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How To Keep Each Zodiac Sign Happy When In A Relationship

How To Keep Each Zodiac Sign Happy When In A Relationship

All relationships have their ups and downs. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not happy relationships. Happiness lies in understanding each other, recognizing each other’s needs, and putting in the effort.

One of the best ways to know a little more about what makes different people happy is by looking into their zodiac signs.

Every sign is unique in its own way and has a different way of expressing love and unique needs that need to be fulfilled in order for them to feel satisfied and happy. 

What makes your and your partner’s signs happy? Let’s find out.


Aries are the kind of people who don’t like beating around the bush. They want you to be honest and direct, and that’s what they appreciate the most in a person and relationship. 

They also like it when people are down for spontaneous actions, not afraid to challenge themselves and do something out of the box and new. It makes them feel alive.

If you want to keep Aries happy, then think about ways you can get them excited by introducing them to something new, and do it often.


Taurus is a stubborn sign. That means they usually have a hard time opening up completely. However, there’s a way to win their trust.

You need to create a comfortable place, and I mean physically AND mentally.

Arrange cozy dates with home-cooked meals and blankets, buy them merch of their favorite musician, take them on a trip to the museum and show genuine interest in what they’re interested in.

The way to keep them happy is definitely through good food, art, and lots of listening.


Geminis are Mercury-ruled, which means they care about all the things mercury-related: communication, information, thought processes, ideas. 

They need to be mentally stimulated at all times and have somebody who can follow them.

They’re living libraries and love to have meaningful, challenging, and profound discussions about everything – from their favorite pop album to life on Mars.

Quality time is number one for them and that’s what anyone dating a Gemini should keep in mind.


Cancers are known as homebodies and that’s largely true. They prefer the safety of home and love to feel very close to their loved ones.

They’re not big on material stuff – gifts and such. They’re more the type to feel happy when they’re doing something for their partner.

This means that in order to bring them joy, you need to show genuine gratitude and make sure they know you noticed their effort and love.

Overall, they’re romantic beings who just need to feel loved, and they feel loved primarily through words of affirmations and affection.


Leos like to have fun and live their life carefreely. They’re usually not the ones to bring up heavy topics, but who light up the room everywhere they go.

For Leos, humor and the ability to be effortless and easygoing are the most important traits in a partner. They seek a partner who will entertain them and also make them look good in public.

To make a Leo happy, organize laid-back and fun nights with friends. Go somewhere crowded and loud, and compliment them on things they’re proud of.


Virgos are very rational and careful signs. Their mind is always busy thinking of how to make everything they do the best they possibly can.

Even though they enjoy their own efficiency, sometimes it creates exhaustion.

That’s exactly why they need someone who’s very understanding and sensitive to help them get in touch with their emotions and softer side.

In order to be happy, they need to have their free space, but also need patience and affection to balance them out.


Libras are happy when everything around them is in harmony. They love it when everyone is happy and satisfied, and they have no problem accommodating and understanding someone’s needs.

However, they dislike conflict.

If you want to make Libra happy, communicate what you want clearly and don’t make a big deal out of it. Everything can be solved in a peaceful manner. 

Other than that, show them love by little gestures. They have a great eye for detail and enjoy beautiful things – you can never go wrong with that, be it pretty flowers or their favorite sweets.


The thing that makes a Scorpio the happiest person in the world is when they know they can fully trust their partner.

Make sure they know they can trust you and that you have their back. That’s the most attractive thing you can do for a Scorpio.

They love their partner passionately and will do everything they can to make you happy.

The only thing they want in return is loyalty.


Sagittarius is a fire sign of action and never-ending search for transformational experiences. They love to live on the edge and also love truthful and deep people.

They’re happy when they’re free to express themselves, progress, and be on the move. They’re always hungry for new experiences and sometimes tend to be overly immersed in their plans and aspirations.

Saggies need a partner who will keep them grounded yet be able to keep up with them on their adventures. Freedom is the main thing they’re looking for in life and love.


Capricorns prefer like-minded individuals to be their partners. In other words, they’re not too interested in challenges and go for a person who’s very much like themselves.

Someone who is practical, disciplined, and has big goals. They’re happy when their partner is also their team-mate and someone they can discuss business and goals with.

All in all, Capricorn is happy when everything around them is efficient and optimized, including their partner.


Aquarians are maybe the hardest sign to pin down. They’re usually unconventional individuals who like their freedom and are very picky about the people they spend their time with.

In order to make Aquarius happy, you’ll need to be VERY open-minded and ready to engage in weird yet cool discussions about human nature, the future of humankind, and probably aliens and science too.

They’re the happiest when they learn something new, so make sure you’re giving them something they can appreciate. 


Pisces are happy when they feel comfortable, accepted, and safe. They’re very dreamy and sensitive, so they really like to be shown affection and love through sweet gestures.

Intimacy is the ultimate thing that will make them happy in a relationship. If there’s no intimate connection, they’re out.

They need to feel like they can be vulnerable with you or else they will keep to themselves. In return, they’ll give you a lot of love and support to be whoever you want to be.