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I Thought You Were My Soulmate

I Thought You Were My Soulmate

I never thought that there was only one person who was right for you, your soulmate .

It did not make sense to me. I just liked more to think that there were a lot of people who were going to be right for us.

The first moment I saw you was in the library. Our conversation was not anything special, you seemed like a regular guy who liked books but then, there was something.

There was this feeling like I knew you from somewhere. I tried to remember where, I really did think about it. But I could not remember where I had seen you before. You were just familiar.

After two weeks we started texting, we could not stop. I felt like I could tell you everything, you had so much understanding.

We felt the same, we had so many things in common. It was weird sometimes because I had a lot of friends and no one was as similar to me as you.

In a very short time, I knew I was in love with you, I just could not stop thinking about you. I wanted to be with you every moment.

I was apologizing to my friends all the time because I could not stop talking about you.

They were really happy for me and they also told me that they had never seen me so happy and that I was acting differently.

One day, I still remember it very well, we had been hanging out all day and everything was so perfect, and a thought passed through my head; I thought ‘you are my soulmate’.

It felt so right, so real and true. You were my soulmate, our souls had been searching for one another for millions of years and now we were together.

That is why I felt so extremely happy when you were around.

Months and years passed and our love was as perfect as it was the first day. I became a new person because of you, a better person because our love changed me.

When I think now about how happy we were, I still do not believe that we are not together anymore.

Happiness became so normal, I felt it on a daily basis. Why did you stop being happy with me? Am I ever going to get an answer to this question?

You came home that day from a business trip and told me you had cheated on me and that it was a mistake.

You told me that you hated yourself for what you did. “ She does not mean anything,” you said. But you needed a change, a challenge and she was there. You were weak.

You did not ask for forgiveness from me because you realized what you had done, that you had destroyed the best we had.

We were blessed, we had true love, all of our friends wanted to have the love and the relationship we had.


You started kissing another person and you did not remember me? You did not remember that I was the person you used to kiss and those were not my lips?

Those were not my arms around you or my smell. You always told me how much you loved how I smelled. You forgot about everything.

Three years have passed and still I remember how I felt at that moment. I felt that the world was collapsing, that everything we built and everything I was, was falling down.

Everything was collapsing and I could not do anything about it. I just watched. At some point I realized I was screaming from the pain.

I do not remember crying so much in my entire life. I could not stop, I just wanted for you to tell me it was not true, I wanted to go back to the past when everything was perfect.

Unfortunately, that was not an option. I cried for days, weeks, months. I do not know when I stopped. I just did at some point.

I do not even know how I recovered, and maybe I never did completely. How do you recover from something like this?

People disappoint you, I know. People have disappointed me before but never like this. It came from a person who I thought was my soulmate. I actually believed that.

Of course, I do not believe in such a thing anymore. I forgave him, I loved him and I could not hate him. I wanted to hate him but I could not. I just walked away and survived.

I am a stronger person now and this was the biggest lesson of my life. I do not believe in soulmates anymore but I do believe in love.

I believe because I know that I loved; the problem is that I was not loved enough or in the right way. I hope I will be someday.