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I’d Rather Stay Single Than Choose To Settle For Less Than I Deserve

I’d Rather Stay Single Than Choose To Settle For Less Than I Deserve

When you’ve been put through hell by different people, when people who should’ve loved you chose not to, when you gave all of yourself to someone but it still didn’t work out, you, too, will be able to observe single life as I do.

Being single is scary and often may be lonely.

Being single most definitely isn’t for everyone, but everyone should try to walk alone for a while in life and use that alone time to learn how good it feels to be master of your own life.

Everyone should choose to be single for a short or a long period of time in order to realize their true worth.

A lot of people are too scared to walk through life single. But I’m more scared of falling for someone who doesn’t deserve me.

I’m scared to give my best to someone who doesn’t know what to do with it.

I’m scared to devote my time or a large period of my life to someone with whom it was never gonna work out.

And most of all, I’m scared to love someone who will destroy me. I don’t want to fall for someone who’s toxic and not see it.

I’m scared to lose myself to such a person, and that’s why I’d always choose the single life over giving myself to someone who doesn’t deserve me.

When you choose to be single, when you refuse to give someone else the power to determine your worth, when you truly decide to get on good terms with yourself, only then you’ll be able to feel good in your single skin.

Only then you’ll be able to see all the perks of a single life.

A single life is for those who are still searching for themselves.

Not every person finds himself at the same time as the rest of generation he or she belongs to. Some need more time. I am one of those.

I need more time. I refuse to stress myself over not figuring out what is it I want to be or for not doing as well as the rest of my friends.

My time is yet to come, but I will not miss it because I’m too preoccupied trying to be someone else.

I’ll meet it by trying to be the best version of myself and figuring out what is it that I want in life.

A single life is for those whose love got worn out. For people like me. For those who loved too much and too strong and got broken.

That’s why I choose to be single.

I choose to repair my broken heart on my own. I choose to give myself enough time to process what went wrong and to realize how to love because I’ve been taught how not to love by someone I loved the most.

A single life is for those choose to be selfish with whom they welcome into their lives.

At some point, you’re gonna have to put an end to welcoming toxic people into your life. That’s exactly what I’m doing now.

I’m through with giving all of me to those who wouldn’t move their fingers for me.

I’m learning how to only give a spot in my life to those people who deserve it. I know this lesson will take some time, but luckily, I have plenty of it.

A single life is for those who know what they deserve.

Only then being single make sense. Only then do you have a clear image of what you want—the rest is just wandering around.

A single life is for those who know their worth and choose to wait for someone who’ll be able to see it too.

I’d rather choose to be single than to settle for less than I deserve.

I’d rather choose to spend my nights alone than with someone who doesn’t appreciate me, who treats me less than I am and someone who’s with me just because I’m convenient.

I truly believe people deserve to be loved.

I believe we all deserve to have someone who’s gonna kiss us goodnight, someone who’ll ask us how our day was and someone who’ll bring us some chocolate in bed with flowers on the plate when we’re having a bad day.

I believe we all deserve someone who genuinely cares, respects and loves us.

We all deserve someone who’s gonna invest his time in us, someone who will make it seem that loving us is the easiest thing in this world and someone who’ll make sense out of bad things that happen to us.

Anything else is settling for less than we deserve.

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So, I’ll choose a single life over settling for less any time.

I am the only one that can determine my worth and if I don’t do it, there will be someone less competent who hasn’t been there my whole life and has no idea what I’ve been through to do it for me.

And that’s something I can’t allow.

They say we accept the love we think we deserve and here I am refusing to settle for less.

Because if I’m going to be a whole human being, that’s exactly what I expect in return.

There is no settling for half of a man or someone who doesn’t deserve me.