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If A Guy Does These 5 Things To You, He’s A Player

If A Guy Does These 5 Things To You, He’s A Player

We have all been in this situation. We have all dated the ultimate douchebag. We have all had at least one guy who played us like we were nothing but fools.

Actually, you were involved in a game and you rocked it—but the thing is—you didn’t even know you were playing.

You are still not sure whether you are playing or not?! Tell me if this scenario rings any bells—everything is peachy and everything is going perfectly ok. But, somewhere deep inside you, something is hiding and bothering you. It’s a feeling that something may be a bit off.

So, as every normal girl, you will ask your partner if your doubts are true or if you’ve lost it completely. And guess what? You’ve lost it! Of course, everything is perfect—your super sweet guy a.k.a. the ultimate douchebag assures you things have never been better!

And you are even worse off for believing him and not your instincts.


Maybe, but just maybe, he is right and you are completely overreacting, but then again compare that with your instincts. I would always go for the instincts rather than anything else—so should you.

Take a look at the list of things that will confirm the thing you already doubted—he’s totally playing you.

1. He hides his phone

His phone is a legend of a long lost treasure buried somewhere in the ancient and unknown location—no one has ever seen it but there are stories it exists. That’s exactly your experience with his phone.

These men are master manipulators. They will hide their phones and actually, they won’t let you even find yourself in a situation where you can use some kind of an excuse to see their phones. They are that good.

2. He only calls you when he needs you

Does a booty call sound familiar??? Well, it should if you are dating a real playa. He will only text and call you when he wants something from you—and that something is of course sex.

And one more thing. He only communicates with you as the night approaches. When he’s done with his activities, when he was already out with his friends or a girl that left him hanging, so he called you—the backup girl. Seriously, don’t let him do this to you!

3. His friends have no interest in you whatsoever

And this one is completely obvious. They are probably used to meeting ‘one-time’ girls who aren’t meant to be around for long. So, they do not even bother to get to know them.

Even if you came to the phase you meet his friends, you will spend a night out together, but you won’t be able to shake off the feeling they weren’t trying at all to make you feel comfortable. Maybe you think they are just rude and inconsiderate, but it’s not that—it’s just that they see you as one of the ‘many yet to come’.

4. No PDA

They will hide you and believe me, they are good at it. They will refuse any sort of PDA because that is the official acknowledgment of the two of you being together. They won’t risk the possibility of scoring with a new chick. If they leave the impression they are unavailable, that’s impossible.

Even though, sometimes they will let you kiss them or hold hands but not before they have made sure that no one is watching him. So be very careful!

5. Your instincts tell you something is wrong

This is the last and most important thing. He can feed you with all kind of stories but if you have the feeling something is off, then it probably is.

The point of a relationship, among so many others, is getting the feeling of security and love. You are not getting that and that means that your relationship is just not working.

Also, you have the feeling that he doesn’t care about you at all. You have the feeling that things are always about him. He only talks when it’s about him. When you talk, he couldn’t care less.

You know everything about him and he is completely clueless when it comes to you.