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How To Get Him To Propose – 20 Simple But Efficient Tactics

How To Get Him To Propose – 20 Simple But Efficient Tactics

You are in a great relationship and you are sure that he is the one. He feels the same about you but he does nothing to take your relationship to the next level?

Then it’s time to take matters into your own hands and find out how to get him to propose. 

There are a number of ways to get a man to propose and we are here to show you 20 of the most efficient ones.

You have to understand that women are a lot different from men, both in the way we’re designed physically and the way we process things emotionally. 

We are always more mature and we like to look into the distant future because of our maternal instincts.

Men prefer to go slowly (but to be honest, their biological clock is not ticking as fast as ours).

Even though he hasn’t popped the question yet, you shouldn’t start pressuring him because you may scare him.

Maybe he still isn’t ready for a serious commitment and you could chase him away.

BUT you can start dropping hints about marriage.

Marriage means an eternal bond between two people. You’ll spend your life with that person so it is a big deal. Think well before you decide to do anything. 

So, the real question is how to get a guy to propose? You won’t have to make him do anything,

you’ll simply remind him that you are the woman of his dreams. 

I am going to reveal some psychological tricks and relationship advice that will take him straight to ring shopping

This should especially help all of you ladies who are stuck in long-term relationships.

It seems like you are waiting forever for an engagement ring. You need help to nudge your man in the right direction. 

So, hurry to YouTube, search for Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ ( you know the part, ‘If you like it, then you should put a ring on it… whoa, oh, oh, oh…) and enjoy reading this. 

1. Show him that you are a family-oriented girl

Don’t go out every weekend. Stay in with your family or him. Show him how you appreciate the time spent with your family. 

Trade your active evenings for your family. Plan some family gatherings instead of going out to a nightclub.

Turn that gathering into something fun and also invite your man. 

Invite him to dinner with your family. Help your mother in the kitchen and help your siblings with their homework. 

Show him that you have the ideal characteristics to be his wife and the mother of his children.

Show him how patient, nurturing and gentle you are. 

2. Get the trust of his family

Even though men are still held to a standard of masculinity that does not often include showing their feelings, they are highly sensitive when it comes to family.

For them, family is in first place. 

One of the most important steps for a serious relationship is to become closer to his family.

Show how you appreciate and respect them.

That will be important to him because he’ll see that you are a family-oriented person, that family is your priority. 

If he has a younger brother or sister, always buy them something or take them to the park once in a while, because you should earn their sympathies first.

Also, this is a perfect opportunity to show him how good you are with kids. 

And once his family gets to know you and like you, that is a promising foundation for the next level of your relationship.

You have to behave with his family like they are yours. 

3. Become a BFF to his mother

Men always have some indescribable relations with their mothers. Their bond is so special and no woman could change his mother’s position in his life. 

This deep connection between a mother and son starts from the time a woman gives birth to him. After all, she will always be his first love.

Spend some time with his mother to get to know her better.

At first, it may be tough because she may be overly-protective of her son but try to understand her; maybe she does so because she is afraid of being left alone. 

You should have an honest conversation with her. Tell her that you want to spend your life with her son and that his happiness is your priority also.

Convince her that you love him as much as she does and that you’ll try to be the best wife for her son. 

Do not attempt to stand between her and her son.

Doing that would make her more protective because she would think that you want to create a fight between the two of them.

Give her reasons to trust you and believe you are capable of taking good care of her son and once you gain her trust and respect, she will be the one who is pressuring your man to propose to you.

It’s not difficult to become a best friend to his mother and you need her on your side. 

4. Hang out with your married friends

If you have mutual friends who are married, pick one of the couples who is happily married and then make sure to spend time with them and plan some evening activities. 

These married couples can help your man to understand that he doesn’t have to be afraid of marriage.

He’ll see that nothing has to change with your love life once you get married. 

Ask them some questions about their wedding ceremony or their honeymoon, in front of him. Pay attention to his behavior while you talk about wedding topics.

If he is nervous then maybe he is planning to propose soon and these topics are making him tense. 

While hanging out with married couples, your man can see the benefits of marriage.

Hearing about their beautiful love life will make him want to start living with you as soon as possible.

He’ll start to envision what your wedding and your future will look like. 

5. Gain his absolute trust

This is the part of a relationship where you’ll become his best friend and you really must appreciate it. 

Get him to talk about his feelings but be patient. This is very hard for every man because they don’t like to show that vulnerable side. 

Be ready to listen to all that he has to say. If he has some problems at work, try to figure out the best advice and try to solve them. 

This is necessary for your relationship, especially before marriage, because it means that he feels comfortable around you and he trusts you and values your opinion. 

It is a whole new level of closeness. So please be careful with his secrets and don’t betray him!

You shouldn’t even tell them your best friend.

6. Be honest with him

It’s not fair to expect your partner to be open if you aren’t willing to do the same. 

Try to have an honest conversation with him. Tell him that you expect something more from your relationship.

Tell him how you were always afraid of the future before but now you aren’t because you know you’ll spend it with him. 

Express your inner feelings about your relationship without pressuring him.

Tell him what marriage means to you (spending the rest of your life with someone) and that you are ready to spend it with him. 

Tell him that you have fallen head over heels in love with him and that the only logical step would be getting married. 

However, don’t try too hard. Once you have told him about your wishes and hopes, it’s now time to lay off the wedding talk. 

7. Talk about the future

Ask him when he wants to marry, where he wants his wedding to be, how many kids he would like to have… 

This is not just you mind-wandering; you ask him these questions because you need to know where you both stand on these important things and what kind of future you would have together. 

It would be a perfect opportunity to try to find out if he has any plans anytime soon.

You can also read his body language. Look at his hands and his eyes as they’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

8. Talk about children

This will be one of the last steps toward marriage. 

Ask him when he would like to have children and how many children he wants to have.

Point out that you feel ready for a baby and how you can’t stop looking at other people’s little ones.

Your heart melts every time you see those cute little hands or feet. 

Guys never joke about having kids and that’s a fact!

And if he ever compares you to his mother or tells you that you’ll be a great mother one day, that is it—he thinks that you are ‘the one’.

Every man knows this is a big and serious commitment and they will never even talk about it if they don’t feel ready.

He will try to spend more time with his or your little cousins because that’s how he examines whether you are both ready for kids.

9. Surprise him on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, you have to try harder to impress him. You must show him that you are the best girlfriend. 

You shouldn’t just buy him a gift; do something special for him. Do something you have never done before, something that will surprise him. 

Rekindle the romance with something a bit sexier, like boudoir photos of you and wow him with them or maybe you can make him a personalized video card. 

You can focus on DIY presents instead; for example, you can take a bottle and paint it in his favorite color and on some pieces of paper,

write a hundred reasons why you love him and then fill the bottle with the papers. 

Alternatively, you can use this perfect opportunity to show him how great a housewife you are.

Make dinner just for you two and prepare his favorite dish. Light some candles and create a romantic atmosphere.

Your man will enjoy a night in with you more than anything. 

10. Mention your dream wedding

Talk about how you imagine your wedding day. Give him a timeframe for when you want to get married but please be careful not to push too hard. 

Maybe the reason why he hasn’t popped the question yet is that he is not financially ready for it and that’s why you should tell him that you don’t want an expensive wedding

The only thing that should be important for your wedding is that your family and your significant other can be at the ceremony.

Everything else is less important.

However, you shouldn’t let this become the main focus of your conversation.

You should make him aware that you do want to get married but know that too much pressure can drive him away.  

11. Give him a hint about what kind of ring you would like

It’s not just about how to get him to propose, it’s also about him choosing the right ring.

Men don’t possess women’s impeccable taste in jewelry so why not give him a little hint?

Go for a walk with your man and while you are passing by a jewelry store, stop there for a moment and look at some rings.

Show him some ring styles that you like, which will help him for when he chooses the perfect ring for you. 

You could instead send him photographs of some rings you like.

Don’t say anything about the wedding, just say how beautiful they are. 

Whatever you do, do it in a very subtle way.

Your significant other will give you a beautiful ring straight from his heart and that’s what matters.

12. Get his friends to like you

Go out with his friends more often and get to know them well. Find out why he is spending a lot of his free time with them, instead of arguing with him about it. 

Get to know their interests, birthday dates and the things they like to do.

Remember their birthdays and wish them a happy birthday… They’ll appreciate it. 

Laugh at their jokes. Whether their jokes are about politics, poop or anything in-between, the key is to pay attention and make sure they know you’re in on it too. 

Be the best version of yourself in front of his friends.

He appreciates their opinions and he would like his friends and his girlfriend to get along.

13. Always look your best

Most women get too ‘comfortable’ if they’ve been dating someone for a long period.

They gain weight, stop wearing make-up or become too lazy to do their hair every day. 

You have to keep him intrigued and enticed and that’s why you should always try to look good.

Take care of yourself, eat more healthily, exercise more and pay attention to your skincare. 

Whether we like it or not, men fall in love with what they see, not what they hear. 

Don’t let him think that you’ll stop taking care of yourself and your physical appearance after you get married. 

14. Stop being too jealous

Effective communication is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship.

If you don’t trust one of his female friends, discuss it with your man. Tell him how you feel about their relationship. 

Don’t create any jealousy scenes before you talk to him. The relationship should be built on trust.

If he tells you that nothing is going on between two of them, then you should trust him with no further discussion. 

Try to accept their relationship and be cool with your boyfriend’s female friend. Hang out with her more often and get to know her better. 

15. Support him in everything he does

Always show how much you believe in him as that is how you will encourage him whenever he needs it. 

If he wants to quit his job and follow his dreams, you should encourage him to do so. Even though it is risky, you have to follow him with this. 

Tell him every day that you know he can do it. He can do whatever he wants. Be his cheerleader in everything he does. 

Compliment him whenever it is possible, as compliments are a great boost to his ego. 

16. Stay loyal

When a man asks a woman to marry him, he wants to be sure that she will be faithful to him. Any doubts in your loyalty can slow or halt any plans for a proposal. 

Loyalty means that you’ve sincerely chosen your partner and your relationship and that you’ll choose him every single time,

through thick and thin, in sickness and in health… for the rest of your life

You have to keep your word and you shouldn’t break any promises that you make to him.

You must do everything that’s in your power to stay true to the goals that you both want to achieve.  

17. Make him feel needed and wanted

You should be confident, independent and in control of your life but it’s necessary to show him that you also need him, to be complete. 

He plays an important role in your life and you have to show him that.

He needs to be desired in your life and he will feel good about himself if he can help you with things. 

Appreciate the little things he does for you every day.

Say, “Thank you,” whenever he does something nice and say, “I love you,” whenever he does something sweet or romantic. 

Don’t fall asleep until you send him a romantic goodnight message. Show him that he is your last thought before you go to bed. 

You are a woman and it is okay to be vulnerable in front of your man. Ask him for help whenever you need it; he will be more than happy to help. 

So if you are still wondering how to get him to propose, the best way is to make him feel wanted and needed.

18. Plan the perfect romantic getaway

Prepare everything by yourself and tell him the night before that you are going on a trip.

Tell him that you organized the whole thing and that his only job is to say yes. 

Go somewhere where you can evoke memories of when you first met or kissed or something.

It will be great to remind yourselves why you fell in love with each other. 

Pick a place that you both will like and plan some activities that both of you can do.

Try to add something like this to your relationship as it’s good to refresh it from time to time. 

19. Hang out with your friends

Just because you are in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have friends. You are allowed to have your own life

On the contrary, he will appreciate you more if you don’t neglect your friends.

He likes to hang out with his friends and they are a big part of his life, so you should have friends of your own. 

You had a social life before you two started dating and even though you don’t go out as frequently as before, you should maintain those friendships. 

By staying in touch with your friends, you’ll also show him that you are a loyal person. 

20. Be patient!

We saved the most important part for the end. 

Be patient and go slow when trying to make a man propose to you. Don’t expect him to do it instantly. Your patience will pay off. 

You have done your part, now it’s his time to make the right move. If he is ready, he will give you an engagement ring very soon. 


Many women wonder how to get him to propose but you need to make sure if he is ready for that commitment. Don’t let your relationship fall apart just because you couldn’t wait. 

Women need to know that their partner is on the same page and that they want some type of commitment

and that’s why they make mistakes and pressure their partner into something they are not ready to do. 

Some men may fall into that trap but most of them will run away.

Men have a fear of commitment and that’s why they need to be 100% sure before they take the next step in a relationship. 

You aren’t the only woman who is waiting to get engaged to the love of her life. You aren’t alone.

It will come to you at the right time. 

To get what you want, you must first be patient with what you have.