

But fidgeting and her obvious anxiety are not enough for you to be sure this girl has feelings for you. Another important thing is the text messages you keep getting from her.

Does she use a lot of emojis? Does she reply in a matter of seconds? Is she more than happy to text you late at night, even though she has a big day ahead of herself?

Well, in that case, you don’t have to wonder how to know if a shy girl likes you over text no more- all the giveaway signs are right in front of you.

What Will A Shy Girl Do If She Likes You?

Remember that this is not the confident girl who will ask you out in a coffee shop or a club. Instead, she will rather text you and for her, it will be like she’s made the first move.

The fact is that this girl won’t do anything specifically, no matter how crazy in love she might be with you. She’ll rather suffer in silence than taking over some initiative.

It’s not that this girl is playing hard to get and wants you to chase her. She is giving you the hot potato simply because she can’t get herself to do anything about her feelings.

She is an introvert and you’ll just have to deal with it!

How About You Ask Her If She Likes You?

Why would you, right? It’s easier to search on the Internet for signs rather than asking her directly. It’s easier to analyze whether she’s testing you, playing with you or is just friendly.

It’s much easier to guess her feelings than to ask her about them. But maybe you are up for the challenge. So go ahead.

She sends you all of these signals that are more confusing than not and you still keep on scrolling through random articles and overthinking her behavior, when you could just ask her.

The next time you see her, go ahead. What’s the worst that can happen? She rejects you? Don’t be silly. It’s not the end of the world.

If she rejects you, just move one. You will find someone who will love you for who you are.

Just don’t keep on walking around her, trying to make her like you. I know that she seems insecure, but she’s not.

She knows what she wants and if it’s not you, then there’s nothing you can do to change that. It’s better for you to continue on without her than to keep on searching for the signs a shy girl likes you.

But if you’re still convinced she’s into you, here is a quick overview of everything you need to do in order to see if she really does like you:

Watch her body language

People spend their whole lives learning about this and they have turned it into art, so don’t take it for granted. Be prepared for the most random things to read out of her body language. But keep an open mind while doing so.

Don’t be in denial

If you are aware of the signs she doesn’t like you and you still continue flirting with her, it will just make it worse. It will make her feel uncomfortable and it will also make you look like a fool.

Initiate a conversation

You see that your crush is too shy and that she has a hard time approaching you properly.

That’s why you need to take the initiative. I don’t care whether you’re in high school, if this is your coworker, or just some girl you met and fell in love with- go for it!

Are you a man or not? Go ahead. Ask her out. Ask her about her favorite songs and ask her about her feelings.

She is shy, but she knows what she wants in life. This girl wants you. It might look weird. She’s probably playing with her hair and awkwardly talking about it, but she’ll still tell you.

She will tell you how long she’s been into you and about the first time you looked at her.

You will find out why and how much she likes you. There’s nothing bad that can happen.

How Do You Know If A Shy Girl Doesn’t Like You?

Every shy girl will make it very clear when she’s not interested. She won’t insult you or anything like that but she’ll definitely avoid your texts and calls, will refuse to meet up with you one-on-one, and will even talk to you about other guys.

What if she doesn’t like you? Is that the end of the world? Most certainly not. Look at things from a brighter perspective: at least you know what’s going on.

But if you’re afraid that she will reject you and want to play it safe, here some good signs a shy girl DOESN’T like you.

She makes excuses for everything

Whenever you’re trying to talk to her she runs away. The difference here is that if a shy girl does like you, she’ll keep on talking to you no matter how uncomfortable she might feel.

But if she doesn’t, she’ll just walk away with some stupid excuse. It’s the same thing if you call her to go out with you.

She isn’t avoiding you because she’s shy. She’s avoiding you because she doesn’t want to be around you.

People get these signs mixed up, but believe me, as a shy girl, I know what I’m talking about.

She seems distracted

The thing with cute, shy girls is that they love when you talk about topics that you’re passionate about.

But if she seems bored and distracted, then just stop. She’s not into you. If you need to repeat something too many times, she probably doesn’t want to hear what you’re saying.

Also, one common sign that someone isn’t interested in you is if they keep on scrolling their phone. You do it, too.

When you talk with someone you don’t like, you love your phone even more because it saves you from boredom. You text, scroll and completely avoid the conversation. If she does this when you’re around – she’s not interested.

It’s never you two alone

If she avoids being alone with you, it’s not because she’s too shy to talk to you.

Even a shy girl loves to have a bit of quality time with her crush. It’s when she can relax without the pressure of other people.

But if she simply doesn’t want to be around you when you two are alone, I think it’s very simple to guess what’s going on. Move on without her.

She introduces you as a friend

The huge sign of being trapped in the friend zone. She might be cute and shy, she might not even know that you’re interested in her, but the ‘This is my friend..’ line isn’t pleasant for anyone to hear.

If she introduces you as her best friend, it means that she simply sees you as nothing else but a friend. Or is she playing mind games?

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She talks about her dream-man

If you get to the point where you’re talking about relationships and love and she starts talking about the man of her dreams, look for the signs that say you’re the one.

You know that she doesn’t feel anything for you when she wants you to know that. It’s the little things that matter.

If she says that her dream man doesn’t smoke and you have a pack of cigarettes in your pocket, well my friend – just give up.

Don’t try to change yourself for a woman. There will come a woman who will love you for who you are. If she doesn’t like you, it’s her choice. You can’t do anything about it.

She talks about other men

It’s not just her dream man she is talking about? She talks about some friend of hers that she finds to be very attractive? Well, she doesn’t like you.

When a woman likes you, especially a shy woman, it’s all about making you feel special.

She wants to make you feel like you’re the only man for her. So why would she talk about other men in front of you unless she’s trying to make sure you see that there are much better men out there than you are?

She doesn’t accept your gifts

Women love to be spoiled. Of course, some things like loyalty and appreciation are way more important than other gifts.

But we still love when you give us flowers, when you take us out to dinner, etc.

So why would we ever want to avoid receiving these kinds of gifts? Unless we don’t like you.

She might be shy, but she knows that if she goes out with you or if she receives those flowers, it won’t stop, so she’ll kindly refuse to accept them.

Sorry, but the sign is clear.

She doesn’t care about how she looks

Well, I know that there are a lot of women out there who simply don’t want to doll up to impress a man.

But still, the majority of women love to dress up properly to impress the man they like—or at least to look presentable.

If she’s constantly walking around in an oversized sweater whenever she’s with you and she never makes an effort to brush her hair, it’s not because she’s lazy. It’s a tactic designed to make her unattractive.

Final Words:

Now that you’ve figured out how to tell if a shy girl likes you, it’s your move. There is no more doubt about her feelings and it’s about time you do something about it.

I’m just asking you one thing: don’t be fooled by this girl’s personality.

Shy girls are the cutest of them all but never underestimate them. They are fierce, strong, and independent women who love themselves and who have the ability to see right through your games.

Don’t play with her, but be honest and she will love you even more