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How To Choose Between Two Men? With The Help Of These 13 Questions

How To Choose Between Two Men? With The Help Of These 13 Questions

I’m guessing that right now you’re in quite a predicament. You’ve opened up your heart and decided to finally let someone in.

But what you didn’t expect was two guys entering your world and turning it upside down.

Somehow, at some point, you met a new guy who felt like all kinds of right, until you met the second guy, who made you think you made the wrong decision earlier… but did you really?

Now, you’ve got a great guy you can’t get out of your head but guy number two is seriously proving to be the right man as well.

And honestly, for a girl who was single for so long, how could you now be in a love triangle that is stopping you from making good decisions?

You’ve always been into monogamy. You respect other people’s choices but you’re a one-man woman and swaying from that never crossed your mind until you met two men who won you over and swept you off your feet.

Now you’re that girl. The girl you promised you’d never be. The kind who seemingly plays with the hearts of two men, trying to make the best out of this situation.

Only you’re not. You’re not enjoying this. You don’t want to be playing with anyone’s feelings.

You didn’t plan for this to happen. You just wanted to meet Mr.Right who’d turn out to be a really good guy and become your best friend!

Spending time with him would hopefully lead to a long-term relationship and you’d know that loving him would be the right decision.

But finding TWO of these guys you’d eventually fall in love with was beyond your wildest dreams…

How Did This Happen?

It took you a long time to get yourself to date again after your last serious relationship. 

You put yourself out there. You entered the dating scene again and finally let your walls down.

And it felt good. You were starting to feel like your old self again and that gave you the push you needed to really go out there with a mission.

And you did. It seemed like you finally found yourself a good man. He was kind, he seemed genuine and he didn’t immediately try to get in your pants.

And in today’s world, that’s a huge plus.

He was easy to talk to and seemed to really like you back. There didn’t seem to be any obvious deal-breakers and you set up a follow-up date and you actually looked forward to it!

Then came the second man. 

Out of nowhere, this other guy approached you and talked you up. The man had game. The sexual chemistry was off the charts and he was easy to talk to as well.

Was this really happening? Did you really just meet another legit candidate to win over your heart? 

This felt like a dream. For so long, there didn’t seem to be anyone out there. The extent of a male presence in your life was a good friend.

And now, you’re actually asking yourself how to choose between two men! Life really is a roller coaster.

But luckily, you’re in the right place. I’ve had experience on this front (and then some!) so I know just how to help you choose between two men.

13 Questions To Help You Choose

It sucks being in this conundrum but there’s a way out. The only thing is, you’re going to have to devote some serious time and energy toward resolving this and it’s not going to be easy.

If you feel like one of these two men could end up making you a better person, at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

This is a big deal and you deserve to find your one true love out of this love triangle.

I’m going to show you some questions that will help you find what you’re looking for and weed out the one who’s only seemingly right for you.

I know that right now it feels like it’s both of them but trust me, out of these two guys, there’s a real winner and I’m going to help you find him. Your gut feeling is going to play a vital role here as well.

Your heart got you into this mess but your head is going to get you out.

Choosing between two men is a mighty task but after you’re done with this, it’ll all be worth it. Right now there are two guys, one girl and a huge decision to be made. 

One that’s about to change three love lives. Are you ready to make the right decision and find the best man out of the bunch? I hope you are because this is how you’ll do it!

What drew you to these two men?

What was the thing that made you feel so drawn to the first guy and what was it that you couldn’t resist about the second guy?

Since you’re in this tricky situation, you must really be into both of these men and the attraction surpasses a physical one. So think about it this way: What was it that drew you to the first guy? 

At first, I’m sure it was his looks (you’re only human) but when you got to talking, you probably realized he was more than just a hunk.

Was it his sense of humor that pulled you in? Was it his brains or the way his ambition shined as he was telling you about his business ventures?

And now shift back to the second guy. How did he manage to steal your heart after just having been won over by the first hunk?

He must’ve really had something special for you to fall for him without wanting to.

Go back to the day you met him, think hard about the things that you were attracted to then and compare it to where you are now.

Which guy made you weak at the knees? Whose personality shined brighter? It might be a close race but it’ll bring you one step closer to finding your guy.

Does it ever feel like you’re cheating on one guy?

This one will tell you a lot. Reminisce about when you’re spending time with one guy and think back to how it made you feel (other than wanting to jump his bones).

Does it ever feel like you’re cheating on the other?

Do you ever feel like one guy would be more upset about finding out about the love triangle than the other?

If so, that could be the guy you’ve forged a stronger bond with, the guy you feel like you’re being unfaithful to.

Subconsciously, you probably already know which one he is but it doesn’t hurt to reevaluate it again.

Sometimes, your heart already knows the answer that your brain doesn’t want to accept. Clearly, these two guys are both good men. But which one is the right man for YOU?

Listen to your heart. It brought you to this situation but it might help you find your way back.

Which one makes your heart beat faster? That’s the guy for you.

Which one is ready to commit?

Naturally, both these men are ready to give you what you need to an extent. But which one is more in sync with your ideas and hopes for the future?

You obviously want to build a long-lasting thing here, right? And one guy might be readier to give it to you than the other, it’s just a matter of figuring out which one.

Have you been able to talk openly about the future with both these guys? Are they both on the same page with you when it comes to your relationship and where it’s going?

Which one do you really click with where it matters?

This is really important to figure out because they both seem perfect now. But what you need is someone who’ll remain in harmony with your vision in the years to come.

Don’t let this current infatuation fool you. With time, it’s going to die down. And then, you’ll be left with two men and less sure of anything than ever before.

So now is the time to evaluate who’s on your wavelength and who needs to go.

Which one makes you want to be a better person?

The man you spend your life with should make you want to be your best self. He should be the person who pushes you to become the woman he knows you can be and provide you with love and support in the meantime.

Never settle for a man who doesn’t make you love yourself. Consider that an immediate red flag.

So now you have to really consider which of these two guys makes you want to reach for the stars.

Which one makes you want to achieve the impossible and actually makes you feel capable of doing so?

Be with the guy who’s the wind beneath your wings, not the guy who cuts them off.

How do these two men compare when it comes to your needs?

Think about what you need and the things you want from a guy. Ask yourself what kind of man you truly need in your life and start comparing. 

Make a list and go point by point and check all the boxes where each man stands. How do they stack up? Which one checks more boxes?

The guy who fits better on paper is probably the guy you’ll have a more promising future with.

At this point, you know exactly what you need in a man and what you don’t have time for. So help yourself by weeding out the guy who doesn’t have what it takes to go the distance.

Sure, it’s all rainbows and butterflies now but will it stay that way in the foreseeable future? It’s vital to think ahead.

Which of them has more qualities that you need in a man? You’ve been settling for far too long.

Now, choose the man who’ll never make you settle again.

How well do you REALLY know these guys?

If you’re wondering how to choose between two men, this could be the deal-breaker. I know this isn’t ideal to hear but ask yourself how well you truly know them.

What information have they shared with you so far? Do you know them on a deeper level or is it more on a superficial note?

Yes, sexual chemistry is fantastic but a long-term relationship is much more than just sex.

Is there one guy you know a tad better than the other? Have either of them talked about their family background?

These are all crucial boxes to check before deciding. Don’t get involved in a serious relationship with a guy who isn’t willing to share his life story with you.

Whose flaws are more acceptable to live with?

Okay, so it goes without saying that by now you must’ve come across certain flaws with each man.

Nobody’s without their imperfections and it’s only a matter of whose flaws are less detrimental to your lifestyle.

What is it that you don’t like about man A and what puts you off man B?

Does it feel possible to accept both these guys’ shortcomings and live that way without going insane or is there one of these guys whose flaws are less annoying?

Nobody’s judging here. We’re all deeply flawed human beings. But this is YOUR life we’re talking about. You’re the one who has to live life alongside one of these men.

So why not make it easier on yourself and choose the guy who doesn’t make you want to rip his head off every other day?

What about sexual chemistry?

Now we get to the juicy part. Which one makes you want to climb all over him the moment you lock eyes? Who understands all of your sexual needs without you having to utter a word?

Which one makes you forget about the outside world and pleases you in a way you haven’t experienced in a long time?

I’m guessing both of them are good in the sack, otherwise you wouldn’t be in such a dilemma but when you really think about it, there HAS to be a clear winner here.

Sexual chemistry is a huge part of a relationship. Which one gets your rocks off the moment you see them? Answer this and you’re so much closer to the right decision.

Which one would you choose if they weren’t physically attractive?

Take away their looks. Imagine you couldn’t see their faces at all. Now think about it this way: Which guy would you go for if all you had to go on was what you hear and feel when you’re near them?

Which one is more alluring when they speak to you? Whose presence puts you at ease?

You’re looking for an emotional and physical connection. Now that you’ve taken physicality out of the equation, which guy wins your heart

Which guy are you more emotionally connected to? Who makes it easy to be vulnerable and raw around them?

What does your best friend think about each guy?

This one helped me a lot. Admit it, your best friend knows you better than almost anybody else and she’d die for you. 

You KNOW she’d never let you be with a guy undeserving of you so if she has a strong opinion on each guy, I’d listen to her!

She sees them more clearly than you do and since she knows you to your core, she’ll know which of these two guys brings out the best in you.

If she’s ever seen you with them or listened to you talking about them, she can easily help you choose the guy who’s a better candidate for your love.

Ask her and know that she’s probably right, no matter what her opinion is.

Which guy can you be quiet yet comfortable with?

If I’m with a guy, I have to be able to sit in silence with him and be completely comfortable, otherwise what’s the point?

You do not always feel like being your chatty self so you need to be with a guy who can sit silently with you and enjoy himself and vice versa.

When you run out of things to talk about, which guy makes you want to leave and which one makes you want to just stay there and enjoy the silence while comfortably cuddling?

Be with the guy who you can be a total chatterbox with one day and not have to hide your unwillingness to talk about anything the next.

It’s so vital to be able to share the silent moments with each other!

A guy who understands your silence and stays by your side is a guy worth fighting for.

Whose name lighting up your screen makes you happier?

You know that feeling when you’re texting with a guy and you just can’t wipe that smile off your face? Well, that says everything about how he makes you feel and more!

Which guy makes you want to jump for joy upon seeing his name on your phone? Which one makes you keep that silly smile throughout the entire conversation?

In a serious relationship, it’s SO important to still have that almost childlike joy around each other.

Isn’t it such a reassuring feeling to know that after a lot of time has passed, you STILL get excited when you see or hear his name?

And you just can’t get rid of that inner happiness because it makes you glow! Which guy makes you feel this way?

Which guy can you talk to for hours on end without ever getting tired of them? THAT’S your guy!

How does each man treat you?

You deserve to be treated like the amazing, kind woman you are. You’ve spent a lot of time considering their qualities, appearances and flaws. But what about how they are with YOU?

Which guy treats you better? Which one makes you feel safe and taken care of (emotionally)? It’s important that you’re treated with the respect and effort that you deserve.

Think about those little gentlemanly things they do. Like opening doors for you and pulling out your chair at dinner.

Taking your coat when you come over and being there for you emotionally whenever you’re struggling.

Those are all clear indications of a kind, stable and mature man who knows how a woman deserves to be treated.

So which guy wins this (extremely important) round? Which one makes you see a future together based on his behavior toward you?

Final Thoughts

How to choose between two men? That’s a question to wrap your head around, isn’t it? Being stuck on two guys really makes you wonder how the hell you’re supposed to choose just one!

But deep down, you probably already know which guy is Mr.Right. You just can’t force yourself to make the right decision out of fear of making the wrong one.

This is why I’m here. To help you make the right choice without a shadow of a doubt! These questions are designed to help you find your way out of a love triangle. 

They are here to help you see both these men for who they are and how well their personalities fit with yours!

At the end of the day, you need a guy who will provide you with stability and serious commitment. Sure, now they both seem great on paper. But only one is the right one in the long run.

And by answering the above 13 vital questions, you’re going to get the answer you’re looking for. As long as you’re being honest with yourself, you’ll get the right guy.

Letting go of one of them feels like a nightmare right now. But once you make this tough choice, it’s going to feel like so much weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Good luck and remember to always trust your gut!