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If He Never Asks These 7 Things From You, He’s Your Soulmate

If He Never Asks These 7 Things From You, He’s Your Soulmate

We often read articles about what meeting your soulmate will look like. About all the wonderful things they will say and do.

But what we never talk or read about all the things that a soulmate will never ask us to do that are just as important, if not more so.

You know your soulmate will respect you and he will never ask for anything more than you because you are enough.

He will admire your dreams and he would never do anything to stop you from getting to your destination.

What’s more, he will support you every step of the way.

Read carefully and listen in real life to the things he never asks from you. They may just reveal if he is your soulmate:

He won’t ask you to be something you are not

He will never ask you to be more silent – to stop singing, laughing, or acting like yourself.

He will never compare you to other women and tell you to be more like them.

To him, you are beyond compare. To him, you are just perfect.

He will adore you just the way you are. Sure, you might have your quirks and flaws, but who doesn’t? He will handle your flaws if you can handle his.

He won’t ask for more than one more chance

Just because he is your soulmate, that doesn’t mean he will do everything perfectly right from the start.

He might need a second chance to grow up, man up, and make all the wrongs right.

But if he is your soulmate, he will never ask for more than that second chance.

Anyone who fails a first and second time and asks you for million more chances is not your soulmate; he’s a waste of your time, energy, and feelings.

Be careful.

He won’t  ask you to prioritize him and put yourself last

He wants to be a part of your life, but he will never ask to be your whole life.

He likes that you have your friends, interests, and goals to chase. He admires your passion and independence.

All he wants is to be your equal. Your self-love doesn’t undermine the love you have for him; it just makes him love you more.

He won’t ask you to be happy all the time

Life happens, and bad things are a part of it. They wear you out; they make you sad, upset, stressed, and angry. He understands that well.

He will never ask you to laugh when you feel like crying. He will never tell you to shut up when you want to talk about something that’s bothering you.

He knows you are not a plastic doll with a constant smile on your face, but a woman made from flesh, blood, and feelings, and he admires that.

He is there for you through thick or thin.

He won’t ask you to forget your dreams

Quite the contrary, he will ask you to dream bigger.

He will be the wind underneath your wings when you feel like you are not good enough or that you are going to fail.

He will support you and believe in you when you yourself lack faith. Your soulmate will never crush your dreams; he will help you fulfill them.

He won’t smother you with ultimatums

He won’t threaten to leave if you don’t do things his way. He won’t make your life difficult and complicated. Soulmates are not wired that way.

He understands that you have friends, family, and goals to achieve, and that doesn’t make him feel threatened.

He knows you will always have time and love for him too.

He will never ask you to walk away

No matter how awful your arguments get, regardless of all the insults spoken between you in the heat of an argument, he will never tell you to leave.

He knows that your love is bigger than your problems and that you will find a way to compromise things and sort everything out when you cool down.

He won’t push you away when things get rough.

He will work alongside you on fixing things and make the bond between you even tighter.