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10 Reasons Why Being Single Is A Gift

10 Reasons Why Being Single Is A Gift

In a society where we’re often seen as abnormal for not a having significant other, we’re taught the idea that being single is the absolute worst thing to be.

Here’s some news: it’s not. In fact, being single can be one of the best experiences you ever have. It can be a gift. Here are 10 reasons why you should take this gift and shamelessly unwrap it.


While this can be the hardest part of being single, it’s also one of its perks. Have you had a day where you’re overwhelmed and just done with being social?

Being single gives you the freedom to go home and just unwind. You don’t have to do or say a thing when you’re by yourself.

This is good for those who don’t know how to unwind or enjoy their own company. You also have time to do things distraction-free such as trying new hobbies, doing homework, or taking necessary steps towards your dreams or career aspirations.


Not sure what you’re interested in or what you want to do in the future? That’s okay! Take this time to figure it all out. You don’t have someone else looking for your attention. You can put the focus on yourself and do a deep self-analysis.

Explore new places and try new things to get a feel for what makes you go “Yaaaaas” or what makes you go “Um, no”. If you’re in school, take classes in a major you’re interested in and see if that’s a direction you want to go toward.

Find areas of your life you need to mature in. Do research on things that spark your interest. Get to know yourself. Look in the mirror and speak words of affirmation. Call things into existence.

The more you know yourself and grow, the more self-love you’ll develop. A great tool for self-discovery is journaling. Grab a journal with some eye-catching color, some nice gel pens, and explore yourself on paper.


If you’re someone who struggles to make decisions on your own or motivate yourself, this time of independence is essential.

When you’re on your own, you learn to rely on yourself more. Take control of your health, education, job, and finances.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re getting the necessary support from someone else if you’re supporting yourself. Own the fierce, independent queen that you are.


It’s sad to say this, but sometimes when we’re in a relationship, we neglect our friends and family. When we’re single, we have more time to spend with them because we have more time to offer.

Pushing aside the people who love us outside of our dating lives not only hurts them, but it creates a void in our lives as well. Platonic love and family love are just as important as romantic love. They’re just as important whether we’re single or taken.


Arguing is stressful and it’s inevitable in any relationship, no matter how good or bad the relationship is. Who are you going to argue with when you’re single? No one, and it’s great!

You don’t have to bicker over where you’re going out to eat or whether or not your significant other was checking out that waitress. Go where you want to eat without worry!

Enjoy not having to correct a wandering eye. Enjoy not having to argue.


Being single offers many opportunities to be healthier. Use some of your unoccupied time to exercise. When you’re in a relationship, going out to eat junk food might be something you do often.

Fill yourself with healthy, home-cooked meals instead. Let’s bring up stress again because stress can be detrimental to health. Less stress means a healthier you—mentally and physically!


Hold on to those coins, girl. Don’t have a Valentine? Alone during the holidays? It’s all good. One less gift to buy = more money in your wallet.

You also don’t have to pitch in for dates, so even more money in your wallet. Whenever you’re feeling lonely, think about the commas in your bank account. Money can’t buy you love, but it sure does feel good to have.


Don’t settle! You’re worth more than that. When you’re available, you can freely get to know new people who have something good to offer.

Go out! Flirt! Go on dates! Pick out characteristics that you like or don’t like based on your interactions. You’re on the market, and guess what? So are other people, so shop around.


There are cool things to try out for those who are looking. Speed dating, parties that cater to singles, and Meetup groups for those riding solo and want to mingle are all great ways to meet a potential lover—and also new people in general!

Make some friends! A single person can always use some single friends to enjoy this part of life together.


While you’re having all this fun and soaking up the amazing benefits of being on your own, you can decide what it is you truly want in someone else.

Take what you’ve learned from your experiences and latch onto the characteristics you want in another person.

Hold onto the things that feed your mind, body, and soul. Write down a list and prioritize what you want. Your happiness matters. Don’t ever forget that.

Remember these 10 things the next time you’re feeling down about being single or someone tries to tell you it’s weird. It’s a gift, and until the right person comes along, it’s yours for the taking.

by Ambur Wilkerson