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How To Love Your Husband: 10 Ways To Show Him You Care

How To Love Your Husband: 10 Ways To Show Him You Care

In any marriage, one of the most important things you should always be mindful of is making sure that your spouse knows that you love him.

No matter what.

We all have our own ways to express the love we feel for our spouses, and honestly, there isn’t a wrong way to love.

We all just do our best, and pray it’s enough.

Marriage is hard work, and it’s not always going to be fun in the sun, so knowing how to love your husband through those darker days is vital for your relationship.

There will always be people telling you how to do things, but you should always follow your gut and do what feels right for you.

All else is nothing but white noise.

After all, you are the one in that marriage, and you are the one going through all of its ups and downs, so nobody can actually know what works best for you and your husband but you two!

That feeling of pure love should always come from that genuine place inside you.

You should never have to force it. It has to come naturally to you, otherwise it’s going to become toxic and eat away at your relationship.

When it comes to my marriage, the only person I listen to is myself.

My husband and I have gone through a lot together, and nobody knows him the way I do, so I always trust that gut feeling and let it guide me.

I know firsthand how challenging marriage can be.

You have this person by your side that goes through life with you, and at times, it’s the most reassuring feeling in the world… and yet sometimes, you feel so suffocated.

If I’ve learned anything through the past few years… it’s that love isn’t always enough.

You can love the shit out of your husband, but without some sacrifice, effort, and forgiveness, it will never go the distance.

I know you really love him. But sometimes, it’s important to show him he is not taken for granted.

It could end up being the thing that saves your marriage one day.

Perhaps you’ve been going through a rough patch or maybe you feel like you’ve been neglecting him, and you want to show him how much you care.

Whatever it is, put in the effort, and show your man he means the world to you!

We all yearn for that all-encompassing type of love that makes us feel anything is possible.

You know, glow in your husband’s eyes when he looks at you and you can just feel how much he adores you.

And we all deserve to feel that.

So if you have a husband you love and who loves you, show him he is your world and always make an effort to put your marriage above anything else.

When he feels valued and important, it’s going to reflect on how he is as a husband.

You are going to feel his love all over your body, and there won’t be a moment when you won’t be grateful for your blessings.

There are so many ways to love your husband and show him how much you care about him.

Most of the time, it’s those little, everyday things that prove to be the most important part of them all!

So keep on reading and find out how to love your husband in a way that is going to make him feel like the luckiest dude on the plant for having you as his wife!

1. Aim to be kind even on the days when it doesn’t come easy to you

How To Love Your Husband: 10 Ways To Show Him You Care

This is a tough one. There will be days when you won’t be able to look at your husband.

Sure, you love him, but sometimes, it’s going to be so hard that you’ll just want to scream in his face and leave for the day.

And on those types of days, train yourself to stay as calm as you can, and find a kind thought in your head.

That is the ultimate sign of true love.

When you can find a kind word to say even on days you really don’t want to, you know you really love that person.

Even if your bad mood has nothing to do with him.

You could be having a rough day at work, or you’ll be fighting with your mom—whatever it is, don’t take it out on him.

If you don’t feel like talking, that’s fine. Just don’t lash out at your husband because when you cool off, you will feel badly about it without a doubt.

Practice kindness as often as you can, no matter what you’re going through, and one day it will become easier dealing with tough shit.

Your perspective will become much healthier, and your relationship won’t suffer.

2. Give him an opportunity to be alone with his thoughts when you feel like he needs space

I used to bombard my husband on a daily basis with a bunch of ideas, gossip, and all things that I cared about (mostly girl-related stuff) because I felt he signed up for that, and he should be able to listen to me whenever I felt like it.

But then I realized one thing. Every single person on this planet deserves their space and some alone time. My husband was no exception.

I know that I don’t feel like listening to him go on and on about his fantasy football league and a bunch of guy stuff I don’t really care for, so why should I bother him with stuff I can easily talk to my besties about?

I get intense, and I can be a lot—I admit that.

And it’s not fair to expect my husband to put up with that and not consider how he is feeling at that moment if I’m being too much.

Husbands need their space, too! They don’t have to listen to us whenever we want them to because they deserve a break just as much as we do.

So don’t get too intense with him and expect him to be all ears 24/7.

Give him some space without making him feel guilty. He is completely entitled to it.

3. Find a hobby that you can both enjoy equally as a couple

How To Love Your Husband: 10 Ways To Show Him You Care

Nothing will bring you closer as a couple than doing couple stuff! Find a hobby that you feel you’ll both be able to enjoy, and give it a whirl!

If there’s a sport he’s really into, try it out with him. If he’s a fitness freak, go to the gym with him, and let him be your gym buddy.

He will encourage you and motivate you like nobody else could.

The point is to find something that you will do together on a regular basis, and therefore spend quality time together while doing something that you either both enjoy or that is really healthy for you!

If you decide on a sport that he loves, he will really appreciate your effort and show you his gratitude for being so thoughtful and considerate.

This is the best way to show you husband you love him and feel that connection more than ever before.

4. Learn to let go of things without residual anger

There will be issues that will take some serious work and effort into resolving them.

And there will be times where it will be very hard letting go of those issues.

But that is precisely what you need to master doing because if you keep things bottled up inside, one day, they are going to burst to the surface in the worst way (and time) possible.

Forgiveness is a key thing in a marriage.

When you work out an issue, the only place where it belongs is in the past. If it’s been resolved, erase it from your mind.

When you keep holding onto things from the past and keep using them as a means to an end today, you are holding onto a lot of toxic negativity that is extremely damaging to your marriage.

Show your partner the respect he deserves by letting go of things you have mutually worked out and keep them in your past.

The only thing you should worry about is your present and how you can make it better.

Anything else is a toxic waste of time.

5. If you have a bone to pick with him, confront him about it without attacking and judging

How To Love Your Husband: 10 Ways To Show Him You Care

If there is an issue that you need to confront him about, collect your thoughts and clear your mind of all the potential negative things you want to start with, and give him a chance to say his piece.

There are two sides to every story, so always give him an opportunity to be heard and understood.

Your husband should always get the benefit of the doubt from you, so make sure to keep that in mind before you start quarreling.

Don’t pick a fight while you’re fuming, and don’t do it when you know he’s busy.

Find a time when you’re both off work and available to have a conversation.

Kindly ask him about the thing that’s bothering you, and don’t be too intense and angry the minute you start talking.

It will only make him be more defensive about something he may not even be guilty of.

Have an honest conversation, and be sure to listen to what he has to say. Put yourself in his shoes and be understanding of his point of view.

Sometimes we only see things from our perspective and fail to acknowledge our partner’s.

Don’t make that mistake, and try your best to resolve this in the most peaceful, understanding manner.

6. Make him feel like you are his safe harbor where he can go and feel secure

The best way to love your husband is by being his safe place and his sanctuary.  

Be the one he goes to when the world becomes too much to handle.

Let him know that he can come to you and feel valued, loved, and understood.

Be his best friend and his rock. Never make him feel like he can’t come to you when he’s feeling down.

The entire idea of marriage is a partnership throughout a lifetime. That includes good days as well as bad ones.

You can’t pick and choose when it’s convenient for you to be there.

You have be his partner no matter what happens. For as long as he’s a good husband to you, be an even better wife to him.

Men are not as open with their emotions as women are, so recognize when he’s feeling like crap, and come to him with a kind word and a reassuring hug. He will love you all the more for it.

7. Never forget about the importance of laughing together

How To Love Your Husband: 10 Ways To Show Him You Care

It’s not just a saying, laughter really is the best medicine. And when it’s with somebody you love, it’s that much more meaningful.

Make sure that you and your husband never forget to laugh together.

Take a break from a long, tiring day, and enjoy a fun activity that will make you laugh your asses off.

Don’t take life too seriously. No matter what’s going on in your life, forget about it for a few hours.

Go watch a movie you know always makes you laugh. Enjoy it without a single worry on your mind.

Simply focus on having a good time with your man, and remember why you married him in the first place.

Talk about the hilarious memories you two share, remind yourselves of the embarrassing things that happened on a trip you took, and relive them by laughing until your stomachs hurt.

Those things are what you will hold onto when things aren’t as fun.

And when the going gets tough, you will always remember how good you have it together, as well as be reminded of the love your share, and to never take each other for granted.

8. Appreciate all the little things he does for you on a daily basis

As I’ve already mentioned, the little things always go a long way.

So if your husband does things for you on a daily basis that may go unnoticed, make sure you notice them!

Appreciation is extremely important in a marriage.

Does your husband let you sleep in a bit longer on weekends and feed the baby or make you breakfast in bed?

Does he pick up the kids after work so you can go straight home and relax alone for a bit?

Does he listen to your business propositions and give you solid advice whenever you need it?

Thank him and appreciate him!

It’s not easy taking on the workload of the household as well as maintaining your own identity and making it work as an individual.

Appreciate your husband when he makes an effort to make your life easier in any way!

Think about the last time he did a kind, selfless gesture that went unnoticed, and thank him for it.

Make him see that you do indeed see everything he does, and you appreciate it even though you may not always say it at the time.

Trust me—it will go a long way.

9. Live in the moment and plan a surprise getaway (at your earliest convenience!)

How To Love Your Husband: 10 Ways To Show Him You Care

It is too easy getting lost in the real world of responsibilities, work, family life, and what not.

So that’s why it is an amazing idea to try and find a weekend when you’re both free and plan a little vacation!

It has to be just the two of you.

The point is to get away from everything you deal with on a daily basis, and simply unwind, relax, spend quality time, and love one another!

Find a time that works for both of you.

Book the tickets (it really doesn’t have to be anywhere far, just far enough from your daily lives), and tell him when it’s all booked and dealt with!

He will LOVE this little romantic getaway and love you for making an effort!

This weekend will be like the fuel you both need to recharge and get lost in the love you share but don’t often have the time to nurture and take care of.

So don’t think about it too much, and make the necessary arrangements.

Have a weekend off, and don’t feel guilty for one second because you both deserve it.

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10. Accept him exactly for who he is, flaws and all

Remind yourself that nobody in this world is perfect—and neither is your husband. But you still love him like hell, right?

So when he does something that may annoy you or if he exhibits some traits that you don’t find particularly amusing, remember not to hold it against him.

He is just being the way he is, and for as long as it’s not hurting you in any way, let him.

We are all wired differently, and no two minds in this world are alike.

So things that he finds amusing might be appalling to you and vice versa, but that’s no reason to be hating.

Appreciate him for all that he does for you and accept him for who he is—no more, no less.

Surely, you have shortcomings that he doesn’t mind or nag about, so do the same for him.

We are all flawed human beings, and when you love a person, you learn to live with those minor inconveniences.

That is exactly what marriage is. Loving one another through your ups and downs, good sides and bad sides.

You don’t get to pick and choose. You just love the shit out of each other and learn to make it work.

How To Love Your Husband: 10 Ways To Show Him You Care