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How To Let Go And Trust God To Be Your Guide Through Life

How To Let Go And Trust God To Be Your Guide Through Life

How many times have you heard the saying: Let go and trust God? And how many times have you truly understood its significance?

Letting go is daunting. It means putting your trust in someone else’s hands. It means having faith in God’s will and letting go of control

You feel God’s presence every day but will He really catch you when you fall? 

Let’s put it this way. You trust that you’ll wake up each morning and have a roof over your head. You trust that you’ll have food on your table every single day. You trust that your parents will stick by your side.

However, when it comes to letting go and trusting God, your walls are up and the barriers are impenetrable. 

Know that once you open your heart to God’s plan, the weight of the world will fall off your shoulders. All you have to do is let Him take the wheel.

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The True Meaning Of Letting Go To God

woman standing in the field during sunset

It means relinquishing all your worries, struggles and anxiety to our Heavenly Father. It means telling God that He is the only one who can truly guide you where you’re supposed to go.

Once you do this, you give God room to have His mighty way and protect you from the Devil and his temptations.

When you’re weak, God is strong. When you feel incapable to move on, He offers you a helping hand. He knows who you are and how strong you really are.

Letting go to God means finally allowing yourself to live according to your potential.

The Christian life is a constant struggle between doubt and confidence but those who choose to let go and trust God end up seeing all the perks that letting go of control brings.

Finding your way isn’t easy. Temptations surround us on every corner and oftentimes, everything feels so gloomy. You deeply want to keep your faith but it can get hard.

This is all too common but don’t feel ashamed for having reservations about God and His plan. Having faith requires strength and patience.

I encourage you to go to Bible study and let Bible verses resonate with you. It helped me find the peace I sought for so long.

woman sitting on hill looking at ocean during daytime

I haven’t always been able to maintain my faith and I haven’t always led the peaceful Christian life that I do now but over time, I simply realized that no matter how much I try to control my life and my destiny, ultimately, it is all in His hands.

This helped me turn over a new leaf, surrender my worries to Him and trust that His plan is the only one that matters.

Paul says to, “…throw off everything that hinders us and the sin that so easily entangles us.” (Hebrews 12.1 NIV). This means that every single day you have a chance to start anew. 

Don’t let yourself be tangled up in sin. Don’t let yesterday’s worries hinder your life today. Have the discipline to believe in the word of God and stop clinging to things and people that aren’t meant for you.

Acknowledge Him every day and know that He’s watching over you and your loved ones. Just because it’s hard to let it go it doesn’t mean it’s not the right call.

The Bible says that to God, nothing is impossible. Perhaps it’s time to start believing it.

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Steps To Let Go & Let God

Leave yesterday’s issues in the past

blonde woman in black dress facing mountain

Choose to wash away all the worries yesterday presented you with. Mentally distance yourself from the anxiety and stress it caused you and start this day fresh.

Let go of the bad and embrace the good that’s yet to come. When you embrace a positive mindset each morning, you’re trusting God to give you a clean slate for a fulfilling day of endless possibilities.

Talk to God through prayer

woman with eyes closed praying

Before you speak to anyone else that day, speak to Him first. A prayer is a mighty tool. Tell God you love Him and thank Him for being alive, happy and healthy.

Acknowledge Him and show your appreciation. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you through the word of God and let your spiritual growth help you persevere in your faith.

Start your day with Bible verses

woman in brown robe reading book

Each morning after prayer, allow yourself some much-needed quiet time. Open your Bible where you left off and remind yourself of the inspiring verses to help you navigate the day.

May God remain with you throughout the entire day and may his quiet yet powerful ways show you that He’s always there. The Bible has the power to feed your soul and nurture your mind so let it.

Surround yourself with spiritual buffers

two women looking at sea during sunset

You were not meant to walk this path alone. We all need people who will provide us with words of encouragement and speak the truth when we need it most.

Let go and trust God to send you the right people. Encourage people who’ll understand you, guide you and walk alongside you and weed out the wrong ones without feeling a stitch of guilt.

Discover new podcasts, watch encouraging videos and read Christian books that will enhance your faith and never allow anyone in your life who doesn’t support your beliefs.

Nurture your spiritual growth

woman with eyes closed standing in forest

The world is a complex place. There will always be something to add to your worries and give you anxiety. Fight it, maintain your spiritual growth and don’t let negativity crush you.

Let go of everything counterproductive to your mental health and seek solace in God’s word when challenging times are ahead. He knows what He’s doing. Always.

Every single day when you relinquish it all to God, you grow without even realizing it. At first, you may feel vulnerable but eventually it’ll be the most freeing experience of your life.

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How To Renounce It All And Let God Guide You?

Surrender your worries to Him

woman in red coat standing in woods

Worrying does nothing but continually oppress you, hinder your growth and make you doubt yourself and your abilities.

Instead of worrying, let God handle it. Let Him handle the worries of yesterday, tomorrow and every following day. Let Him have His way and start focusing on what’s in front of you right now.

Worrying will contribute zero positivity and bring you an abundance of unnecessary negativity. Surrender it all to God, knowing that His way is the best way.

He has kept you alive thus far. You can trust Him to keep paving the way for you in His own inconspicuously powerful way.

Surrender your need for control to Him

woman in black shirt standing in field

Control is extremely challenging to renounce as it renders us useless and powerless, or at least that’s what we think. But actually, it’s the opposite.

God is in control of everything. Thinking that you have sway over God’s way is foolish to say the least. Having said that, the only rational thing to do is let it go and let Him show you the way.

After all, He is the creator of the universe. It goes without saying that you can trust Him to lead the way. 

Trust is a feeble thing; it leaves us vulnerable and exposed but only those who dare give their control to God understand the inexplicable peace it leaves you with.

Surrender your future to Him

woman standing near cliff during sunset

Trust Him to take care of your future so that you can fully enjoy the present day. You can only take it one day at a time.

Changing the past is impossible and living in the future robs you of today’s joys. So let go and trust God to worry about tomorrow. 

People often fall into the trap of not living in the now but seldom do they see how much they rob themselves of happiness. Living in the moment is all we can do.

The future’s not ours to determine, nor can we control what it brings. All we truly have is right here, right now and the rest, leave to God.

Surrender your money to Him

woman sitting on rock looking at sea

It is completely understandable how tightly we hold onto our finances. Money is an essential aspect of our lives and letting anyone mess with it feels uneasy. 

But God wants to help you with that. He wants you to put Him first and money second. 

Your finances are safe in His hands. He will bless you, take care of you and never leave you hungry. Trust that He knows what He’s doing. Let him help you when you’re in your own way.

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Trust His Purpose Even When You’re Doubting It

woman with hat standing on dock looking at water

One of my biggest lessons learned in life was to never doubt God’s purpose, no matter the challenge or obstacle I’m faced with.

Know that God’s plan is the greatest of all and just because you may not understand it, it doesn’t mean you need to doubt it.

“Things happen in this world – sometimes accidents, sometimes a result of our own actions – but that doesn’t mean God’s abandoned us. It just means that we live in a messed-up world. It’s when we trust Him completely that He begins to bring good out of bad situations.”― Carla Laureano 

Faith is an intricate thing. It presupposes that you need to trust an invisible force to take the reins of your life. Its entire foundation is on trusting God without questioning His ways.

And I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on it. We all lead unique lives and are tested in ways we never see coming. 

We all have our weak days where putting our trust in His hands feels ludicrous but in those times, the scripture has proven to be my guiding light.

It is the most surefire way to hear His voice and remind yourself of His will. Reading the Bible will help you see things clearly and wash away any doubts.

It is your direct channel to communicate with God, who will then show you your troubles in a new light.

Your mindset of fear prevents you from fully being able to let go but when you let Him lead you, you’ll realize that God’s plans are much greater than your own and that He thinks of every little thing.

Proverbs 3:5 says to ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding.’ This an incredible thought that will allow you to let go of those voices in your head and stop sabotaging your life.

You don’t have to understand His purpose in order to live your life by it. Immerse yourself In God’s word and don’t let your doubts lead you astray.

He has a plan for everything. Keep your faith intact and let Him show you in His own mysterious ways.

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Even when you believe that He won’t, He will

woman in checked shirt standing on train rail track

Even when you’re overwhelmed with doubt, God will be there. When your struggles hinder your faith, He won’t abandon you.

God is a constant, whether you believe it or not. Your insecurities will plague you and your issues may lead you further away from Him. Yet, He will still stand by your side. 

You won’t be able to see it and you won’t be able to hear it but God’s word will guide you throughout it all. With His help, you will always come out victorious. 

Shift your focus from your doubts to your faith and watch it all fall into place.

How To Let Go And Trust God To Be Your Guide Through Life