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The Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Receive

The Best Pieces Of Relationship Advice You’ll Ever Receive

The indisputable fact is that most relationships end right after the courting phase because people stop putting the same effort in to keep their partner as they did to win them over.

But, that won’t happen to you because I’ve got you covered. Improve the quality of your relationship (and therefore, your life, too) with this most empowering bit of relationship advice

Because, as the world-famous psychotherapist and relationship therapist, Esther Perel, states, “The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships“. And, I wholeheartedly agree with it.

The Best Relationship Advice For Couples  

People say that the honeymoon phase in a new relationship fades with time and, unfortunately, in most cases, it turns out to be true. 

But, you don’t have to worry about it because this won’t be the case in your relationship. You’re about to find out a few powerful secrets to prevent the honeymoon stage from ending. 

1. A relationship isn’t a 50/50 job, it’s 100/100

Building a healthy relationship is a process… a long-lasting but truly fruitful one. And, the ground role of that process is that both sides need to be equally (100%) included.

A relationship won’t ever be able to work if it’s only one-sided… If only one partner is putting effort into making it work. 

All relationships go through some challenging stages where it seems like one partner needs to carry the load more than the other, and that’s perfectly okay. However, that shouldn’t be your standard relationship dynamic

If a relationship lacks equal reciprocity of effort, that simply means that it also lacks reciprocity of respect and love. Both partners need to try, work, and fight hard (AND together) in order to make things work between them. 

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2. Partner up when times get tough

And, oh, they will. Trust me. There comes a time in every relationship when one or both partners start wondering if they should give up on each other. 

But, when those times come, giving up should never be an option. That’s the time when you actually need to get up and fight for your love. Again, together. 

Each relationship is full of ups and downs. Heck, they’re actually like those roller coasters that go up upside down all the time. 

But, the point is to enjoy the ride when it takes you up and to stick together once it throws you down again. 

3. Stand side by side, holding hands no matter where life takes you

If you truly love each other, the only thing you should be thinking about is walking through life together. Don’t think about the final destination nor about those few bumps you’ll encounter during your journey of togetherness. 

Always support each other‘s dreams and visions. Respect each other’s boundaries. And, keep trusting and loving each other in spite of everyone and everything that’s trying to separate you. 

No matter where life takes you, you need to stick together and keep faith in your love. 

4. Accept and embrace each other’s shortcomings

Understand one thing; neither one of you is perfect. Actually, none of us is. Perfection simply doesn’t exist when it comes to we humans. 

But, it does exist when it comes to love. Even the two most flawed and imperfect people can have the most perfect kind of love. 

And, that is possible only if they acknowledge and embrace their flaws and imperfections  only if they refuse to give up on each other despite all those little things that might be standing in the way of their love. 

5. Regular check-ins will keep you connected

If you think that you’re doing your relationship a favor by suppressing your negative emotions, you can’t be more wrong. You need to validate your feelings for your own well-being and for the sake of your relationship, too. 

If you keep sweeping all the bad things, emotions, and problems under the rug, it may seem like an efficient way to deal with your problems. But, trust me, it will never have a long-term effect.

You’ll only make a huge pile… a freaking volcano of resentments, disappointments and fears that will erupt one day and blow up your relationship. 

You need to be open and feel free to talk with one another about everything. You need to feel free to express your feelings, both the negative and the positive ones, to each other. That will keep you emotionally connected and make your relationship stronger. 

6. Always make time for each other

Make seeing each other regularly a top priority. No matter how busy you are, if your partner needs you, you must be there for them. 

According to relationship experts, one of the main causes of relationship problems is that couples don’t spend enough quality time together. It simply kills the spark and makes them drift apart. 

Make a schedule of seeing each other that will suit both of you. Set regular date nights, and make plans for spending your holidays together. That’s the only way you’ll keep the intimate and emotional connection alive, which is vital for a happy relationship

7. Build trust by being honest

Trust is and will always be the fundamental foundation of every healthy relationship. You can love each other deeply, but if there is no trust, you’ll never be able to work together in the long haul

And, the fact is that you can’t (re) build trust if both of you aren’t being 100% honest. That means without lying, keeping secrets… Not even white lies are allowed if you want your relationship to succeed. 

8. Don’t let others influence your relationship

It’s always nice to hear a piece of good advice from your friends or family members, and those people who sincerely love you and want what’s best for you and your relationship. 

It’s nice to hear it, but it’s not always good to hear-hear it, if you know what I mean. 

In the end, all decisions regarding your relationship should be taken primarily and exclusively by your partner and you. It’s your relationship, your love, and your future, and only the two of you are the ones who have the power to control it. 

9. Fight, but do it in a fair way

This means you should fight, but you also must do it in a civil way. Don’t throw any below-the-belt punches. 

Forget about winning and focus on fixing your problem. Your relationship isn’t a competition and those power struggles may ruin it for good. 

When you’re fighting, you need to stick to the present and don’t bring up past issues. Stick to your current subject of fighting. 

Present your arguments and then listen to what your partner has to say in their defense. Blame shifting won’t help either… it’ll only heat up the fight even more. 

No matter how bad it becomes, don’t back down. Instead, try to bring up a mutual conclusion. 

10. Have fun and keep the spark alive

I’m sorry if I have scared you a bit with all that story about how relationships are all about effort and work. It really wasn’t my intention… Relationships are about fun, too. 

It’s sharing both the good and the bad moments of your life with the person you love the most. And, if you truly love and care for each other, those good moments will always prevail. 

Do fun things together. Explore different date ideas. Make each other happy. Make one another feel loved and emotionally fulfilled. Maintain the spark. Be one of those happy couples that all the other couples are actually envious of. 

Relationship Advice For Women  

This is a pure woman-to-woman convo, so let’s be honest. Men think we’re the complicated ones when, in fact, they’re way too complex when it comes to relationships and dating. 

And, you’re here, which means you need help with understanding men. Well, you’re definitely at the right place. I’ll help you understand what guys actually want in a relationship. Just try to follow this amazing dating advice and you’ll see how your dating life will improve. 

1. Don’t change. Ever. Not for anyone

This is the best piece of advice you’ll ever get, so please try to remember it well. 

You must never change who you are just because someone asked you to just to get the other person to like/love you. If they truly care for you, they would never ask you to change. You would never have to look for signs she/he doesn’t love you anymore

You need to love yourself. You need to love your imperfect self in such a perfect way that you never allow anyone to ask you to change. 

2. Speak your mind, but do it in a kind way

You should never allow your thoughts or emotions to be shut down even when they seem totally complex and fuzzy.

You need to be open, direct, and honest with your partner, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to raise your voice when you’re angry, or to insult him. Express your thoughts and feelings, but do it in a kind and polite way… In a healthy way.

3. Allow your man to take the lead

Well, you don’t have to actually let him take the lead. You can simply trick him into thinking that he has that role. I know… this is a bit sneaky, but it’ll keep you both happy. 

On the other hand, I really have nothing against letting a man take the lead in bed. Actually, I prefer it that way (and I know most of you do, too). Those dominant-submissive kinds of relationships are only welcomed in the bedroom. 

4. Cherish his efforts

You’re in a partnership, and that means everything your man does, he does it for the two of you and for your future together. So, appreciate each and every one of his efforts. 

If you respond positively to his efforts, it’ll only motivate him to work even harder for your relationship. For him, it’ll be a sign that you have the same intentions and that you also want your relationship to succeed. 

5. Men want to be heard, too

I really think that there is no such thing as an emotionally unavailable man. If you allow him and prove to him that you’re trustworthy, every man will eventually open up to you. 

Most relationship experts talk about the fact that women want and need to be heard, but they tend to completely ignore men when it comes to that point. 

Men have insecurities, too. They also struggle with different feelings and want to be understood. If you want your emotional needs to be fulfilled, you need to fulfill your man’s needs, too. 

6. Give him space

If you see that something is bothering your man but he can’t or doesn’t want to share it with you at that moment, you need to give him space. Let him know you’re there for him once he decides to share it with you but, until then, you need to leave him alone. 

In layman’s terms, if you see your man is pulling away, you need to let him go… And, he’ll come back to you like a ping-pong ball. But, that’s, of course, only if he cares for you. If he isn’t being serious about you, on the other hand, you won’t see him coming back anymore. 

If you don’t give him time and space, you’ll only come off as a needy and clingy girlfriend. And, that’s, I assume, the last thing you want, right? 

7. Let him know you’re proud of him no matter what

When he accomplishes something big and great, be proud of him. When he fails to achieve his goal, show him you’re even more proud of him. 

You are and should always be your man’s number one fan… his greatest support, motivation, and encouragement in everything he does. 

It’s a fact that men deal with failure much worse than we do. This is because of the big, fat ego they have, and failure undoubtedly lowers the guy’s self-esteem. That’s why you need to be there for him and show him that it’s okay to fail sometimes. 

Meena Jain, a psychotherapist from India, states: “A healthy ego is very important to one’s self-esteem as opposed to an inflated ego that can destroy relationships.”  

8. Don’t ever stop flirting and seducing your man

Honestly speaking, when we’re in a long-term relationship, we tend to relax and stop flirting with our man, which may make our relationship stuck in the rut of boredom. 

That’s something you should never allow. Continue to flirt with him using your sexy body language the same way you did when you’re trying to win him over at the beginning of your relationship. 

That’s the only surefire way you’ll get him to make the more serious step in your relationship. That’s how you’ll make your man finally propose to you

Relationship Advice For Men  

Countless times, I’ve heard people say that dating is a lot harder for men than it is for women. And, it’s a fact that most men think that women are too complicated or that we want them to read our minds. 

But, guys, honestly, you’re the ones who tend to complicate things unnecessarily. Women want simple things but, above everything else, we just want to be loved… In an insane, passionate, unconditional, and unquestionable way. 

Below, you’ll find out what those little things are that all women want in a relationship. And, if you follow these dating tips, you’ll most definitely become a high-value man and win over your significant other… Forever

1. Be a gentleman

Okay, the courting phase has successfully ended. You managed to win over your lady, and now, you’re officially in a romantic relationship. Congratulations. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can stop being sweet and affectionate. You managed to get her to like you or even to fall in love with you, but that doesn’t mean that her feelings can’t change. 

They can, and they definitely will if your behavior changes. You won over your lady, but now you must try to keep her.

Being a gentleman will never go out of style. Whoever said that women always fall for bad boys wasn’t… Well, obviously, wasn’t a woman. 

We fall for men with manners and integrity. Period. 

2. Little things matter the most

A lovely bouquet of roses, breakfast in bed, a sweet good-morning text message, cute things to say to your girlfriend, a relaxing massage after a workday… These little things count the most for girls. 

It’s what makes us truly happy. It’s what shows us that you honestly and deeply care. 

Those are some very small, effortless things that every man can do every single day to make his lady happy. And, it really won’t cost you anything, but it will show your girl that you’re truly happy and thankful for having her in your life.

3. Don’t ever discredit her feelings

Emotional invalidation can hurt a woman’s feelings beyond words. It affects her emotional and mental health, which may also have very bad consequences for your relationship. 

Besides, it’s one of the red flags of a toxic relationship, and a very clear sign that you don’t actually care for her. 

Her feelings are and must always be just as important as yours are. 

If you ignore her texts for days, don’t blame her for overreacting. Even when your girl is on her period and becomes incredibly moody, you still need to validate her feelings even if her PMS causes her feelings to change every minute because we all know that also happens. 

Those are her feelings and she can’t control them, so what gives you the right to even try to do it? 

4. Stand up for her and be her protector

Hey, just to clear up one thing here, I’m not saying that women are weak or that we need someone stronger to protect us. 

The truth is that we all feel safer when we know that we have that someone who is always there for us… that one person who’ll have our backs no matter what. 

In fact, you should both feel like you shouldn’t be afraid of anything as long as you have one another… to have and hold forever. That’s the whole point of true love. 

5. In the end, all that women want is respect

Women want to be treated with respect. You can’t neglect a girl or treat her badly and expect her to accept it and love you despite it. 

Be a man of your words. Appreciate her efforts. Respect each and every single one of her boundaries. Be understanding and thoughtful of her emotions. 

These things will beat a simple ‘I love you‘ every single time because love can not be expressed through plain words… your actions are what actually count when it comes to love. 

6. Appreciation

I once heard a saying that goes like this: “To make a woman happy, give her these three things: attention, affection, and appreciation” …and I couldn’t agree more with this. 

We like to be spoiled but not with some expensive gifts as, unfortunately, most guys think. We want to be spoiled with attention and showered with affection.  

We are now talking again about those little things we previously mentioned. But, really, those are the keys to building a happy marriage or relationship, and truly, the lack of affection can ruin even the strongest relationship.

7. Understanding

We want you to listen to us, but it seems like most men don’t quite understand this. I mean, really… no offense, guys. 

We don’t want you to nod your head and only be half-listening while we talk. We want to be heard and understood. 

No, you don’t have to read your girl’s mind, but what about trying to be more empathetic to her feelings? Trying to understand how your partner feels without having to ask her directly? Work on increasing your EQ and you’ll see how it’ll strengthen your relationship. 

8. And, love, of course

Just love her. And, I mean LOVE… don’t just say you do because it is not and will never be enough! 

Love her honestly, immensely, unlimitedly, unconditionally… Love her with every fiber of your being. 

And, don’t forget to show it to her every single day. 

First Relationship Advice  

I know you’ll agree with me on this one… firsts are always scary, right? First kiss, first relationship, first heartbreakHowever, those are all the normal parts of life and, sooner or later, we’ll all have to experience and go through them. 

But, let’s see the positive side of things. Let’s find beauty in those firsts because each one of them can truly be seen as a small blessing… a small step towards your growth. 

Truth to be told, as much as those firsts may scare us sometimes, those are always the moments we remember the most. You may date and kiss as many people as you want, but the first kiss and the first relationship will be etched in your memory forever. 

This will be one of the most special relationships in your life, and here are some pieces of advice so you don’t mess it up. 

1. Self-love is still a priority

Just because you’re in a relationship now doesn’t mean that you should neglect the relationship you have with yourself. 

You can never truly love another person if you don’t love yourself. This is your first love story, but you can never know if it’s also going to be your last one. The only person who you know for sure will always be in your life is you, and that’s why you always need to love yourself the most. 

Remember, no matter how many people come into your life, you always need to keep yourself on the top of your priority list. 

2. Don’t lose your identity

Unfortunately, this is the most common mistake that all young people do when they enter into a romantic relationship. They lose themselves because they become overly dependent on their partner. 

Being emotionally dependent on your loved one in a certain amount is actually normal, but we tend to overstep the line the first time we fall in love. 

We feel like we can’t live without our loved ones and all of a sudden, they become the center of our universe. We give them the full power to control us and our life, and that’s how we lose our sense of self.

3. The key is in healthy communication

This is the only secret to a healthy relationship. You need to communicate regularly, get to know each other well, and bond on a deeper level if you want to build a successful relationship.

You don’t have to be together 24/7. On the contrary, it would actually be harmful to your relationship. But, the point is to keep in touch every day and feel free to talk and discuss everything with each other. 

4. Try not to catch deep feelings too soon

Don’t mistake love for infatuation. You may like someone deeply, but you can’t (or at least shouldn’t) fall in love with them before you get to know them on a deeper level. 

We all get a bit too excited when we first start dating. Even though we aren’t quite sure what true love even looks like, we think that we’re deeply in love with our partners and that we’ll marry them one day. 

If you express your feelings to your partner on the second date, you’ll only chase them away and break your own heart. 

You need to stop dreaming and wake up. Come back to reality and start living in the moment. 

5. Don’t ignore the red flags

If red flags are there, ignoring them definitely won’t make them go away. 

This is your first relationship, and it’s probably the first time you’re in love, so please don’t break your own heart. It can scar you for life.  

Be careful. Don’t ever allow anyone to disrespect you in a relationship or try to control your life. 

And, don’t ever change yourself to get someone else to like you. If they don’t like and accept you the way you are, then trust me, they don’t even deserve to have a place in your life. 

6. Don’t let things go too far, too soon

Take things slowly. Simply relax and let things flow naturally. 

Don’t try to follow the (modern) social norms. Don’t ever do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. 

Don’t let your hunger for love trick you into doing something you really don’t want to do. And, don’t ever, by no means, allow your partner to talk you into something that you don’t feel ready for. 

New Relationship Advice  

Let me guess what happened. You went through a rough breakup and somehow managed to patch your broken heart, and now you feel ready to start dating again… am I right? 

Don’t worry. We’ll get you in that dating pool and teach you the basics of fishing again. Only this time, I hope you’ll get a more prized catch. 

1. Leave the past behind and focus on the present

Leave all the bad things from your past relationship exactly where they belong… in the past. Don’t allow your emotional baggage to prevent you from future happiness. 

That is a closed chapter of your life… an important lesson that you unfortunately had to learn in a more difficult way. Now, you need to burn that chapter completely and focus on your present. 

2. Don’t ever make comparisons

And, once you start dating again, don’t bring up your ex, and DON’T ever compare your previous relationship or ex-partner with your present relationship and partner. Dating a teacher will never be the same thing as dating an artist, but there’s no need for comparison.

If you do compare your ex-partner with your current one, it’ll only show that you still didn’t fully recover. 

3. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerabilities

You’re a human being, and it’s perfectly normal that you’re vulnerable. We all are. Accepting and embracing your vulnerabilities means that you’re actually a very strong person.

Just because one person used those vulnerabilities against you and hurt you in the most painful way possible doesn’t mean that all the other people will. 

There will come a person who will fall in love with each and every one of your insecurities and vulnerabilities, and only that kind of person is worth fighting for. 

4. This time, set realistic expectations

What do you think, who was the main culprit for your broken heart? I know the answer. It was your high and unrealistic expectations. 

You need to understand that just because you’re ready to do everything for the person you love, it doesn’t mean the other side thinks and feels the same about you. 

So, this time, you need to have healthy expectations. If it’s the ‘situationship’ kind of relationship, leave it be. Don’t think too much about the future… just try to go with the flow and enjoy the moment. 

5. Take things slowly

You went through heartbreak. It’s not easy to process such a deep emotional trauma, so please give yourself more time if you think it’s needed. 

And, take baby steps once you enter a new relationship. Don’t just jump into another relationship and hope that it’ll cure your emotional wounds because it definitely won’t. 

It may only prolong their healing but, sooner or later, you’ll have to face your pain and your wounds, and I’m afraid that it may be too late then. 

Long-Distance Relationship Advice  

Long-distance relationships are everything but easy. I know this very well because… Well, been there, done that. But, let me tell you something… it was worth every moment and every kilometer. 

It’s the ultimate test of love that, by the way, my partner and I have successfully passed. Yay… cheers to true love! ?

And, now I’m gonna use my experience to help you. These pieces of relationship advice will help you fight the distance and prove that your love is more powerful than anything in this world. 

1. Keep in touch regularly

We’re living in the modern world of technology, and it’s truly easier to maintain a long-distance relationship today than it was in the past. 

There are so many different ways you can keep in touch with your partner on a daily basis. It’s important indeed to stay connected and to have those regular check-ins

2. Be fully committed

I was always saying to my long-distance boyfriend (who had to move a lot because of his job): the greater the distance between us is, the stronger our commitment is becoming. 

And, that’s the only way things should be in this type of relationship. If there is no strong commitment, your relationship is already doomed to failure. 

Open up to each other in every possible way. Plan your future together. Include one another in your personal goals for the future. Work as a team and enable your relationship to keep flourishing. 

3. Set ground rules and boundaries together

This is actually essential for every healthy relationship. Boundaries protect our emotional and mental well-being, and they affect our relationship positively as well.

You need to know the things you’re both comfortable with. You need to communicate your personal boundaries, and use them to set some important rules and boundaries in your relationship.   

And, most importantly, you have to stick to those limitations and respect those rules you’ve set for the sake of your relationship. 

4. Deal with your fears and insecurities

Admit it… as much as you love your long-distance partner, you’re still not 100% sure that your love will be able to endure the distance. It’s okay… I wasn’t sure until the day we moved in together. 

As a matter of fact, all couples have insecurities in their relationships, and it’s, in a way and to some extent, a good thing. It encourages us to work harder for our relationship. 

However, you shouldn’t allow those fears to take over your relationship. You need to face them and find a way to deal with them in the proper way. 

5. Emotional suppression won’t do your relationship any favor

Long-distance relationships can sometimes be painful and emotionally draining. You may both feel sad, uncertain, and even depressed from time to time, and that’s perfectly normal. 

You’re surrounded by people, but the one you want to be with the most can’t be with you. It’s normal that this makes you sad. It’s okay if it hurts. 

However, the point is how you’ll deal with those kinds of emotions. If you keep bottling them inside of yourself, it’ll be a huge deal breaker for your relationship. 

If you want your relationship to succeed, you need to be each other’s best friend. You need to be able to confide your upbeat emotions in one another… both the good and the bad ones.

6. Be emotionally present when you can’t physically be

Maintain your emotional connection. Share your deepest thoughts and emotions with one another. 

You need to be able to share everything with each other without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. Let your guards down and feel free to show your vulnerabilities… they’re also a part of you… maybe even the most special one. 

7. Stay positive and see it as a test of your love

Dr. John Gottman says, Long-distance relationships require special attention. The advantage is that when people are apart, they keep re-courting one another.” And, this is true indeed, right? Every time you meet, you have the feeling like you’re on the first date all over again.

Cultivate patience. Try to stay positive and see the bigger picture. One day, when you meet face to face at the altar, you’ll promise that you’ll never separate again. 

All the distance and all the time you couldn’t spend together will be left in the past. You might even be thankful for the distance because you’ll see in the end that it has actually brought you closer together. 

Teenage Relationship Advice

I swear the teenage years are the most beautiful part of every person’s life. The constant adventures and meeting new people simply make you feel alive. 

And, oh, those teenage relationships… they’re definitely the funnest ones, but they can also be pretty painful indeed. 

Here are a few pieces of efficient relationship advice that will help you go through the teenage dating life and lower the risk of getting your fragile heart broken. 

1. Don’t rush into it

Don’t ever fall under the pressure of doing something just because all of your peers have done it already. 

You should start dating, but only if you feel ready for it and only when you find the person who you genuinely like. Don’t date someone just because you like the idea of being in a relationship or because you want to find out what it feels like to be in a relationship. 

And, don’t ever engage in a serious relationship too soon. Come on. For God’s sake, you’re a teenager… you have to explore your options and, most importantly, you should have fun. 

2. Make compromises, but stay true to yourself

You need and you should make compromises with your partner. Compromises are one of the most definite signs of a healthy relationship

However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up your personal values and perspectives. You must stay true to your own values, emotions, and desires; otherwise, you’ll only lose yourself in the relationship. 

3. Don’t fear conflict

I know that most teenage couples avoid fighting because they think that it might tear their relationship apart. But, you should know that fighting can actually bring you closer. 

You should embrace having those little disagreements in your relationship, but you need to find a way to deal with them in a healthy way. 

Address the issue, and try to find a way to fix it. Don’t obsess about who is to be blamed for your problem, but try to focus on fixing things. 

4. Don’t neglect your friendships

Keep hanging out with your best friends. It’s normal that you want to spend more time with your new bae, but if you start ignoring your friends, it’ll devalue your friendship.

You need to find a balance between your love and your social life. After all, you don’t know if your partner will stay in your life forever while your besties and pals will always be there for you. 

5. Emotional intimacy is more important than physical intimacy

Before being physically intimate with someone, it’s important to make an emotional connection first. 

An emotional bond will provide the opportunity to connect on a deeper level over time. 

If you want a casual relationship or a one-night stand, you don’t have to bother with building an emotional connection. However, if you want a more serious and lasting relationship, then you should prefer the emotional bond over the physical bond. 

6. Don’t show off your relationship on social media

I’m sure that most of you won’t listen to this piece of advice. Unfortunately, posting selfies about everything you do and with everyone you hang out with has become very normal nowadays. 

It seems to me that I can’t come to terms with some of the rules of this modern era of social media. Just remember that the best and most beautiful things are always kept secret. A private life is a happy life indeed!

Inspiring Relationship Advice Quotes  

I decided to end this article with this list of the best relationship advice quotes. These inspiring quotes will speak to you… they will motivate you to work on your relationship and lead it in the right direction.

1. “You don’t love someone for their looks or their clothes or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.” – Oscar Wilde

2. “Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr

3. “A strong working relationship requires every participant to be on the same page.” – Dinesh Paliwal

4. “A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself — to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom, and it can never grow in a jealous heart.” – Leo F. Buscaglia

5. “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, and penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” – Maya Angelou

6. “Happily ever after” is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.” – Fawn Weaver

7. “Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.” – William James

8. “The more connections you and your lover make, not just between your bodies but between your minds, your hearts, and your souls… the more you will strengthen the fabric of your relationship, and the more real moments you will experience together.” – Barbara De Angelis.

9. “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” – Swedish Proverb

10. “Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” – Paul Boese

In A Nutshell

Whether your relationship is stuck in a rut or you’re just struggling to maintain it safely and soundly, these amazing pieces of relationship advice will definitely come in handy. 

And, trust me… there is no such thing as an impossible relationship or love. Two people led by true love can achieve just about everything IF they both want it badly enough.

The most important thing is that whatever you do, you do it in the name of love, your love… in the name of you two and your “happily ever after”