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How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy: 13 Sweet & Simple Ways

How To Make Your Boyfriend Happy: 13 Sweet & Simple Ways

Wondering how to make your boyfriend happy means you genuinely care about preserving your healthy relationship. Good on you!

It’s really important that both partners continually find little ways to keep their bond intact. And that’s why I’m going to help you make your BF fall in love with you all over again.

Guys need attention too! And thoughtful, romantic gestures never go out of style (as all good girlfriends know).

If you’ve found one of the few good men out there, make him see how precious he is, and don’t let him go!

There are numerous little things you could be doing to make your boyfriend happy every day. Want to know more? Great!

Below, I’m sharing the sweetest tips and tricks on how to make him feel loved up every single day.

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1. Help him remember why he fell for you

Do you remember the thing about you he was drawn to in the first place

Was it your sexy new haircut? Was it your cheeky text messages? Maybe you cooked him a nice meal that he’s loved ever since?

Take him down memory lane and remind him of that day! Wear your hair the way he loved it or cook him the meal you had on your first date. Whatever helped you win him over that day!

This will be a sweet reminder of your beginnings and show him your thoughtful side. Plus, it will mean a whole lot that you went out of your way just to make him feel appreciated.

It’s always the little things that make the biggest impact in a relationship.

2. Give him a tight hug when he least expects it

A good hug has the ability to transform one’s mood in a matter of seconds! Give your boyfriend a warm embrace when you sense he needs it most.

This romantic gesture will tell him I love you more than the actual words. 

When it comes to being affectionate, guys melt over it, they just won’t necessarily show it. Hug him, kiss him, and give him a reassuring smile.

These sweet, tender moments will give him the boost he might need for the day. Plus, on a bad day, a loving hug makes all the difference!

3. Purchase sexy lingerie to entice his imagination

The emotional aspects are important, but so is keeping things fresh in the bedroom!

You know what he loves better than anyone. Lace? See-through negligee? A leather G-string? Whatever it is, purchase it, then surprise him one night.

Guys love bedroom surprises. I doubt yours is any different. 

Instead of being a prude, give him a blowjob to remember, wearing the hottest lingerie you own.

Sometimes, you just have to spice things up. Your man deserves it. If he’s a good boyfriend who treats you right and does nice things for you, he should get the same in return.

Plus, this is kind of a gift for both of you. We all know where this will lead, so it’s basically a double win!

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4. Be his shoulder to lean on

Sadly, most men are a little apprehensive about being vulnerable. Even in a long-term relationship, there is always a bit of holding back.

That’s where you come in. Don’t expect him to ask for help, beat him to it! Recognize the signs when he’s feeling down and ask him how he’s doing. If he needs help, just go over there and help him.

When you straight-up show up for him, he’s left with no other choice but to lean on you.

That is how you build trust. That is how you allow him to open up completely. Build your bond by acting preemptively and be his best friend when he needs you to.

I assure you this will make your boyfriend happy beyond measure.

5. Never underestimate the power of PDA

To make your man absolutely melt, give him a cute, unexpected kiss in public!

Hold his hand tightly as you’re walking down the street or place your hand on his lower back (you know exactly where).

Engage in some PDA, but with a fine line. You don’t want to be that couple who sucks face on a busy street (nobody likes to see that).

But when you do it with good measure, it’s just the thing that will make his heart race.

A sweet kiss on the cheek never hurt anybody, plus it shows him you’re proud to be with him. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely melt when my man embraces me in public.

This will help you flourish as a couple, plus it can also help your good relationship become great!

6. Give him a cute shoutout on social media

Admit it. You LOVE it when someone you care for gives you a sweet shoutout on socials! And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s an awesome feeling!

And I bet your man would dig this!

Find a cute pic of the two of you, write a cute caption and post it on Instagram (but don’t overdo it with the cheesiness).

It should be just adorable enough for people to think how lovely you two are, but not so much that it’s tacky.

We all love to be proudly showcased on our partner’s social media. Your BF is no exception, I promise you that (as long as he looks good in the photo of course).

Unless you post a couple goals photo every other day, this will definitely make your boyfriend happy.

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7. Understand his need for alone time

We all occasionally need a break from our lives, jobs, friends, and romantic partners. It’s nothing personal, people just need to be able to recharge on their own.

Understand his need for alone time and provide him with his much-needed space. He can spend it however he chooses, no questions asked.

This will help him see what a good girlfriend you are, as not many people understand the concept of personal space.

It’s important in a relationship that no matter how close you are, you can both still be your own people. That’s the beauty of a healthy relationship!

People can grow together and share a life with each other, and still pursue their own individual goals.

Couples who understand this crucial bit of relationship advice, end up the happiest.

8. Guys love compliments too!

I know this may come as a shock to you, but guys like to know they look good too!

So don’t hold back and tell him how effin handsome he looks when he’s on his way to a work thing! 

Tell him his new haircut goes perfectly with his facial features. When he smells nice, be sure to notice it! Guys love this shit! It boosts their confidence and makes them feel good AF.

So whoever told you guys hate to be complimented, they’re lying. Google the best compliments for guys and go for it!

It’s the simplest way to put a smile on that hot boyfriend of yours’ face!

9. Don’t dwell on unnecessary issues (learn to let go)

Listen, nobody says it’s going to be rainbows and butterflies every single day. God knows there will be days when you’ll want to bite his head off.

What I’m trying to say is this. Recognize when the issue is just not that big of a deal and let it go! You don’t have to be right all the time.

It’s vital that he wins a few arguments too. Otherwise, he’ll start holding grudges and it could end up hurting you in the long run.

Unless he cheated, hurt you, or betrayed your trust, give him the benefit of the doubt. Your boyfriend hates fighting every bit as much as you do. Why dwell on the little things?

Some things just don’t matter when it comes to the big picture. You should know when to budge. It could end up saving your relationship.

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10. Be that fun girl he met all those years ago!

Having fun together as a couple means the world. It’s so important to be able to just laugh your booty off with your man!

Remember when you used to do fun and crazy things all the time before life and hectic schedules got in the way?

Find time for your couple-shenanigans again! Bring back the spark that made you realize you wanted to laugh with this man for the rest of your life.

Life is too unpredictable and scary not to seize every chance you get to just have fun. 

Plus, your boyfriend will be so happy to just let loose and fall in love with your quirky ways again.

There is nobody in this world I want to laugh with more than with my better half. How about you?

11. Nurture a good relationship with the important people in his life

Having your man and your best girls get along is a dream, isn’t it?

What if I told you that he dreams of the exact same thing?

Guys have deep friendships too. And just like you love your girlfriends, he feels the same about his best buds!

Have you tried getting to know them? I highly suggest investing some time in fostering a healthy relationship with those he loves most (other than you).

Your boyfriend will be over the moon seeing you so comfortable around his friends! It’s like his two worlds colliding – in the best possible way!

Getting to know his friends and family will cement your relationship, make him feel extremely lucky, and ensure a long-lasting bond.

Seeing you slowly establish good, fun relationships with his people will make him love you ten times more.

12. Look hot AF for date nights

First, don’t forget about the importance of date nights! You should never be too busy to spend quality time with your better half.

Weekends are yours for the taking. Whether it’s a dinner date, movies, or a romantic stroll on the beach, be sure to look hot for him!

Let him show you off in front of people. You deserve to look good and feel good, plus it’s a surefire way to make your boyfriend happy.

Taking the time to put on your best dress, wear your favorite makeup, and do your hair just for him is so sexy!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome that you can look your worst in front of him and be completely comfortable! But what’s even better is dressing to the nines and showing him that you do care about looking like your best self as well!

13. Never hesitate to say I love you

He can’t read your mind, and you can’t just expect him to know. If you never say it, he might start feeling uncertain.

Say those three words as much as you can.

In the morning when he kisses you before he goes to work, at night before you doze off, and after a big fight (especially then).

People love to know that they’re loved. It’s such a simple notion, yet it can brighten your whole day in an instant!

If you love your man, tell him – particularly on a bad day! Because there will be tough times. But that’s all the more reason to reassure him!

That way, he’ll know that even though you may come to blows sometimes, your love is never in question.

So shoot him a sweet text, leave him little love notes, and tell him he’s got you head over heels!

And soon, you’ll never have to wonder how to make him happy again.

Why? Because knowing you’re in it for the long haul is all he’ll ever need.

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