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What Do Guys Like To Be Called? Top 21 Nicknames To Call A Guy

What Do Guys Like To Be Called? Top 21 Nicknames To Call A Guy

Should I call him “honey” or “babe”? Hmm… If I do that, maybe he will get scared and pull away. I’m wondering what guys like to be called instead of cutie or sweetie.

These are the thoughts that have probably been roaming around your head for some time now. And how wouldn’t they?

They say that men and women are from two different planets and people often accuse women of being too complicated but the truth is that men can be real enigmas as well!

Sometimes they like being called “handsome”, while other times it annoys them. Sometimes they shower you with affection and the next day, they ignore you completely.

As with every girl out there, the only thing that’s left to do is ask yourself the following questions: What do men want in a woman? What do guys like in a girl’s appearance? What do guys like to hear when texting?

And finally, the biggest enigma of all: What do guys like to be called in a relationship?

Wait, are you in a legit relationship at all or is it just a casual fling? So many questions and not a single answer.

Well, it’s high time we change that, right? Heck, yes!

Today, we’ll learn all about the nicknames that guys prefer/like being called.

We’ll explain the meanings of each nickname, which will help you find the right one for your bae (or should I say crush) for every occasion!

“Big Guy”

Let’s face it. Men LOVE feeling powerful, masculine and strong.

That is one of the reasons why they are so competitive in almost every aspect of their life, from cars to jobs!

By calling your man a big guy, you are letting him know that he is a good-looking and powerful guy and that he’s making you feel safe and secure!

Here are all the reasons why guys love this nickname:

• It makes them feel more masculine

• It makes them feel protective of you

• It means they give BIG hugs

• It makes them feel powerful

• It makes them feel superior to other guys because they are your BIG GUY

So, yes, if you want to boost your guy’s confidence and impress him with your choice of nickname, then you should definitely use this term of endearment.

Other cute names for your boyfriend will also make him feel special but being called “big guy” is every man’s dream!


Cheers to the universal pet name used by so many couples so far! The main reason why “babe” is so popular is because you cannot go wrong with it.

It encompasses everything. It’s flirty, romantic, caring and sweet and it goes with everything: Hey babe, I want to cuddle… Hey babe, I’m feeling wild today…

You can use it in so many contexts and it can never look too boring or like you’re overdoing it.

It creates a perfect balance in every sentence and situation.

However, if you decide to call him that all the time, it might get boring after a while.

That is why you need to combine it with other cute nicknames on the list that your guy will also like!


Whenever I hear someone calling another person “honey” in movies, it is always about couples and romantic relationships.

It might sound universal but indeed, this cute nickname is mainly used in relationships.

By calling your man “honey”, you are letting him know that he has won your heart and earned your respect and devotion.

It’s the ultimate sign of love and appreciation for one another.

So, calling your best friend “honey” might be a little bit confusing for him because it indicates something more.

We have to be careful whom we call that and to whom we give our heart.

If a man makes an effort to win your heart and trust, then you know he’s a real man and he deserves to be called “honey”.

His own name

Here’s something funny. I chose the nickname “Bubba” for my boyfriend and I’ve been calling him that ever since.

I overused it so much that when I wanted to call him by his own name, I couldn’t remember it.

Yup. I guess it happens. As a matter of fact, he asked me a few times to call him by his full name and when I asked him why he wanted that, he said:

When you call me by my name, it makes me feel special because it’s different when you call me by my own name from when one of my friends does that.

Guys love nicknames but they also love to be called by their own name from time to time.

One of the main reasons why they love it is because we don’t usually do it when talking to each other.

We usually say something like, “Hey,” and similar. So that is exactly what makes this so special and unique.


The first time I called my boyfriend “cutie”, I made him cringe. I saw that his cheeks were red and he felt kind of embarrassed by it.

But after I repeated it several times, he got used to it and he started enjoying being called it!

We often forget that guys like to be called cute too! We often hear of girls and children being called “cutie” but it is also a great thing to call your guy as well.

It is the perfect nickname for when you’re at the beginning of a relationship because it’s not too serious.

So, no, you don’t need to worry that your guy will run away from you once you call him “cutie”. He will be grateful for that sweet gesture of yours!

“Hot Stuff”

Guys (just like girls) love feeling HOT! They want to know that you find them attractive, handsome and I’ll say it again: hot.

This nickname can be used at the beginning of a relationship as well as in a relationship. If you’re wondering how to seduce a man, you can call him “hot stuff” or “hottie”.

Both terms have the same connotation and it’s only a matter of your preference.

I suggest using this nickname when you’re on a date and he’s trying to impress you with his outfit and similar.

This will be a huge confidence booster to him and he will be even more impatient to get romantic with you (if you catch my drift).

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“Big Daddy”

I don’t know if you noticed but this is a trending pet name. Some girls prefer to call their man “daddy”, while others prefer “big daddy”.

This nickname is mainly connected with physical attraction and it is used between the sheets but also as a term of endearment.

It also depends on the context you are using, of course.

Being called “big daddy” is a part of the answer to the question What do guys like in bed the most?

They like to feel powerful and they like to know that they are able to satisfy their woman.

If you call your guy “big daddy” then he knows he’s doing something right. Believe it or not, men also need some confidence boosters from time to time.


Champion/champ means a winner or a victor. Now, can you see the connection between this nickname and a man’s tendency to compete and be the best?

Every time you call him “champ”, you are telling him that he has won. But what has he won exactly? Well, he won

YOU! No matter how weird it sounds, you are his prize.

He competed with so many men for your attention and finally, you chose him, so he’s the winner of this imaginary contest!

The fact that he succeeded in winning you is enough to make him feel like the most powerful man in the world.

So, every time you call him that, you will remind him of his sweet victory; you will remind him of you.


Do you have a secret crush and you’re not sure what to call him? Well, here’s one suggestion. You can call him “boy”!

By using this nickname, you will not be too obvious about your crush feelings and you will also not be stuck in the friend zone.

You will be somewhere in-between, where there is still hope that one day you might become something more.

And he will know that too.

Once you start calling him “boy”, he will subconsciously consider himself as not just a boy but YOUR boy. He will think about making you his girl.

As long as he’s thinking about it, there’s a high chance that it will eventually happen.

Until then, all there is left to do is wait and use this sweet nickname from time to time.


“Aye, aye, Captain!” Even though this phrase originates from sailors giving confirmation to their captain, it is widely used today in cartoons, relationships and many other settings.

If you want to get flirty with a guy, you can call him “Captain”.

This will let him know that he’s the captain of your ship and the one in command.

After all, if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my humble life, it is the following…

Trying really hard to show off their manliness is one of the insanely stupid things guys do when they like you too much.

Once you start calling your bae (or someone you like) “Captain”, they will instantly start behaving that way.

They will become determined to defend their title by showing you that they are capable of winning you like a boss!


If a guy makes your every day brighter and succeeds in putting a smile on your face, then he deserves to be called “sunshine”. I think this makes sense, right?

Regardless of whether it is someone you’re dating, your crush or your partner, calling him “sunshine” will melt his heart and make him feel truly special.

Why? Because he will know that he’s able to make you happy, which is a huge achievement in every man’s life.

Every guy wants to be someone’s sunshine, someone who is able to make their girl’s day.

They live to make you laugh and show off their comedic skills. By calling him “sunshine”, you will be acknowledging all that (and more).

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I bet there isn’t a single man in the whole world who wouldn’t enjoy being called “tiger”. Men love to feel both dangerous and protective of their loved ones.

If you call him “tiger”, it will make your man feel wild, cool and flattered. It will also let him know that he’s a beast in the sheets and no other guy can beat him.

In case you need a reminder: The ability to make a man feel masculine and protective is one of the things guys really like in a woman besides her looks.

If you can boost his ego and make him feel like a powerful, wild beast, he will keep surprising you with his secret skills and sweet tricks in hope of being praised again.


Want to know how to spoil your man and make him feel special? Just call him “handsome”!

This nickname is usually reserved for significant others but it can also be used in flirty games.

Just like women, men love receiving compliments on their appearance and personality.

They love hearing that they are good-looking because it makes them feel good about themselves.

When you’re calling your guy “handsome”, you’re basically telling him that he’s your handsome guy and not just any guy.

You’re telling him that he’s beautiful from the inside out, which is one of the best compliments out there.


Just like “honey”, “darling” is also a nickname primarily used in relationships.

If you call him that, it will show a guy you care about him and that he’s your teddy bear, your best friend and lover in one.

However, make sure that you don’t experience the same thing as I did.

When I called my boyfriend “darling” for the first time, he told me: My last girlfriend called me that.

I realized that if I continued calling him “darling”, I would keep reminding him of his ex, which is a huge no.

So, I decided to find a worthy substitute, which was “honey”. He also admitted that he likes “honey” better than “darling”, which was a huge relief to me.

In order to keep this from happening to you, maybe it’s better to first ask your boyfriend about his previous nicknames; that way, you’ll know for sure which one to choose.


You have probably stumbled upon this pet name on the Internet (especially on social networks) because it’s been really popular lately.

A lot of my friends and people I know thought that this term was shorthand for babe. (Okay, I thought that, too.)

To my surprise, this term has nothing to do with baby, babe or anything of the sorts.

“Bae” stands for ‘before anything else’, which makes it one of the most beautiful and heart-touching nicknames.

If you call him this nickname, it will make your bae feel super loved up! It’s like telling your guy that he is your priority and your special one.

Since it would be really hard to sum up all this in one word, the nickname “bae” is a perfect alternative that summarizes it all with just three letters.


“Sweetie” belongs to the same category as “honey” and “darling”. It’s a term of endearment that has been used for decades in movies and in real life.

It is a popular nickname that oozes with sweetness and affection.

If you’re not sure which one of the above three to use, I suggest using all of them in rotation.

After all, the secret ingredient of every happy relationship is variety. Calling your man only “honey” all the time might result in boredom and getting stuck in a rut.

However, if you call him various names, he will never know which one to expect, which makes the whole thing all the more exciting!

“My Love”

As the nickname suggests, “my love” is not a term of endearment that is suitable for just anyone.

It is specifically reserved for people who are deeply in love with each other.

There is indeed something truly special about this pet name. Every time you call your man “my love”, his heart will start beating faster.

He will instantly remember the first time he saw you, your first date and all those fun moments you had together.

“My love” summarizes your beautiful love story in just two words. And if he calls you that too, know that it is one of the signs you are the woman of his dreams!

Men always have difficulties expressing themselves.

They are afraid of appearing too sentimental because it’s a direct attack on their masculinity.

But if your guy doesn’t have problems using this nickname, then you can be sure he’s head over heels in love with you! He sees you as his queen and the love of his life.

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If you spend some time on social media, you will see that it’s full of hubbies, daddies and other terms of endearment that are trending at the moment.

I’ve heard multiple times girls calling their husbands “hubby”, which is exactly what this nickname stands for.

Nevertheless, I’ve also heard girls calling their boyfriends “hubby” as well.

If you’re at the beginning of a relationship, if he’s your crush or you just started dating, I would suggest not using this nickname.

If you’re wondering why, the main reason is that you might scare him away!

Yes, guys can get easily scared when they start suspecting that a girl is pushing them.

If you barely know each other and you’re not romantically involved, they will immediately feel threatened because you have given them the title of being your husband.

If that happens, they will instantly choose to pull away, send you mixed signals and similar.

If your “hubby” is not your husband, nor are you in a serious relationship, then stay away from this pet name. It’s always better to be on the safe side.


When I think of angels, I have a pure and flawless picture in my mind.

Angels represent perfection and if you want your loved one to know how precious he is to you, then you should call him that.

Now, even though your boyfriend is probably not perfect (because we all have our flaws and quirks), it is still a beautiful nickname that shows your ultimate devotion and love for him.

You can call him “angel” in various situations; for example, when he helps you with something, during a cuddle session, when you’re parting, in a text message and so on.

There are so many times you can use this nickname and all you need is creativity and choosing the right moment.

Also, if you suspect that your boyfriend is not really comfortable with being called “angel”, feel free to ask him whether he likes it or not.

Some guys don’t like overly sweet pet names because they prefer more masculine ones like “captain”.

Well, lucky you, there are plenty of other alternatives on the list and all you need to do is choose the right ones for you and your bae.


When I first stumbled upon this nickname, I immediately imagined a big teddy bear that was all snuggly and cute.

When I was looking for the real meaning of “snuggy”, I realized that I wasn’t far from the real definition of it.

“Snuggy” basically means cuddling and getting cozy with your special one, which is every couple’s favorite activity.

There’s nothing more satisfying in the whole world than snuggling next to your loved one while watching a movie and listening to the sound of the rain outside.

I still get chills when I think of that setting.

Now, it’s true that men like to pretend to be all tough and rough but it is also true that they are real softies on the inside.

There are so many reasons why men love to cuddle, so you have every right to call your guy “snuggy” because he’s your favorite cuddle buddy and teddy bear.

This is a great way to let your boyfriend know how much you enjoy cuddling and spending time with him.


This pet name means “mister” in French. It is one of the most romantic things to call your man.

Truth be told, when you call him “monsieur” for the first time, he will probably feel a little bit confused because it’s not something you hear every day.

However, as time passes, he will LOVE it! Do you know how I know?

Because that’s exactly what I sometimes call my boyfriend and he simply adores it.

By calling him that, you’re letting him know what a thoughtful gentleman with manners he is, how comfy you feel with him and how special he makes you feel every day.

For maximum effect, it is best to combine it with some other pet name from the list that is also affectionate and warm.

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Whichever nickname you choose, I’m sure you’ll succeed in making him feel special!

Here’s some more humble advice that might help you answer the question: What do guys like to be called? My advice is: Don’t think too much.

Don’t overthink things and don’t be afraid that your guy won’t like a particular nickname.

If you notice that he doesn’t respond affectionately or positively to the nickname of your choice, you can always ask him whether he likes it or not.

Even if he doesn’t like it, he won’t be offended by it; trust me on that.

He will still find it cute and he will be impressed by your determination and effort to make him feel loved up. And that’s all that matters!