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60 Of The Best Ideas On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

60 Of The Best Ideas On How To Compliment A Guy On His Personality

Knowing how to compliment a guy on his personality is the key to a man’s heart.

If you want to give him a sincere compliment, aim for his sense of humor and general vibes.

Just trust me on this one. A real man knows that physical appearance can only get you so far. It’s about the kind of human being he is.

Good compliments are hidden in subtle praise of the things he does right.

This could pertain to his decision-making abilities, cooking skills or being a great listener.

Complimenting a man for looking like Brad Pitt is like praising the sky for being blue; it doesn’t really have a choice, does it?

However, when you compliment a man for the hard work he puts into your romantic relationship and the little things he does that scream I love you, it bumps up his self-esteem and strengthens your connection.

Give recognition where it’s due and make your guy feel truly appreciated for something other than how his hair looks that day.

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60 Of The Best Compliments Men LOVE Hearing

Here are some excellent ideas on how to compliment men and improve your love life with your significant other.

Get ready to hear all about the indisputable power of a great compliment.

The way you handled that challenging situation is really commendable.

Commend his decision-making abilities, his impeccable judgment and, more than anything, his integrity.

This, in turn, is going to make him feel powerful, capable and confident.

I love the way your brain works. Your thought process is astonishing.

We all want to seem smart in front of our significant other. Your partner’s no different. Bonus points if it’s actually true!

It’s amazing to me how you always say the right thing.

Saying the right thing at the right time can be such a mighty task but if your guy excels at this, by all means, praise him. Men like that are a rare breed.

You are such a great dad.

Need I say more? Being a good parent is one of the best compliments one can receive.

Commend your guy on his parental abilities and watch him thrive.

I wouldn’t change a thing about you.

How to compliment a guy on his personality? By not wanting to change a single thing about it. Simple as that.

You light up my world when you enter the room.

I love people who instantly make you feel so giddy.

Don’t you? If you have that one person whose mere presence lights up your entire day just like that, be sure to appreciate them!

I love how you can get along with anyone.

Again, men like this aren’t all that common. If you have someone who can make friends with the most stubborn person you know, keep them and make sure they know how much you love them.

Your cooking skills are phenomenal!

There’s nothing I love more than a man who knows his way around a kitchen. Can I get an amen?

So if your man is truly that good, praise him this instant. Good food from a solid dude is the dream!

Can you help me fix this thing?

Men love to be helpful. It’s a scientific fact. OK, not really but you know it’s true!

They love to feel useful and handy so go ask him to help you out with anything and watch him accept with a smile.

Thank you for being such a great listener.

Listening skills are in the top three most important relationship deal-breakers (to me). I bet the same goes for you. So if you have no issues on that front, acknowledge it.

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Your new haircut looks awesome!

Sometimes, you just have to appreciate his physical appearance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, just as long as you make sure to throw in a personality compliment here and there.

You have such a genuine, caring personality.

In a sea of fakers, opportunists and liars, stumbling upon a genuine, caring man is like hitting the jackpot. And it’s so important knowing how to compliment a guy on his personality.

I’ve never met a more hard-working man.

We all love to be commended for our hard work. You can never go wrong with complimenting his ambition and drive.

You are a gift that keeps on giving.

What more could a guy want to hear? And if it’s truly the case, you’re one lucky lady.

Do you know how lucky I am to have you in my life?

Make sure he does.

Wow, you really know so much about (name a field he’s great at).

Perhaps he’s great at math, fixing cars, random facts about the world or the pyramids. Whatever his area of expertise is, praise it.

Your heart is made of gold.

And goes perfectly with yours. Sometimes, the point is best made with as few words as possible.

I love how you took initiative on that matter.

“Why, thank you, babe. I’d do it again in a heartbeat for you.”

When I’m around you, I feel invincible.

Cheese on toast… I know. But if you’re being honest, there’s nothing wrong with some extra cheese every now and again.

I love how you help the needy.

I bet he loves that you love it too. But seriously, helping those who need it most without seeking praise or recognition is as kind and selfless as it gets.

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Your family is really great, which is no surprise really!

Let’s be honest. How many times have you met someone’s family and thought to yourself, how on earth anyone can put up with them? So if your man’s family is actually cool, be vocal about it!

The way you are professionally driven is astounding.

There’s nothing like a work-type compliment to make him (secretly) blush.

You never have a problem doing household chores. Thank you.

Men who clean the house, do the other chores and don’t complain about it are the real heroes. We need more of those!

I feel so lucky that you stick by me even when I’m being difficult.

We all have our challenging days and we all deserve to be loved despite them. So how to compliment a guy on his personality? By thanking him for putting up with all of yours.

You’re such a sharp dresser!

And make sure he really knows it.

The dedication you exhibit at the gym is on another level.

Being a gym buff ain’t easy. The regime itself is hard, let alone making the time and sticking to it. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that you get to enjoy the perks too.

I love how patient and gentle you are with your nieces and nephews.

If you don’t have kids of your own, this is a great sign that he’ll be a really caring dad.

Even though you look like Brad Pitt, your personality is still your greatest asset.

How amazing is it if your guy actually does look like this A-list celebrity and STILL, his personality is the best part about him?

My friends and family are absolutely crazy about you.

Almost as much as me (but that’s impossible). Winning over families is a task to behold. If he aced it, praise him.

You’re the sweetest man I’ve ever known.

When you’re considering how to compliment a guy on his personality, being called sweet is the way to go. Of course, it all depends on your man, so you’re the best judge of how he’d take it.

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You are so emotionally mature.

Can you imagine a more powerful compliment? Emotional maturity in men oftentimes leaves a lot to desire. You’ve really found a jackpot boyfriend if you can say this and actually mean it.

Your strength during hard times is impressive.

We all have our own ways to deal with the tough stuff and being able to hold your own even when life is knocking you down is a skill.

I love watching you with your brother/sister. You have such a special bond.

My relationship with my sisters is something I’m so proud of. If I was told this, I’d feel really pleased!

I can tell you absolutely anything without feeling judged. Thank you!

How many people do you know who wouldn’t judge you for something you did at your worst moment?

Not many, I bet. If your guy has your back through thick and thin, no questions asked, thank him.

To be honest, spending time with you is my favorite part of the day.

The sweetest compliment anyone could receive. How amazing is it when someone cherishes your presence so much?

Your communication skills are top-notch.

Being able to talk your way out of something takes a lot of skill.

And being able to talk to someone with an open mind, while listening to their point of view with no judgment, is pretty special.

It makes me so proud to have you by my side.

And I’m sure he feels just as proud to have you. How great is this? When you just feel it, without feeling the need to ruin it with words, you know you’ve got it good.

I cannot wait to spend my eternity with your kind soul.

You really can’t go wrong with this one. Just the fact that there’s no one else you’d rather spend your life with speaks volumes.

Not only are you resourceful but you are really intelligent.

And if he’s not braggy about it, marry him now! Just kidding but intelligence mixed with humbleness is an astounding combo.

I love that you’re always the life of the party!

Being able to lift everyone up and really make a positive impact at social gatherings rocks!

What good is a guy who’ll just curl up in a corner and refuse to make himself seen?

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Your abilities in the bedroom are incomparable.

I’ll leave the details to you but let me just say this much; guys LOVE knowing they’re doing you right under the sheets.

Resilience is one of your biggest attributes.

How much do you love a man who keeps pushing forward even when everything is going against him? Resilience is such an attractive quality.

When you talk, I melt.

Words are very unnecessary. Melt away!

I’ve never felt so safe around anyone else.

I love it when my man puts his hand around me, brings me closer to his body and just makes me feel so protected. It’s possibly one of my most favorite things in the world.

I love your taste in music.

Musical compatibility is SO important. Personally, I enjoy listening to music throughout 90% of my day.

So if my guy and I aren’t on the same page music-wise, it’s simply not going to work.

You’re the closest thing to perfection I’ve ever seen.

Okay, this may be a little cheesy but if you’re truly in love with this person, who cares?

Nobody is perfect, everybody’s painfully aware of that, but if he’s close, compliment away!

Your sense of humor is the best.

What’s the most important thing in a romantic partner? Having a good sense of humor of course!

If your partner can’t make you LOL, honey, stop wasting your time. You deserve someone who’ll make you pee laughing!

Your attention to detail is uncanny.

Guys don’t usually pay attention to small changes their girlfriends make in their appearance and they usually suck at remembering what we said a mere month ago.

But you’re different. Nothing gets by you!

I love how you never let your emotions get the better of you.

In other words, you love his restraint. I myself am pretty passionate about things.

I get easily upset, so for me, someone who can keep a cool head and keep me from blowing up is a jackpot boyfriend.

I love the way you smell.

Don’t you just live for men who smell so damn delicious?

There aren’t many things I love more than walking by a guy and being devoured by his smell for 15 seconds after he’s gone. The. Best.

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I appreciate that you always make sure we have quality time together.

In this day and age, it’s hard finding quality time for yourself, much less for your partner!

So if you have someone who ensures time spent with you is a priority, thank God and appreciate the heck out of him.

You are incredibly thoughtful.

The little things like remembering something you said five months ago, getting you your favorite flowers on the most random day or kissing your cheek for no reason are the best.

I love your ability to remain calm when someone tries to upset you.

A guy who won’t engage in a fight when provoked is my kind of man. He doesn’t need to prove toughness with violence.

If he can prove it by choosing the high road, he’s definitely got my attention.

Every time you leave, I count the seconds until I see you again.

Complimenting a guy isn’t nuclear science. Can you imagine your reaction if someone told you this? Pretty stinking cute if you ask me.

Because of you, I know that chivalry’s not dead.

I don’t need a guy to treat me like a damsel in distress.

I’m perfectly fine holding my own. But being respectful, loyal, attentive and gracious in his intentions are things we all deserve in a man.

Make sure your guy gets his due for being a true gentleman.

I love your daring side.

Guys appreciate being seen as brave, daring and capable.

Any praise concerning one (or all) of these abilities will surely end in one very happy partner.

The way you take care of yourself is so hot.

Now, this could pertain to his personal hygiene, his general mind/body/soul upkeep or simply always being on top of things.

Ask any girl and she’ll tell you that boys who put effort into looking good can’t be matched. Is it really even that surprising?

I am so jealous of your baby blue eyes.

Having pretty eyes really makes the whole hitting-on-you-dealio easier. I mean, who doesn’t like pretty eyes?

The best thing is that you can’t really miss them. They’re right there, staring at you as if begging you to keep looking. (Don’t mind if I do).

Your smile is breathtaking.

Again, being told that I have a nice smile would immediately make me blush.

Guys will try to hide it at all costs but trust me, they’re not immune to this type of compliment.

You are so mature and responsible.

I can’t tell you how many ‘men’ I broke it off with for the simple reason of being beyond immature.

I mean, how hard is it to act in accordance with your age?

Finding a mature, smart man who can take care of himself without depending on anyone is the dream! Congrats on snatching one.

Why Is It SO Important To Offer Men Sincere Compliments?

In today’s modern world, it really shouldn’t even be a question of if men should be complimented. Of course they should!

Just like women, they too put great effort into looking their best and being dedicated partners.

They too try really hard to do nice things, be great dads and offer the best advice.

So it’s high time to start spending time showing your best friend that you love not only his dress sense but also his kind demeanor.

He needs to know you care about him just like he cares about you. He’s probably giving compliments all the time, so return the favor!

If you noticed that he spends a LOT of time doing nice things for you, acknowledge his hard work.

Even if it’s a teeny, tiny white lie, who cares? It’ll put a smile on his face!

Can you imagine having a particularly lousy day and all of a sudden, your partner shoots you an unexpected text telling you how much they appreciate your dedication?

For me, it’s what makes me happy to be alive. A relationship needs a push here and there to help it run smoothly.

Make your man’s day and tell him what a kind soul he is.

Chances are, it’s only going to get better afterward. People love knowing they’re appreciated.

Especially as one kind word has the power to change someone’s entire day.

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Here are more fantastic reasons why complimenting your guy goes a long way!

• A genuine compliment from a romantic partner shows that their efforts never go unnoticed. And I think that’s pretty darn important.

• A compliment is a constant reminder of why their partner was attracted to them in the first place. Don’t stop reminding him!

• Praising their actions and selfless gestures boosts their confidence and does wonders for their morale.

• Men can be self-conscious too. A compliment about his new haircut, awesome attire or new kicks will always be welcome.

• It can prolong your relationship and help you enjoy a healthy, strong bond based on equal appreciation. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

7 Additional Sweet Ways To Show Him He Matters

Do something romantic he’ll never see coming

As beautiful as words can be, at the end of the day, they’re just that; words.

If you can’t back them up with actions, ultimately, they don’t really mean much.

So here’s a suggestion. When was the last time you did something totally unexpected for your man?

Like taking him somewhere special, arrange a weekend away… that type of thing?

If you have to think about it, it’s been too long. So do it now! Come up with something crazy romantic and make him speechless.

It doesn’t even have to be a grand gesture! Just something you know he’ll be really happy about.

Write him a love letter

And no, I don’t think it’s cheesy at all. I think people need to go back to basics and remind themselves of the simplicity of love.

Pick up a piece of paper, grab a pen and reminisce about him and every way in which he has enriched your life and the words will start flowing.

Once you get going, trust me, you won’t be able to stop.

Then you can send it by mail or leave it at his door. Either way, reading it will make his heart melt.

Cook him his all-time favorite dish

You’ve probably heard one of my favorite sayings: ‘The fastest way to a man’s heart is his stomach’. And it’s the truth!

Cooking for someone is a labor of love in its own way.

It’s time spent catering to their needs, with the sole intention of making their tummy full and their heart happy.

So think about his absolute favorite meal that he’s probably mentioned about a million times by now and make it with great care.

You can probably already see his jaw on the floor upon entering the house and him rushing toward the table with a giant grin on his face. Priceless, right?

Be daring in the bedroom

Every guy has at least one fantasy that they’re a bit hesitant to disclose to their partner. I bet yours is no exception.

So how about this. Pick one day and let him know you’re up for anything bedroom-wise.

And I mean anything he desires (within normalcy). Tell him to share with you his deepest wishes and do your best to fulfill them.

Unless it’s something really out-there (though I’m sure it’s not), really make an effort to be what he needs for the night.

Let this be your way of showing him you’ll never stop surprising him (in the best way possible). He’ll fall in love with you all over again.

Let him vent to you

Guys will never just approach you openly and start going off about something that really bugs them. They’re not like us girls that way.

So help him out! When you see that he’s visibly upset, ask him if everything’s all right.

Offer him your listening services and don’t judge, no matter what happens.

Guys need to know that it’s okay to feel down. It needs to stop being a thing. We’re all human and we all deal with our own stuff.

Let your guy know he can talk to you anytime, day or night.

This, in turn, will help forge a stronger bond and make him ten times more likely to come to you next time, with zero hesitation.

Make an effort to connect with his mom

One thing I’m instantly attracted to is a partner who’ll show genuine care and interest in my nearest and dearest.

A guy who’ll ask how my dad is doing and actually mean it.

A guy who’ll invite himself for coffee with my friends for the sake of getting to know them.

Do you know what I mean? It’s important to care about the people who matter to your significant other. It shows you’re really invested.

And don’t even get me started on how cute it’ll be when he sees the selfie you took with his mom over coffee! Heart. Melted.

Let him have quality time with the guys

Being overly clingy is a clear sign of insecurity. Don’t be that girl! Trust your man and let him do his thing.

Everyone is entitled to having a life outside of their relationship.

Don’t go all detective on him the next time he tells you that he’s going on a night out with his buddies.

Don’t text him on an hourly basis to check up on him. It’s really not cute.

Instead, give him a big, juicy kiss just as he’s leaving and tell him that you can’t wait till he comes back, wink-wink.

And just like that, all he’ll be able to think about is coming back home to you and your dirty mind.

See? Play it smart and you’ll never have to worry about a thing!

The most sure-fire way of how to compliment a guy on his personality is by never doubting it.

Trust the kind of person he’s proven to be and watch your relationship thrive because of it.

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