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15 Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring: Get Ready To Say Yes

15 Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring: Get Ready To Say Yes

If engagement rings are on your mind, you’ve either been talking to your boyfriend about marriage or your relationship has developed to the point that it’s a sure thing. Still, knowing it’s going to happen doesn’t make waiting for him to pop the question any less frustrating.

Surprise proposals are fun, romantic, and make for great stories, so if that is something you’re into and you’ve given him enough hints that you want one, he’s probably getting ready to make your wish come true.

Here are all the obvious and subtle signs he bought an engagement ring, so you better be ready for the big day!

15 Telltale Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring

If you notice most of these signs he bought an engagement ring, it could mean that your wedding day is approaching!

1. He’s acting strange

If he’s nervous and anxious around you when you’re normally comfortable around each other, you’re probably worried. A change in behavior could mean good things or bad things, so it’s important that you pay attention to other signs.

He might be fidgety and distracted, half-listening when you’re talking to him, and it seems like his head is somewhere else. He might be acting needy and constantly hanging around you or not answering your texts and calls at all.

When his behavior is off in any way, something is going on. The reasons behind it could not even be related to you, but if he’s being weird and showing many other signs from this list, you might be getting engaged soon.

2. Your loved ones are acting strange

If it’s not only your boyfriend but also you and his closest friends and family members, something is definitely up. You’ll know it’s good if everyone is always grinning as if they know something you don’t whenever they see you.

A good sign that everyone might be in on it is if you suddenly stop getting the “When are you guys getting engaged?” question, especially if everyone has pestered you in the past.

If he’s going missing after receiving calls from his family and friends, if both his and your friends are acting strangely around you, if his family is looking at you with stars in their eyes, you might be getting a bunch of in-laws soon.

3. He’s been hanging out with your family and friends

Has your boyfriend become closer to your best friend lately? Has he been inviting you to spend more time with his family and started spending more time with your family? Does he want his parents to meet your parents?

When your boyfriend suddenly knows things about your parents and introduces you to everyone in his life who matters, these are all clear signs that he intends to make your families one.

If he’s talking to your friends behind your back, he’s probably planning to ask you to marry him and asking for help from those close to you. He’s consulting your parents for marriage advice and getting to know them.

4. He doesn’t want to make any life changes right now

A great sign that he wants to marry you is if he’s putting everything else on hold. Right now, everything is about you, so he can’t focus on anything that isn’t your future life together.

This means he’s trying to be stable at work and not move forward at the moment. If he gets the chance for a promotion that would interfere with his immediate plans, he’ll choose you over that opportunity. Not to mention that any offers of moving away would be immediately rejected.

The only changes to his life and plans right now are those he’s planning with you.

5. He’s very interested in your plans

He’s found the woman he knows will be his perfect wife, and he wants to take your relationship to the next level. So, of course, he needs to know you’re in.

He’s not only interested in whether you want to, but he also needs to know that you’re available. This is why he needs to know both your long-term plans and what you have scheduled for the immediate future.

He’ll want to know your vacation plans and career goals. He’ll show interest in what you want to do and where you want to be because he cares about where he fits in.

He’s curious about your short and long-term plans because he needs to know when to propose and what your lives are going to look like.

6. He’s talking about future plans and including you

A clear sign that he’s planning to ask you to marry him soon is if he includes you whenever he talks about the future. If he’s always talking about his future using ‘we’ instead of ‘I,’ he considers having you in his life as a given.

He’s sure that he’s found someone to grow old with, and he’s ready for a fully committed relationship. Instead of being anxious about the future, he’s excited. When he’s clear about making space for you in his life and he includes you in it without hesitation, he’s probably all set to pop the question.

7. He’s more romantic

If he’s been more affectionate and not holding back on telling you how much he loves you, it’s a pretty good sign that he’s fully committed to you and wants to make it official.

His extra romantic behavior, like thoughtful dates, intense eye contact, and kisses out of nowhere, tells you that he’s overwhelmed with feelings and can’t help himself but also trying to get you to see that what you could have together are marriage goals.

He wants to show you his love and let you know that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. He’s feeling lovey-dovey and wants to get you into the mood to say yes to his proposal. He wants you to want to marry him when you look at him.

8. His behavior becomes more agreeable

If he’s picking up his socks, taking out the trash without you asking him, and doing chores, he wants to show you that he’s going to be a good husband. He’s about to propose and wants you to say ‘yes,’ so he’s making sure you know what you can expect.

The little things that make up everyday life are as important in marriage as values and beliefs. If he’s getting into the mindset of doing things in a way that shows you that he wants you to share a home, he’s about to make you the offer of doing it for the rest of your lives.

9. He mentions marriage in conversation often

A sure sign that he’s ready to propose is if he initiates serious conversations about marriage. If he’s asking you questions about how long you want to date before getting engaged and what you want from marriage, he’s seriously considering it.

A proposal shouldn’t come suddenly. Sure, the action itself can be more romantic when it’s a surprise, but it’s important that both of you know how you feel about marriage and what you want it to be like.

If he’s talking about having children and wants to know what kind of life you want, he’s making sure that both of you are on the same page concerning what it is you need and want from your relationship.

He wants to get married, but he’s making sure you know that he’s not doing it thoughtlessly. Instead, he’s willing to work on your relationship and your marriage.

10. He’s been reminiscing about your memories together

He’s feeling romantic and nostalgic, and he often tells you about something from your past together he was reminded of. The memory of your first date is still fresh, and he suddenly remembers a story from your first trip together.

Do you remember where you first kissed? He does, and he’ll tell you suddenly. He still remembers how he came up with the nickname he has for you.

If he’s taking frequent trips down memory lane, it’s a sign that he’s preparing something special. He’s been thinking about your relationship until now and how much it means to him. He feels lucky to be with you, and he’s happy that you chose him.

11. He’s saving money

If your dates have been on the affordable side lately, and he’s been frugal in his lifestyle, it’s a good sign that he needs money for something. Engagement rings can be very expensive, just so you know.

However, when your significant other is careful about finances, it’s not only a sign of impending engagement but also the desire to start a family. Financial responsibility is one of the signs of wanting commitment, and he wants to be the perfect husband who makes you feel safe.

He’s not only saving up for the ring and the wedding – he wants to build a life together, so he’s paying attention to his finances.

12. He’s secretive

Evasive behavior and secrets can be a red flag in relationships – hiding things from your partner is a surefire way to damage your relationship.

If he’s leaving the room when his phone rings, he might be unfaithful, or he might be organizing the proposal. Pay attention to other signs to make sure what’s going on.

If he’s protective of his cell phone, but he’s also been seriously talking to you about marriage, it’s more likely that he’s talking to your sister about the ring than that he’s cheating on you.

He’s under a lot of pressure trying to make the proposal perfect, so cut him some slack!

13. He’s choosing to spend time with you

He loves you, you know that, but recently he prefers staying with you to any other activity. Your boyfriend used to be the guy who never missed going out with his friends, but now he prefers having date night with you to drinking with his buddies.

If you’re wondering why he can’t bear to be away from you lately, it might have something to do with a big decision he’s made. His feelings are overwhelming him because he’s getting ready for something big, so he wants to be around you.

14. He has a sudden interest in jewelry

Has he been obsessed with your hands lately? When you’re cuddling or holding hands, is he constantly comparing your hand sizes and looking at your fingers? He might be trying to figure out your ring size because he wants to get you the perfect ring.

He might ‘casually’ ask you about what kind of rings you like or snoop around your jewelry box trying to figure out your style. If you notice any of your rings missing, he might have stolen it to have a jeweler determine your size and help him choose a style.

Make it easier on him by taking him to a jewelry store the next time you’re at the mall and trying on a couple of rings while pretending you’re interested in something else.

15. He’s planning a romantic outing or getaway

If you’re wondering when he’ll propose, check if any special occasions are coming up.

Your anniversary or your birthday might be the perfect time for a surprise engagement. Also pay attention if he’s mentioned wanting to spend a holiday alone with you. Christmas and Valentine’s Day are other popular choices.

Pay good attention to his questions about your upcoming plans. Is he trying to make sure you’re available at a certain point? He might be planning a trip for the two of you. If he is, there’s a good chance that this is when he’s planning to ask the big question.

Trying to surprise you with a romantic trip shows a lot of commitment to making things perfect because it takes a lot of planning. Don’t let him know if you suspect anything – let him go through with it just as he imagined. Your job is only to get excited and be swept off your feet!

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How To Act If You Think He Might Propose Soon

So all the signs he bought an engagement ring are there, and you’re almost sure he’s about to ask the big question. You’re excited and eager for it to happen sooner rather than later, so what should you do?

Here are some tips.

1. Avoid setting yourself up for disappointment

When most of the signs he bought an engagement ring are there, you’re probably not wrong in thinking that you’re getting engaged soon, but it could still not happen.

He might get too nervous, realize he’d like to prepare more, not feel ready, or have several other reasons to put off the proposal. It’s even possible that the signs were wrong.

Instead of getting over-excited about the engagement and feeling disappointed if it doesn’t happen, focus on enjoying your relationship as it is until the time comes.

2. Enjoy the anticipation.

If you’re completely sure he has the ring ready, savor this time of anticipation. Instead of rushing things, feel the rush.

Being engaged, getting busy with wedding planning, and going through with it all have their charms, but there’s something magical about this moment where things are still in the air.

It’s your time to feel like the main character in a love story who’s at the precipice of the romance of a lifetime, unsure but hopeful.

3. Don’t pressure him

Trying to get him to propose sooner than he was going to will just put unnecessary stress on both of you. You can be sure that he’s already anxious about the proposal, so don’t make it even worse by trying to get things to move faster.

If he’s trying to keep it a secret, let him. Keep quiet if you’ve figured things out, and don’t tell him or anyone else. You being pushy and insistent could throw him off his plans, especially if he’s planning something special.

4. Give him hints you’d say yes if he asked

Keep in mind that he’s even more nervous than you about the proposal. You might be eager for him to pop the question, but he might be unsure if you’re going to say yes, so be kind and subtle about it.

You don’t have to outright say that you’d accept his marriage proposal if you want to keep the impression that you don’t know what he’s planning. Show him love and affection, even more than you usually do to encourage him and make him sure that you want to be married to him.

5. Don’t snoop

Even if all the signs are pointing to him proposing soon, don’t snoop trying to find the ring. Let him have his moment, and don’t ruin the surprise for either of you. Curb your curiosity so that you can fully enjoy the proposal when it comes.

Instead of going through his things looking for the ring, you can prepare for the proposal by getting a manicure. This way, your ring pics will turn out gorgeous with any ring he might have chosen.

Can You Hear The Bells?

This is the man you’re planning to spend the rest of your life with, so the stakes are high. You’re ready for the next step and wondering if he is too. When a guy is getting ready to pop the big question, he’ll be secretive and look for the perfect moment to do it.

When all the signs he bought an engagement ring are there, and you know you’re getting engaged soon, you might be tempted to rush things. You’re excited and anxious, but so is he. Let him take things at his own pace.

Enjoy these moments and the ones that are coming in your future life together!