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I’d Like to Thank You for Breaking My Heart

I’d Like to Thank You for Breaking My Heart

I’d like to thank you for breaking my heart. Every lesson I learned from you is greater than any knowledge I could gain within the four walls of a classroom. Through the pain, the healing was the greatest gift you’ve ever given me. I’m thankful for everything you put me through, and here’s why.

I’d like to thank you for your harsh words. If it hadn’t been for the sharpness of your tongue, I would’ve never realized the softness I truly ache for. The gentle words that will take me into its arms and hold me close in times of trouble. Words are our greatest weapons, and you used yours for war when I came in peace.

I’d like to thank you for being unable to compromise. I can be stubborn too, but I’m willing to meet halfway. Because you weren’t willing to go the distance and meet me there, I won’t be returning. It saves me gas money.

I’d like to thank you for making me feel alone. From all the time I spent with myself, I gained a new best friend. I discovered the power I hold in my own hands and the strength in my independence.

I’d like to thank you for telling me lies. Every lie you told brought me closer to the truth. My truth. I found the most honest version of myself and she told me that I did make the right decision to leave you behind.

I’d like to thank you for leading me on. I grew tired of being pulling by your string and found freedom by cutting loose. You won’t guide me into uncharted waters.

I’d like to thank you for being egotistical. It showed me that there was only room for one person in this relationship, not two. I won’t stay where I’m not welcome.

I’d like thank you for bringing the worst out in me. Now that’s it’s out, I have room to let the good in. Your influence no longer has a hold on me. Your curse has been lifted.

I’d like to thank you for refusing to change, because I needed to make some changes myself. I needed to water my own garden, and most of all, the biggest change I needed to make was to my relationship status.

I’d like to thank you for being a selfish lover. You were focused on your own needs, while mine held no importance. By being so greedy, I realized I needed to find someone whose hands will travel miles just to find me.

I’d like to thank you for being disloyal. Your inability to commit made me feel like I wasn’t enough, but I grew to discover that I was just too much for you. I need someone on my level. No hard feelings.

I’d like to thank you for sleepless nights and streams of tears cried. Within those sleepless nights, I grew tired of remaining stagnant. By drowning in the streams I tears of cried, I eventually learned how to swim. Now I sleep like a baby and my eyes are dry.

Thank you for breaking my heart because I discovered how to put the pieces back together and become whole. Thank you for letting me down, so I could pick myself back up. Because of my dark nights with you, I’ve never seen the sun shine so brightly. Thank you for disappointing me, so I had the chance to find satisfaction. Thank you for breaking promises in the past, so that I could believe in the promises of tomorrow.

Thank you.

by Ambur Wilkerson