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12 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Low Maintenance Girl

12 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Low Maintenance Girl

1. The ideal date for her is staying at home with you

There are some girls who like fancy restaurants and expensive meals, but she is not one of them.

She prefers staying at home with you, wearing your shirt, watching Netflix and eating some pizza. Also, if there is some beer, it would be awesome.

She never asks too much from a man she dates and only fools can’t see how amazing she is. She is so remarkable in her simplicity.

2. She needs only 10 minutes to dress up for a night out

A girl like this knows that having a good time is more important than wearing a ton of makeup, high heels, and a tight dress.

She is always beautiful no matter what she puts on.  She doesn’t overthink her wardrobe she is more interested in spending some quality time with you.

So, if you invite her to go out, she will need only 10 minutes to get ready. What a Wonder Woman, right?

3. She will wear your t-shirts

She wants to feel cozy when she is at home, so she will probably wear all your T-shirts and look like a million dollars in them.

There is no chance you would ever look so good in those shirts like her. But since you really like her, you won’t mind it and you will find it very hot that she wears your favorite shirt.

4. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff

She is the type of girl who doesn’t sweat the small stuff. If something bad happens, she will just accept it because she knows that she couldn’t have had an effect on it anyway.

She never worries too much because she believes that everything that happens has its own meaning and purpose. She knows that there is always sunshine after all the rain.

5. She has her own style

Dressing up and being all fancy is not her style. She likes leggings, sportswear and all baggy clothes she feels comfortable in. She doesn’t like a lot of makeup and her favorite style is all natural.

She doesn’t care what other people have to say. She is laid-back and easy-going about everything which gives her unique attraction. Being true to herself and comfortable in her own skin makes her incredibly sexy.

6. She won’t drag you to shopping malls

In fact, you will probably spend more time in a shopping mall than her. She goes shopping only when she doesn’t have anything to wear but even half an hour in stores are a pain in the butt for her.

She would rather use that time to do something outdoorsy, productive and fulfilling. Spending time closed within 4 walls, is not her idea of fun. She needs something that will inspire her soul.

7. She is adventurous

She doesn’t mind walking with you or kissing you in the rain because she isn’t afraid of getting wet.  If you ask her to go with you to a mountain for the weekend to sleep under the stars, she will enthusiastically accept the offer.

She is an adventure in itself, and you won’t spend a single boring moment with her.

She enjoys spending time outside, breathing in the fresh air, hiking and admiring the views. She feels at home when she is in nature.

8. She likes challenges

A girl like this likes to try all the things that she can because she knows that we only have one life and that she should live it to the fullest.

She likes to try new things and she is not afraid of the risks. She likes challenges and she really enjoys them.

So, if you want to win her over, don’t try to tame her, embrace her wild spirit and be by her side!

9. Material things are not important to her

She values her own money because she knows how hard she worked to earn it. But she also doesn’t mind spending it on people she loves and making them happy in that way.

She doesn’t need a sugar daddy she is more than capable of providing for herself and she really doesn’t get women who are not self-sufficient.

All she needs is someone she clicks with. Someone who will gift her his time, attention and affection and nothing more.  And that is a big difference between a low maintenance and high maintenance girl.

10. To her, small things matter the most

If you date a girl like this, it will be quite easy to satisfy her needs. She doesn’t need the stars and the moon but only you when she is down.

She needs you to tell her that you love her and that you are so happy to have her in your life. She just wants to hear that she matters to someone and that people accept her just the way she is.

11. She lives in the moment

A girl like this doesn’t get all nervous because she has an exam or because she saw her ex in the street. She just chills and does things in her own way.

She never plans anything, so if someone asks her to go somewhere, she will accept it. She thinks that one should seize every moment and she sees everything as a  blessing.

12. She is confident

A girl like this knows how much she brings to the table and she is proud of her accomplishments.  Her self-esteem got higher over the years and that’s one of the reasons why she will never be jealous of you talking to another girl.

She knows that you have your friends and that they were a part of your life before she came into it. She will never be mad because you spend time with them. In fact, she will encourage you to do that.

She loves spending time with you but it doesn’t have to be 24/7.  She treasures every moment with you and it’s more interested in quality than in quantity of time you spend together.

Christine is the author of ‘Staring Into The Eyes Of Anxiety And Depression’, a book that will change the way you fight anxiety and depression.