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Does My Crush Like Me? This Is How You’ll Know For Sure!

Does My Crush Like Me? This Is How You’ll Know For Sure!

Does my crush like me? This is the most mind-boggling question a girl can ask herself when she’s head over heels for a guy who she’s not even sure notices her.

Usually, when your best friend asks if you think their crush likes them back, you’re quick to put on your detective hat and are all hands on deck trying to get to the bottom of it.

And you are actually quite good at deciphering all those signals!

When feelings aren’t involved and you can make a clear assessment as a third party with no emotional connection to the situation, it’s not that difficult figuring out if your bestie is clearly on someone’s mind.

She’s very close to you, and if you’ve ever been around the man she has this huge crush on, you’ve most probably noticed signs that would point out to his affection toward her or lack thereof.

But when it’s you, things are a bit trickier than that!

When you have a crush on someone, your head is not exactly the best judge of character.

Your emotions are a little heightened, your mood is a bit more elevated, and you’re no longer sure whether you can trust your instincts!

What if you make a fool of yourself? What if this person doesn’t even know you exist… yet there you are, picturing the dress you’ll be wearing on your wedding day.

It’s just so frustrating not knowing.

Crushes are not something that just stop happening as you get older – unfortunately for all of us.

There’s no stopping your brain from obsessively tormenting yourself with feelings of attraction toward certain people but not quite sure if you should, or even could, approach them.

You feel like you’re back in ninth grade, pining over an eleventh grader, wishing he’d finally notice you, and ask you to go out with him during recess to make out behind the bleachers. That was the dream way back when…

But now, you feel childish going through the exact same thing, ten (or more) years later.

Guess what? Crushing on a guy doesn’t make you childish. It doesn’t mean you’re stuck in some kind of a rut nor should it be something you’re embarrassed about!

Girl… I’m in my late twenties, and I can’t tell you how many crushes I’ve had in between relationships. And it kills me now just as much as it did all those years ago.

You can’t help what you feel, so take it easy on yourself.

The good thing is, you’re a little bit older now, probably much wiser and more mature. Your instincts are sharper, and you’re more capable of making a good call.

Experience is the mother of all teachers. And if you feel like there’s a chance your crush likes you back , you’re most probably right.

But just to be sure, I’ve assembled some clear signs that indicate that he’s crushing on you as well.

So if you’re falling hard for someone and desperately want to know whether the guy likes you back, keep reading to find out!

If he showcases any of these signs, you’re in luck because it means that he obviously likes you back!

Does my crush like me? 9 clear signs he does!

He shows clear interest in your personal life!

In any new relationship, the most exciting part is the honeymoon phase!

The time when you’re just getting to know each other, asking each other all those important and not-so-important questions about anything and everything regarding each other!

The most trivial fact about your guy will seem so exciting and riveting because you’re on cloud nine, so it’s not that hard being fascinated by this new person you’re obsessed with.

Which leads me to my next point.

If the guy you’re crushing on asks you about your life, he always finds something interesting to reply to whatever you say, and he seems deeply interested in the most mundane things about you… you might just be in luck.

It’s one thing to ask something out of pure politeness, but when the person is still interested and has a bunch of additional questions, they’re likely interested in you in more than just a friendly manner – yay!

Just keep talking to them, answering in great detail, and ask them something in return.

You’re probably going to end up realizing you love opening up to each other, and what do you know… you’ll be setting up a date before you know it!

He always somehow ends up in the circle you’re in!

You might have mutual friends or at least know some of the same people, so sometimes you get to see this person without having to try too hard.

But lately… you’ve been noticing that he’s everywhere around you. You meet up with your friends for brunch in your local café, and he just happens to be there with his buddies.

You’re out on the town, in this new place, and who arrives an hour later? Your crush!

It’s like he somehow knows where you’ll be and makes sure he’s there because he just can’t seem to stay away…

And do you know why that is? Because he likes you so much that he actually goes to the trouble of finding out where you’ll be hanging out that day, just so that he could see you (if nothing else).

He probably gets his info from mutual friends or acquaintances, so it’s no coincidence running into him everywhere.

The guy is really trying to get you to notice him, so meet him halfway!

Next time you see him hanging around where you are, approach him. Make a witty remark about how you keep bumping into each other in the most casual manner and go from there.

He’ll be thrilled you’ve approached him, which will disarm him, and you’ll end up chatting it up!

He seems to know things you’ve never told him about yourself!

This is a no-brainer. He has obviously done his research on you! And let’s not kid ourselves by saying we don’t do that… because we sure as hell do!

Who doesn’t google the person they like? Who doesn’t type their name into the Facebook search engine to see what will come up?

We’re all guilty of this, so let’s just be upfront with ourselves.

Don’t judge the guy for seeming to know some details about you. He’s not a serial killer. He’s probably either searched for you on social networks or asked a mutual friend about you.

Either way, the guy clearly likes you! You know you wouldn’t google someone you don’t give a shit about sooo… there you have it!

Their crew always act a bit silly around you two!

Chances are, your friends have probably picked up on the sexual tension between you two, even if you haven’t! These things are as clear as day to outside observers.

So if you’ve noticed their friends acting all weird when you’re all together, they probably know there’s some serious tension there, and they’re just waiting for both of you to act on it.

They will tease you, make playful jokes, or even make sure to leave you and your crush alone, just to see if you’ll finally admit what you’re both clearly feeling!

If this is the case, trust them! If his friends are giving you all the signs he likes you, take their word for it. They know him better than anyone and clearly think you’re good for him.

Use this unique situation, and show them you mean business. You obviously have his friends’ seal of approval, so now it’s just a matter of doing something about it!

Ball’s in your court. You have all the signs you need here. All you need to do is make them a reality.

If you’re texting, he never takes long to reply!

When you like someone, like really , really like them… you don’t take their time for granted.

When you’re texting, he’s so prompt and quick to reply. You never have to wonder if there’s something else out there occupying his attention because he almost always replies instantly!

This person is probably so eager to talk to you, that they light up as soon as they see your name on their screen. It’s also not uncommon that they even initiate most of your conversations!

All those simple gestures point out to your crush really liking you back!

You know that when you don’t feel like replying, you’ll take ages, and probably reply with one word, but this is totally different!

You just can’t seem to drop your phones when you’re texting, and there is always something to talk about.

You’ve got yourself somebody who really, really enjoys talking to you. Congrats!

He always somehow innocently touches you!

And no, I’m not talking about anything of sexual nature here. It’s much more delicate and pure than that at this point.

I’m talking about two people who are clearly so drawn to each other, but neither is ready to make the first move.

You could be sitting next to each other, and his leg will be touching yours, and none of you will mind or move.

You could say ‘Hi’ to each other with a high-five, and your hands will linger on one another’s for a few extra seconds.

He will notice your hair all over your face, so he’ll gently brush it to the side… those kinds of things.

If he finds any (cute!) excuse to touch you… girl, he LIKES you like hell! Don’t even wait, just kiss him as soon as possible because he most probably has been thinking about it for days!

He always finds a reason to contact you!

When you have a crush on someone, the only thing on your mind is talking to them, in any manner possible.

So you keep finding excuses to contact them, however silly they may be. I t doesn’t matter… seeing their name on your screen literally makes your entire day.

Does he text you out of the blue to ask for some random advice (that you KNOW he easily could’ve asked his buddies)?

Does he tag you in funny memes quite often? Does he make sure it’s never too long between your conversations? If so, he clearly wants to keep in contact with you.

He’s making sure that the feeling is mutual and is probably trying to develop a habit of talking on a regular basis, hoping you’ll catch the drift and start contacting him as well.

He’s probably quite creative when getting in touch with you… be that a funny/interesting article that he thought you’d find fascinating, a funny text that will instantly make you laugh or a meme that is part of an inner joke you two perhaps share.

All of these indicate that he simply cannot get you out of his head.

His body language reveals it!

With words, it’s very easy to say what we wish to say and keep to ourselves what we wish to remain private. But when it comes to body language , there’s only so much you can control.

Our body gives away what our mouths are hesitant to say. Our body language is a very clear indicator of how we’re feeling and should be taken seriously.

Next time you’re talking to your crush, observe the way his body behaves. He is most probably giving out subtle signs that he’s not even aware of.

Is his body naturally leaning toward you as he’s speaking? Is he gazing into your eyes, keeping full eye contact, without looking away? Are his hands all over the place when he’s talking to you?

All these point out to his clear fixation on you as he’s speaking, as if you’re the only one whose opinion he’s interested in, no matter how many people there are around you.

If his body appears very open, inviting, and pointed directly at you, and you have his full attention, he’s probably interested in you.

We turn towards those we wish to communicate with and whose attention is important to us.

Don’t look away, and keep him engaged. Let him see that you’re just as interested, and let it grow into whatever it’s supposed to be!

His mood is always chipper around you!

You’ve never seen him downcast or in a bad mood. He always seems to be genuinely happy and bright, and you feel so relaxed in his company.

This is because the moment he sees you, his mood instantly lights up! This is how people we care about react when they see us.

It’s like an adrenaline rush… you can be in a really shitty mood, having had the worst day, but the moment you see your crush, it all goes away!

People we really care about can have that effect on us. I’m sure you’ve experienced it yourself. It’s the most peculiar thing… but you just can’t be in a bad mood when you see the one you really care about.

Especially if it’s a crush, since it’s not even guaranteed that you’ll see him, so whenever the opportunity arises, you appreciate it double the amount!

If you feel like his mood really does light up around you, you could be that someone for him.

Ask your friends to pay attention next time you’re all together, and if they notice it too, you’re good to go!

You make him happy just by being there, and if that’s not a clear sign the guy is crushing on you, I don’t know what is!